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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

- Roger Hayden

Card #DJL-132


Date Reviewed: 02.10.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 2.75
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 2.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Pyscho-Pirate - Roger Hayden

To end the week we are going to look at a really fun 8 drop that helps to create chaos for rush decks, provided you make it to turn 8. Pyscho-Pirate is another under-par 8-drop with stats of 18/17. He does have range, but it is effect that makes him so nasty. You see at the start of the combat phase you can remove up to 6 cards from you KO pile to take control of an opponent's character with cost less than or EQUAL to the number of cards you removed. If you play this card in a secret society deck then you know this is no problem. When you combo this character with a character such as Gorilla Grudd, let the fun begin! This is a great way to gain board advantage, especially in those situations where your opponent has your outnumbered 2-to-1.

DCMA constructed - 3.5/5.0 -Steal your opponent's character, beat them with it, ko it with Gorillla Grudd, and repeat.

GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 -This is a great card - if you have a lot of stuff in your ko pile.

Limited - 3.5/5.0 -Provided you make it to turn 8 - this guy can provide you with the board advantage you need to win the game.
Psycho Pirate, Roger Hayden

We end our week of 8 drops with Psycho Pirate, one of the major players in the original Crisis on Infinite Earths, the comics event that redefined comics events forever, although Infinite Crisis (also the next DC
set) will be redefining the original Crisis. Anyway, Psycho Pirate is an 18/17 with range, making him a decent body if you need him to attack. However, it's his effect that makes him playable, the ability to steal your opponent's 6 drop. Secret Society should have plenty in the KO'd pile by turn 8, so paying for his cost should be easy enough. Depending on your matchup, you can really hose your opponent...imagine stealing their Grodd, then KOing Psycho Pirate to Grodd to steal their 7 drop. Better yet, steal their
6 drop with Psycho Pirate, KO it to your own Grodd to steal their 5 drop, then swing in for der infi damage.
Granted, you have to make it to turn 8 first, then hope that they have a character worth stealing, although the disruption should usually be enough to give you a heavy advantage.

In Limited, he's not that great...8 drops aren't really that great in this format, and him being a rare means that multiple copies aren't going to be coming your way. Secret Society is a good team to play in limited, so that's a plus. However, getting enough cards in the KO'd pile to pay for his effect is tougher in sealed or draft, so that's a minus. He's in no way a 1st pick, but he might be worth a flier if you see him near the end of a pack, or if you just get the absolute nuts stall strategy to make sure you get to turn 8 alive.

Rating: 2/5
Sith Dragon Psycho-Pirate
Secret Society
8 drop

At the start of the combat phase you may remove up to six cards in your KO'd pile form the game.
If you do, move target character to your front row if its cost is equal to or less than the cost of the number of cards you removed this way.

Here we have another chance to steal your opponents characters, something that SS is so good at in the late game. 18/17 with range is so-so for an eight drop, but he is here strictly for his effect.

The only way his effect won't work is if you just took down their six and seven drops, and they had to dump their six to save seven. The pre-requisites for his effect is easy to do. If you do not have six of any type of card in you KO'd pile by turn eight, something is way wrong. Assuming they have a six and you have your seven drop, you would then have your, seven, eight and their six drops, where before they would have had 6,7 and 8 if curved.

But here is the real sick part (and may be the one time you would keep a six drop over a seven).
If at the end of turn seven, you have gorilla grodd out, and they have their six and seven out, you play Pirate. You use his effect to steal their six drop, and then use Grodd's effect to KO Pirate and steal their seven drop. Instead of them having six, seven and eight, now they only have their eight drop looking at your six drop and their own six and seven drops.

SS can be a whole lot of fun once you start stealing all of their characters. He is a must (one most likely) for SS decks, but otherwise he isn't worth a spot in other teams missing a good 8-drop. He is good, but not an uber-8 that every team can use.

next week X-MEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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