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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

- Skrull Infiltrator

Card #MHG_191

Reveal and KO Warskrull >>> Search your deck for a card named Act of Defiance, reveal it, put it face down into your resource row, and shuffle your deck. Use this power only if Warskrull is in your resource row.

Date Reviewed: 09.01.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 4.25
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4.25
Limited Average Rating: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Warskrull - Skrull Infiltrator

Basics: Warskull is a 3/2 Skrull 2-drop that allows you to go get the Skrull team-up plot twist Act of Defiance (provided you KO him from the resource row).
Constructed play: As Skrull represents one of the minor teams in MHG, teaming them up with another affiliation is essential. What better way of teaming up this team than by using a character which searches out the actual team-up card for the Skrull affiliation? While not stellar otherwise, this character's importance will depend directly on your deck build.
Sealed play: With only a few team-up cards this time around, being able to team up is very important for this set. If you are able to come across an Act of Defiance, then it certainly wouldn't hurt to add this character to your deck just as a way to get to your team-up card. Otherwise only use this character is you have no other good 2-drops.

MMA constructed - 3.0/5.0 ...Being able to search for your team-up should not be overlooked.
GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 ...At least if this character ends up in your resource row, he will still come in handy.

Limited- 2.0/5.0 ...This card is only good if you are able to come across an Act of Defiance

Well, today's review is going to be a two-fer, and you'll see why in a minute. We're ending our look at the low end of the cost spectrum with Warskrull, Skrull Infiltrator. He's a 3/2 Reservist that you can reveal and KO from the resource row in order to put a copy of Act of Defiance down in its place. His main utility is for that effect; if you recruit him, he's a vanilla 3/2 with no flight or range. However, Act of Defiance is a good enough card that it makes running Warskrull worth it.

See, Act of Defiance looks like a generic Team-Up on the surface. However, it lets choose any two affiliations that are in play...not just that you control. The more team affiliations that Skrull characters have, the better they get, so multiple copies of Act of Defiance let you add more affiliations to your guys. Remember Ethan Edwards?
Well, you can keep giving the extra attack boosts with this teamup card. It also gives Skrull attackers with cost 3 or less a +1 ATK boost when attacking up the curve. That's built in weenie swarm support right there, plus you'll be able to team attack up the curve most of the time.

Warskrull is an uncommon, and you'll really only want to play it in Sealed if you pulled a copy of Act of Defiance, or if you're really hurting for 2 drops.
Otherwise, he's not that great of a card. As far as searching for your Team-Up, he's a great card.

Rating: 1/5 alone, 4/5 with Act of Defiance in your deck.
xstreamzero Warskrull

Now we have a Skrull card. So many teams, there’s still one left in the set, Infinity Watch...

Skrull Infiltration
Reveal and KO Warskrull > Search your deck for a card named Act of Defiance, reveal it, put it face down into your resource row, and shuffle your deck. Use this power only if Warskrull is in your resource row.

The Skrulls in this set are very cool to play with. Even though they’re a small team, they gain more advantages the more team affiliations they have, which makes sense with infiltrating spies and moles everywhere. Scary.

Anyway, you know what I said about tutors. I don’t even know what Act of Defiance is, but if you can search for it, then it must be good. Otherwise, it’s and average character at best. Until you get the 3 drop Captain America that has the cool effect but doesn’t even have the Avengers team affiliation.

Marvel Modern: It’s a tutor... 5/5
Silver Age: ...right? 5/5
Golden Age: ...RIGHT!??!!? 5/5
Overall: 5/5

Sure wish I knew what Act of Defiance was...


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