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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Crisis on Infinite Earths

Card #DJL-174


Date Reviewed: 01.10.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 2
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.7
Limited Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Crisis of Infinite Earths

With so many versions of Superman and Batman running around, we were bound to get a card like this eventually. Crisis on Infinite Earths takes away all team affiliations of your characters and gives them the Crisis affiliation. What makes this card such a neat card is that it also takes away uniqueness. Now you have to keep in mind that when you recruit a character you still have to ko all other characters you control with both the same name and version and it also takes away all of your team-stamped PTs. However, this card can be used for a variety of interesting decks. Imagine combining all of the Superman characters from different sets....that would be a neat deck to see (perhaps a little like Sentinels?). Although not broken (thankfully), this card is still very powerful in the right deck.

DCMA constructed - 2.0/5.0 ...You probably won't see this card played here since there are more effective team-ups.
GA constructed - 3.5/5.0 ...This card is very powerful...in the right deck. Removing uniqueness opens up a variety of new doors.

Limited - 1.0/5.0 ...I don't see this card being very effective in this format.
Crisis on Infinite Earths, Team Up

I haven't really decided where I stand yet on this card. On the one hand, a card that lets you disregard the uniqueness rule has a lot of potential. However, taking away all team affiliations hurts because a lot of the characters you'd like to have multiple versions of in play (Doom, Superman) have teamstamped abilities or restrictions. Giving all characters in your hand, deck, KO'd pile, and field the Crisis affiliation means that you could conceivably just build a deck of the biggest beaters at each drop and be able to reinforce and team attack with them all, as long as you protect your Team Up. It'd also be an interesting card to use in Sealed, say if you got stuck without any of the good teamstamped plot twists. I'm sure there's a combo deck or two just waiting to be built to exploit this card, and darned if I don't know what it is yet. It could be on par with RamaLight or Rigged Elections though, time will tell. Also, the Crisis affiliation could be useful depending on what comes in the Infinite Crisis set in a few months, so keep your eyes out, and keep a set of this card handy just in case.

Rating: 2/5 (as of now)
Sith Dragon Crisis on Infinite Earths

Plot twist: 2
ONGOING: Characters you control as well as cards in your hand, KO'd pile and deck lose all team affiliations, have the Crisis affiliation, and cannot have any team affiliation other than Crisis.

Character cards you control are not unique.

Whenever you recruit a character, KO all characters you control with both the same name and versions as that card.

This is perhaps the funnest card of the set in my opinion. It is also one of the hardest to pull from what I have seen here locally. I am not sure any tier one decks can be made out of this, but if you can find the right mix of characters with the right effects, it can be a blast to play.

This card can be used two ways. It is a team up card that can bring any and all characters into the same team. It also allows you to bring out many different versions of the same character, so long as the are not the exact same character card as a character you already control. It could help those of you who want to do a Batman deck with batman as your main drop from 3-7 as an example.

The best thing about this card is that they did a VERY good job balancing it. You cant bring out multiple Blackfire's for instance and stun their entire team without losing one character of your own. The other drawback is that MOST of the best effects require you to have another character of the same team in play to use or simply have that team on the board. Those effects are worthless as your characters can only have the Crisis affiliation.

Two other drawbacks are if you don't draw the card fast enough, you may have all the curved characters in your hand but if they are all Batman without the team up you are sunk. Also, If you have several of one character out, and your CoIE is destroyed, unless you can replace it before the end of the recruit phase, you are going to lose all of your multiple characters.

This is an entirely fun card for now, but it is indeed a card to have fun with. It can also be used on unaffiliated characters as a team up too!

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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