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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Tommy - Runaway

Card #MXM-069

Evasion (Stun this character >>> Recover this character at the start of the recovery phase this turn.)
Tommy costs 1 less to recruit while you control a stunned character.

Date Reviewed: 04.24.06

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 2.75
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.5
Limited Average Rating: 2.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Tommy - Runaway

This week I thought we might take a look at a deck, that although not tier 1, has so many tricks and combos that it is a blast to play. I like to think of it as the 'absolute fun deck' of the X-men set. This week we are going to take a look at the Morlock evasion deck.

This deck is a great deck. With it has so many twists and turns and yet is actually quite stronger than what one would initially think. The Morlock evasion deck works off of evasion much in the same way the Spider Friends evasion deck does. However, this deck has some great characters and PT's that support the evasion characteristic to its fullest...and make it a tough deck to beat. Today we are going to look at one of three 'staple' cards for this deck - Tommy.

Tommy is a 1-drop character with evasion that is a free recruit if you have a stunned character on the field. This basically results in a free character on the field and quick board advantage when you need it. For example on turn 1 you can drop Electric Eve, evade, and drop Tommy. Not only do you get board advantage as early as turn 2, but you can also burn you opponent for 1 with Eve's effect. This card is also great as it a count as a stunned body on the field for later PT's and character effects, but we can get into those a little later. Over all if you are thinking about running a Morlock evasion deck, make sure you put of this character into it.

MMA constructed - 3.5/5.0 ...This card is a must for a Morlock evasion deck.
GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 ...Evasion decks run the risk of too much open board in this format.

Limited - 2.5/5.0 ...Unless you have plenty of evasion characters and a well defined strategy, you better leave this card alone.
Tommy, Runaway

Of the four major teams in the X-Men set, the one that has seen the least play in Constructed is the Morlocks. Mono-Hellfire Club has a lot of power, X-Men have X-Faces and X-Mental to their credit, and Brotherhood Reservist decks are still popular either with or without Avengers Reservists to go with them.
Morlocks just haven't taken off though, despite some really interesting tricks and a massive amount of synergy within their team. Will they make a showing in Silver Age, now that they can gain access to Spider-Friends and their Evasion characters and plot twists? Time will tell, although I'm not holding my breath.

Last week, we took a look at a Morlocks 1-drop that has seen a lot of play: Electric Eve. Today's card is a 1-drop that hasn't seen much play at all. Tommy is a straightforward card to play; recruit a 1-drop, Evade it, then recruit Tommy for free. Just like that, you've got two characters on the board for the price of one. More Morlocks means more stunned characters to trigger effects like Shrapnel Blast and Marrow. Once he's on the board though, Tommy is usually worth more to you stunned than otherwise. If anything, you can exhaust him for a Neutralized, then Evade him to keep him out of harm's way. Of the four Morlocks 1-drops, he's the least useful.

In Limited, Morlocks are an amazingly good team to draft. They have a huge amount of good cards that are commons, making them easy to pick up late in a pack.
Artie, Tar Baby, Storm, Marrow, Calisto...all commons, and with a three drop, a perfect curve for your draft deck. Pick up some combat pumps, and you're all set.

Rating: 2/5

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