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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Safety in Numbers

Card #DJL-072


Date Reviewed: 01.13.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 2.5
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Safety in Numbers

"Play only if you control three or more JLI team attackers.
Ready target attacker you control. That attacker cannot be stunned this attack."

This card has some definite possibilities. On the one hand if you play this in you JLI deck you will probably need to focus on a rush style deck. On the other hand if you are playing JLI you will probably go with the 4-resource deck, which makes a rush style possible. Allowing one of your attackers to ready is nice and having them not get stunned is nicer still. However, being able to attack again with that character is the real treat since you can also pick your target. Why wasn't this a rare? I guess UDE figures JLI needs all the help it can get. The only downside to this card is having to have 3 JLI team attackers and making sure you keep the timing issues of this card straight, but anyone that is a decent deck builder knows the way around this.

DCMA constructed - 3.0/5.0 ...I am not sure of my stance on this card yet...I will wait until I can see it in action.
GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 ....ditto

Limited - 1.0/5.0 ....Unless you have somehow magically pulled all the JLI guys you need or successfully drafted one of the most wanted teams, you should probably pass on this card.
Safety in Numbers

Three or more team attackers, huh? That's a lot of team attackers. Building a strategy based around always having three characters on the field is risky.
Missed drops and KO effects can turn cards like this into deadwood in your hand. It's a fairly straightforward concept: run your biggest and two smallest drops into your opponent's biggest drop, stun a weenie, and then be able to swing again with your biggest character. However, that's still two characters who won't be able to attack anymore that turn, one of which is stunned. That's a bad tradeoff in most situations, especially since with the right mix of combat pumps, you can avoid team attacking altogether. It's a long way to go for a short trip.
Even with team attacking bonuses, it's still a huge waste of resources for an attack that won't cause any breakthrough.

Don't even look at it in Limited...getting 3 characters on the field and teamed up is a miracle in and of itself. Keep passing this card in favor of pumps or some of the excellent locations in this set.

Rating: 2/5
Sith Dragon Safety in Numbers
Plot twist: 2
Play only if you control three or more JLI team attackers. Ready target attacker you control. That attacker cannot be stunned this attack.

Today we have another awesome card that, while can be played in any JLI deck, really helps the JLI-4 decks become stronger. Being able to pull your attacker out of an attack and not be stunned can be huge. Not only will it give you field advantage which is very important in JLI-4, as you will rarely have more than 4-5 resource points and cannot easily swarm your opponent, but you will not lose the stun damage from your character.

The nice thing about this card is that there are no restrictions on attacking again, or more importantly, you can still cause breakthrough on a second swing. This card gets even better if you can use two or more of these in one attack on turn 3 or 4. Killing off their field and having 4/5 and 7/8 attackers swinging directly at your opponents endurance that you can open a chasm wide enough that you can out pound them to the end.

This is one of a couple cards that allow you to hang onto your characters, which is vital as i said in a JLI-4. This is a must with this deck, and depending on how you build any other deck, should probably have 2-4 in any JLI deck, such as a JLI swarm that does not require you to stay at 4 resources. I would run 4 in the JLI-4 decks. This card is that needed for them.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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