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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Sharpshooter

Card #DOR-051

Exhaust a Teen Titans character you control >>> Roy Harper gets +2 ATK this turn.

Activate, KO a resource you control >>> Stun target character with ATK less than Roy Harper’s ATK.

Date Reviewed: 10.15.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4.25
Limited Average Rating: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Roy Harper

Well if anything is going to put up a fight at the next PC, it will certainly be TT. Roy Harper will be just one reason why. TT has always been an old-school favorite and should be able to give high voltage a run for its money. Other than x-statix, this is the one team that should be able to control the board and keep the burn to a minimum. It will certainly be interesting to see how the two decks match up against each other.

GA constructed - 3.5/5.0 ...This card could come in very handy...

Limited - N/A
Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Sharpshooter

As I type this, I'm a mere four hours from leaving for the airport, and I'm getting pretty excited to see what decks will show up at this weekend's Pro Circuit.

However, in addition to the new tech, it's the old standards that will be intriguing, as classic decks have a chance to cement their status against a field of up and comers. Teen Titans is one of these classics, and it stands a very good chance of finding its way to the Sunday tables. In the hands of a skilled player, Titans can take apart other decks with surgical precision, and Roy Harper <> Arsenal is the scalpel that cuts the deepest.

Roy Harper is so deadly because he's able to have an impact on the game both in and out of the combat phase. In combat, you can propose a team attack, exhausting all of your characters, then use Teen Titans Go! to ready everyone, exhaust them to Roy's ability (+2 ATK for every Teen Titan you exhaust).
Then you can activate Roy and KO a location in order to stun the defender, which will let you ready all of your team attackers (including Roy), and do it all over again. On your opponent's initiative, you can exhaust your board to raise Roy's ATK, then activate him to stun an opponent's character, then use Press the Attack to ready Roy and do it again, since the ATK boost lasts for the duration of the turn. It's a control player's dream; the ability to take out threats before they have the chance to become a problem. Roy's effect does have a drawback, as KOing resources is costly at most stages of the game.
Titans players get around this by waiting until the mid to late game, and then dropping several characters alongside of Roy, both for the ATK pump, and to have the characters to finish the opponent off after stunning their board (or to have a character to exhaust for Finishing Move). His 5 drop version isn't bad either, especially with all of the locations that Titans uses, and he may wind up as an alternative to Garth in Titans build this weekend.

As for the Teen Titans deck as a whole, it's strength comes from it's total synergy. The deck is able to go on or off-curve as the circumstances dictate, and it has it's own built in toolbox for whatever deck it faces. Tamaran and Titan's Tower provide reusable pumps to go along with the Savage Beatdowns it packs, and Superboy laughs at equipment-based builds. Teen Titans Go! and Press the Attack are two incredibly strong plot twists, and Garth allows them to be reused often. Terra and Roy Harper provide direct stuns (they're looking at you, Ahmed), and USS Argus and Optitron provide just enough character search to keep the deck consistent. Titans has another power combo with the interaction between Tim Drake and Red Star, as a team attack involving them lets you power up Red Star, then use Tim's ability to redirect the stun to Red Star, who then can't be stunned thanks to his own ability. With those two and some timely Teen Titans Go!, you can stun an entire opposing board, then swing to the face with the other characters. It's no wonder that Titans have brought home $10K checks for quite a few players, and they may be ready to earn $40,000 for someone in just a few days.

The key to beating Titans is to keep them out of the numbers game. The more characters they play, the more options and tricks they have. KO effects are very important, especially in the early game. Cloak of Nabu stops Terra and Roy from getting their effects, and Mikado and Mosha will take Dove out of the Hawk/Dove power combo. Stopping team attacks or stopping Teen Titans Go! will also cripple the Titans strategy, although this is easier said than done.
Removed From Continuity is good tech against Titans, especially if you can get Roy Harper out of play for the rest of the game. Push all your bigger guys into the front row on Turn 6, or else Starfire will get an easy stun with her ability. The most important thing about playing against Titans is to play mistake free.
Titans players don't make many mistakes, and usually have a pretty tight playing style. Titans characters are usually on or below the averages for each drop, so bigger guys can eventually gain the advantage, especially with combat pumps involved. On off-initiatives, they will form up in order to reinforce as much as possible, so breaking their formation will be important. They don't play any defensive plot twists, but Tamaran will power them up, and Titans Tower can force a stunback if you aren't careful. Titans don't have a dedicated search card, so they are prone to missing the occasional drop.
Still, even an underdropped character will have a useful ability, but take advantage of it whenever you can.

Roy Harper <> Arsenal, Sharpshooter
Rating: 5/5

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