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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

- Best at what he does

Card #MXM-026


Date Reviewed: 02.13.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.3
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.3
Limited Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Wolverine - Best at what he does

By now many of your have been able to see many of the new cards for the X-men set. I am sure that by now many others have already played with this set and so they have a general idea of this set's strengths and weaknesses.

I am definately putting Wolverine in the 'strengths' category. This is one card I do not want to face down and definately one that I would love to get my hands on in the sealed format. This card NEVER goes away!! Being an 11/7 is nice (I actually wish this guy was a 11/6 so that he wouldn't be quite so broken for limited play), but being having an automatic envasion is awesome! This card helps to ensure that your board presence will not suffer, no matter what you are facing.

MMA constructed - 3.5/5.0 ...I hope this time around the rest of the X-men affiliation is as good as this guy.

GA constructed - 3.5/5.0 ...So you didn't get a BAMF this turn...so what?

Limted - 4.5/5.0 ...I wouldn't turn this guy down...ever!
Wolverine, The Best At What He Does

Well, X-Men Sneak preview weekend is behind us, and now it's time to finally take a look at the new hotness that UDE has for us. This set is especially important if you're Atlanta-bound next month, as this set represents half of the cardpool for the PC. From the cards I saw over the weekend, I think X-Men will be well represented in Atlanta.

Today we're starting off with one of the mose popular X-Men ever, Wolverine. Wolverine's mutant healing factor has been referenced on a card before, as Wolverine, James Howlett enabled you to avoid a stun by paying some endurance and moving him to the support row. Today's card better expresses how powerful his healing ability is, IMHO.

When Wolverine is stunned, he automatically recovers at the start of the recovery phase, much the way characters with Evasion do. Getting an extra
recovery means getting some all-important board advantage, which is vital in this game. His 11/7 stats allow him to do plenty of damage as well as being able to attack up the curve, but he'll usually wind up stunned in return. Still, unless your opponent has a KO effect (like the seriously incredible Drain Essence) in hand, he'll come back to do more damage every turn. Lack of flight and/or range is unfortunate, and he'll be a liability on your off-initiative turns without some kind of protection.

He also has the Mutant-Physical trait, which gives him access to some decent plot twists, Kidney Punch being the first one to spring to mind. I like some of the other X-Men 5 drops (Gambit, Cyclops) better than Wolverine though.

In Limited, he's a nice common to find in your packs. 5 drop characters are huge in this format, and Wolverine is sure to come in handy when trying to punch through for some more damage in the mid to late game. He's not going to be as high of a pick in a draft, there are 5 drops with much better effects to pick, but he's a good curve filler, especially if you manage to get some defensive pumps to keep him from hurting you on off-initiative turns.

Rating: 3/5
It's time for some MXM COTD's, bub. I'm back, after a good bit of time away so let's get down to why we're all here.

First card for the week is one of the side stacker promos for the Sneak Preview; Wolverine.

Undoubtedly, one of the most popular X-Men characters in existence; Wolverine has seen 6 different versions so far. (This does not include the upcoming X-Men starter. Which will definitely have at least 1 more verison for us.) This currently ranks him 3rd behind Spider-man with 7 and Superman with 9. However I digress...

Let's look at Wolverine, The Best At What He Does.

Team: X-men - What did you expect? Alpha Flight?

5 drop - Gives a little competition to his MOR 5 drop...

Mutant - Physical Yay! New keyword ability!

11/7 - Wolvie definitely looks like he wants to stun up the curve; but also folds like paper to a 4 drop on the off-initative. Why such off-balance?

Effect: Whenever Wolverine becomes stunned, recover him at the start of the recovery phase this turn. -

Wow... that is kinda some good.

Wolverine is holding on to all his flavor here. The comics present him as a guy who can take a hit and get back up, repeatedly. He's also tough as nails and can take out those much tougher than he is.

The main theme of the X-Men seems to revolve around their manipulation of Recovery Effects and TBAWHD is no exception. In fact its one of the 6 recovery effects X-Men got in this set.

Still, free recovery is a good thing. The MOR card:
Wolverine, James Howlett was masterful in staying alive. Granted he required a hand full of X-Men, but he wouls stay a float long after a Nimord would have been condensed to scrap. The main problem that kept players from really liking the card for too much was the 8/8 stats that would not make a dent on other 5 drops. Fortunately, TBAWHD has covered the idea of stun-back.

