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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Ethan Edwards
Visitor From Another World

Card MHG-187

Heralds of Galactus Preview

Date Reviewed: 08.22.06


We're only a few days away from getting our filthy little gamer hands on the new Heralds of Galactus set, and finally getting to see what the mad scientists at Upper Deck have cooked up for us all. Until then, however, you'll have to make do with a small taste of what's to come. Today's card not only reintroduces the little-used Cosmic mechanic, but also explores dual affiliations to their fullest.

Without his Cosmic ability, Ethan Edwards is a fairly vanilla 4 drop. 7/7 with Flight is a nice utility character, but nothing to write home about. However, once he comes into play, he gains a Cosmic counter, and then he gets all sorts of crazy good. While Ethan has his counter, he gains +1 ATK for every team affiliation he has. Lucky for us, he starts out with two affiliations, Spider-Friends, and Skrull.

See, Ethan came to Earth in a rocket ship when he was just a baby. He was raised by kind farmers who taught him that "With great power comes great responsibility" (apparently that was the "Where's the Beef?" of the Marvel Universe). He discovered that he had superpowers, so when he grew into adulthood, he moved to New York to be a superhero and work at a newspaper in his spare time. Sound familiar? Calling himself Virtue, Ethan fought crime in the big city and teamed up with Spider-Man on multiple occasions. It wasn't until Reed Richards ran some tests on him that they discovered that Ethan Edwards was a member of the shapeshifting race called the Skrull. Ethan is still a new superhero, but one who understands the power of teamwork.

The more teams Ethan is affiliated with, the bigger he gets. Slap an Image Inducer on him, and he's an automatic 11/7, and that's if he's the only character on the field. The main drawback is that no matter how big his ATK gets, his DEF is going to stay at 7, and that makes him easy to stun (and thus lose his Cosmic counter). However, his Spider-Friends affiliation means that you can use Spider Senses on him, giving him +3 DEF, and keeping his Cosmic ability online.

Also, there will be several ways to add Cosmic counters to characters in this set, so you can swing in with a your 9/7 (or bigger), then give him another counter the next turn for another attack. He's definitely a good 4 drop for when you have the initiative, and his ATK is enough to stunback most 5 drops on the next turn.

In Sealed or Draft play, just about any team-up will become a +1 ATK boost for Ethan; the more friends he makes, the bigger he gets. His ability almost makes him more valuable as a splash instead of using him in a Skrull-based deck. In addition, his dual affiliations allow him to use Skrull-stamped plot twists, as well as any legacy Spider-Friends stuff that might pop in this set. Flexibility is always a plus, especially in a new set.

If you're going out to a Heralds of Galactus sneak preview this weekend (and if you aren't, why not?), then keep an eye out for Ethan Edwards. You're almost certain to see a copy of him in your card pool, and a quality 4 drop is always nice to have in your deck.

Judge Staff Group Photo (including Jason Bunch ;-)

Ethan Edwards - Visitor from Another World
Today we are going to look at another common card from the new Galactus set.  Unlike the last preview card, I see some hope for this card...at least in terms of limited play.
Ethan is a typical 7/7 4-drop which shares the affiliations of Skrull and Spider-Friends.  He has flight, which is nice, but this is not the reason you are going to want to put this card in your deck.  This guy has an amazing cosmic ability where he gains +1 attack for every affiliation he shares.  That bascally means that he hits the field at a 9/7.  Of course this is a cosmic ability so you are only going to be able to take advantage of Ethan on the turn you drop him.  Ideally you will want to drop this chracter on turn 4 since he may not be strong enough to take down a 5-drop.  This can raise issues since dropping Ethan on turn 4 and taking advantage of his effect will force you into even initiatives. 
This is a very good pick for limited play.  If nothing else splashing this card will be worthwhile at the sneak peak.  He can certainly help guarantee that taking the even initiative will not be so bad.  As far as playing this character constructed, I don't think this guy will make it.  His cosmic ability will last one turn at best and since Skrull and SF don't really have any other cosmic characters there isn't really anyway of restoring cosmic counters without taking up needless space in your deck.  Of course we still don't know everything these teams have in store for them... 
Ethan Edwards
Flight Yes
Range No
Attack/Def 7/7
Team- Skrull/Spider-Friends
Text- COSMIC Ethan Edwards gets +1 for each team affiliation he has.
I looked at it, then looked again. A 9/7 four drop. Then things clicked into place for me. I hate playing with more than two teams tops, but he has two teams already, so if I way tossed him in with the FF. (Skull/FF I mean we have cards for it) that would be three teams. So a 10/7. Add a Fantastic Car and a 11/8 on drop 4. Okay, so I got a head of myself (It could work) then I thought, Spider Friends could use a little help, and with the FF (We have a Spider-Man for each) and we have a little push for them. Skrull army characters from MOV. Okay, I have found uses for this guy. Toss any free equipment on him on drop 4, and we have someone that can last past drop five.
X-Faces, which hardly uses 4 drops, means we have get this man three more teams. a 12/7 with just his effect.
The fun, the fun.
Playability: 3/5 (With Spider-Man, or his other team, he at least comes in above the curve.)
Mixed Team Deck: 4/5 (If you can team him up from the start, your good to go)
Sealed: 3/5 (You need a team up card which makes it harder, but his attack comes in handy)

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