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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Kang, Earth Mesozoic-24

Card #MAV-167


Date Reviewed: 09.23.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.15
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 3.16

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Kang - Earth Mesozoic-24

When is it good to recruit a character only to have to remove from the game for a turn? When it is Earth Mesozoic-24. As a 4-drop with 10/10 and range, this character is the biggest 4-drop in the game. However, this beast comes at a high price. You see he has to wait a turn out of the game before his presence can be felt. That can add up to a lot of damage and loss of board presence. However this character can more than make up for it just by being as big as your opponent's 5-drop character. If you play this character, make sure you pack a lot of tricks on turn 4.you are going to need them. By relying on your Growing Man, Rama Tut, and Null Time Zones you should make it through turn 4just fine. Is this character really worth playing? Definitely.if only to hear your opponent groan when he hits the field.

Bottom line - If playing against a weenie rush deck, you may not want to play this guy. However you can always use him for a power-up.

MMA - 3.5/5.0...The power this character has can more than make up for him hitting the field a turn behind.
GA - 3.0/5.0...The prevalence of weenie rush deck in this format makes for a lower rating.
Limited - 3.5/5.0.The damage you can do with this character in this format is incredible.
Kang, Earth Mesozoic-24

Kang, Earth Mesozoic is a nice card to have if you don't mind taking a little (a lot) of damage on turn 4. Essentially, it's like skipping your 4 drop in order to play two 5 drops. It's a nice combo with Kang, The Conqueror, since Kang-5 can exhaust your opponent's 5 drop, then Kang-4 can stun it, and hold off attacks from the rest of your opponent's characters. Still, it suffers from the same problem Kang, The Conqueror does; a more popular Kang at that drop. Kang, Master of Time is a drawing machine, so he's been getting the nod over his bigger (and visible) doppleganger. Still, Kang, Earth Mesozoic-24 can definitely make an impact in the right Kang build.

10/10 is nothing to sneeze at in a 5 drop, to have it a turn earlier is worth not being able to use him for a turn.

In Sealed, he's a little risky to play unless you've hit all of your drops to that point, you know you have a 5 drop, and you've got a couple of good plot twists to help stave off the bleeding you'll be doing on turn 4. Trading your mid game for your late game is a chance, but if you're feeling lucky, then go for it.
In Draft, as with all Kang cards, make sure no one is Kang-drafting before you start taking chances on him.

There are better 4 drops out there for a traditional draft deck.

Rating: 3.5/5

Gasp... weak...and sick to stomache... too...many...
Kang substituted for King puns... ...help me...

Kang, Earth Mesozoic-24
Number: MAV-167
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Type: Character
Cost: 4
Team: Kang Council
Attack: 10
Defense: 10
Range: Yes
Flight: No
Kang is not unique.

If Kang would come into play during your recruit step, instead, remove him from the game. At the start of the recovery phase this turn, put Kang into your front row.

Cost: 4
Not too shabby...

ATK/DEF: 10/10
Very nice, these stats are quite high for a 4-cost character!

Range/Flight: Range
Sniper-style, but he can't get a clear shot at protected characters.

Actually, it's a temprary penalty for using him.

Team Affiliation: Kang Council
How can one man do so much? He's everywhere, man, he's everywhere! The KC team is ok, but I think they get the most by being mixed in with other teams. It takes a well-built KC deck for the team to stand alone.

A nice character, but he might as well be a 5-cost character, since you can't use him until the next turn.

He's ok, but it'll be like bringing out two 5-cost characters, so use him carefully.

He can be ok here, but there are better characters, use him only if you want more powerful characters.

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