The problem with TBAWHD is with the host of cards out there that allow your opponent to put him down, permanenty. This includes the 2 new ones from MXM. In very field control oriented decks like GLEE, some GLOCK builds, and Titans; Wolverine is a marked man.
Finishing Move/Chopping Block will be waiting for him.
Even light-attack advantage decks like Squadron have been seen to tech Chopping Block. Not to mention that with Brotherhood being a big name recently, Master of Magnetism will be lurking. The removal is a present threat.

Well invariably the question arises, "What about Bamf!?" Well, Bamf is one of the best plot twists in the game, but its effect is really moot in this situation. To attack and use Bamf!, makes him a tank on 5 for sure. However, it completely undermines his effect until your iniative ends. Should things have gone your way... there shouldn't be anybody left standing on your opponent's field to make that effect worthwhile again.

So what's the verdict?

Wolverine has a unique position in the set, and serves in somewhat of a limited capacity. His effect is good, but there's a number of cards specifically designed to stop him cold. However, there is one card in MXM that nullifies that completely.

He's finally got a better ATK on 5, but the low DEF makes him a little too vulnerable. I think many would have liked to have seen him get the same stats as the new Sabretooth, boasting an 11/8 on 5. TBAWHD would have forced the boost to attack for mant 4 drops, but still traded with the bigger ones like Oliver Queen.
Free recovery or no, the stats can't always be used to balance an effect.

Limited: He is definitely a good pick, maybe 3rd-5thish. He is much more likely to be sticking around due to lack of removal, so having to get around an 11/7 can be work. As a friend said at the Atlanta Sneak Preview, "Wolverine, then Colossus, and then Juggernaut... they seem to win games." 4/5

Modern: Given that X-men is 1/2 the new Marvel Modern in a couple of weeks, Wolverine will initially be seeing play as players can look to him to be a wall and decent attacker. With good support for Physical Mutants, he may find himself outside the X-Men and playing with guys his own speed. However, I don't think he's going to be in many of the "Must Watch"
decks at PC Atlanta. 3/5

Golden: Here TBAWHD comes into direct competition with Howlett. Howlett has made home in several versions of the two primary X-Decks; X-Stall and X-Beats. TBAWHD definitely can deliver a beating to those willing to attack in. Just plan to reinforce. I doubt he will replace Howlett in the stall department. Though, I have seen some lists of the new X-Recover... mass pooling the recovery effects and related cards to create a pseudo-rush deck of lower X-Men. But like Modern Age, you really aren't going to see TBAWHD in a lot of "Must Watch" decks. 3/5

Wednesday, prepare to meet the man who brings it all together, Professor X.

See you then...

Sith Dragon Wolverine * The Best At What He Does
5 drop
Traits: mutant - physical

Whenever Wolverine becomes stunned, recover him at the start of the recovery phase.

Here we go with the new x-men set. After browsing the list of cards this could be an interesting set. There are a lot of new ideas with this set. The newest is the mutant trait. This is meant to represent how the mutant's ability manifests itself, whether it be physical, mental, or energy. Obviously most of the cards from this set will key off of those like ally was the key off for JLA. There is even a team up card that allows you to team up abilities as well as teams. This new trait is in the picture of the card, and thus is not lost when the character is stunned.

Wolverine also represents a change in stats for a great many of the characters in the set. If you noticed, Wolverine has a whopping 11 attack on turn five, but a rather horrid 7 def. Many of the characters from across the teams do this. They have the attack of the average attack of the next curve up, but the defense is from one slot lower on the curve. Okay, well they can be reinforced to get around that **BUZZER** WRONG! Most of the characters that have a curve higher attack with a curve lower defense cannot be reinforced or gain reinforcement...ever! Nice balance, huh.

OK, so on to Wolverine. He is one sick puppy, and a common to boot. He is sick for one reason, his effect allows you to recover him at the start of the recovery phase, and this will not count against you for your one recovery either - instant field advantage unless your opponent can KO him some other way before then.

After reading through the X-men cards, i am not really impressed by too many of them. They have some nice drops, but the power of the deck will be off of the MOR cards that make it semi broken to begin with. Modern i don't think this team will be much good, but golden it will have all the strengths and weaknesses of MOR X-men. Keep in mind this is off of first glance. We shall see how the X-men builds go.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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