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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Card #DLS-187

As an additional cost to play Mobilize, discard a card.

Search your deck for a character card with an affiliation shared by all characters you control. Reveal that card, put it into your hand, and shuffle your deck.

Date Reviewed: 12.13.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 4.5
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4.6
Limited Average Rating: 4.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Basics: What Enemy of my Enemy does for variation decks, Mobilize does for mono-decks. This card is going to be another one of those cards that you need 4 of and can't seem to ever be able afford 1 of.
Constructed play: If you are running a mono-deck then this card is a must...enough said
Limited: Since this card is restricted to having all of your characters teamed-up this card is going to waste space more often than not. However, you are going to keep this card anyways because you are not stupid.

DCMA constructed - 4.5/5.0 ...This card is the perfect compliment to Enemy of my Enemy
GA constructed - 4.0/5.0 ...It is all in the deck you play and how you play it.

Limited - 3.0/5.0 ...This only works if you are teamed-up.
Undefeated of the East Mobilize

I think we all know what this card does my now. It was the most hyped up card before LoSH Prerelease and everybody was talking about it. It's a searcher that has its power compared to Enemy of My Enemy. This card for the price of any another card can find a character in your deck that shares a single affiliation with ALL your characters in play. That means that first to actually play the card you have to discard a card, unlike EoME it can be any card. Second, you have to have at least one character in play. Thirdly, the character you have to pick has to have an affiliation that is shared by all your in play characters, if you are playing a mono team deck there wouldn't be any problem. Also its not printed affiliation like EoME so team-ups and Crisis on Infinite Earth will also work really well. This card is great for the teams that don't have a solid searcher, and in decks that can fit both EoME and Mobilize will have ridiculous character searches. MY only problem with this card is that I think its ridiculously overpriced atm, and will see if it settles to near EoME prices.

Golden Age: 4/5 I think EoME is a little better because decks here have more mixes of teams for toolboxing, but don't be surprised if Mobilize helps mono team decks resurface.

Modern Age: 5/5 Really good here, another great searcher besides EoME.

Silver Age: 5/5 Yeah this card will probably live up to the hype.

Limited: 5/5 In draft you have to be really dumb to not pick this, it paid for this draft and the next draft already. Also it makes your deck that much better. This also applies in Sealed if you opened it make sure you play it, and also pray you don't have to switch decks.
xstreamzero Mobilize

This won’t take long…

Plot Twist/3
As an additional cost to play Mobilize, discard a card.
Search your deck for a character card that shares a team affiliation with all characters you control, reveal it, put it in your hand, and shuffle your deck.

DC Modern: 5/5
Silver Age: 5/5
Golden Age 5/5
Overall: 5/5

That was quite possibly the shortest review I’ve ever written. If you get 4, sell them for more that a hundred dollars. A piece.

This is by and far the money rare for this set, and for good reason. Generic search has been something that had been lacking for a while until Enemy of My Enemy burst onto the scene. It's a great card, but mono-team builders were still waiting for a search card that would allow them to be competitive. Teams like Arkham Inmates and Sinister Syndicate don't have their own search card, so to make use of them, you'd need to team them up with another team, which diluted their power and made them a thematic mess (for those who care about that sort of thing, anyhow). Now, all you need is to have your guys on the field teamed up, and you can search for a character card of that affiliation. Mobilize rewards the one and two team deckbuilder, and it'll be interesting to see what formerly benched teams will get a fresh start and new life.

In Limited, Mobilize is a better card in Draft than in Sealed. The Legion set has two really versatile teamups in United Planets HQ and 31st Century Metropolis, so if you draft wisely, you can get your guys teamed up early enough to be able to search out a card with Mobilize. In Sealed, you're usually at the mercy of your pulls, and if you're forced to splash too much, then Mobilize can quickly become a dead card in hand.

Rating: 5/5

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