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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Kang, Rama Tut

Card #MAV-175


Date Reviewed: 09.19.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.5
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.35
Limited Average Rating: 2.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Kang - Rama Tut

It has been a while since I picked the cards for the week, but this time I couldn't really help myself. This week I have decided to go with a "Kang" theme. Why? Well, besides the fact that Kang is my favorite team of this set (sorry all you Avengers fans), Kang in general has so many tricks and other neat things going for them I thought they deserved their own week. Perhaps I should begin this week off by giving an overall impression of Kang in general before I start the COD.

When I first saw Kang I thought we might be in for another Fearsome 5 or Arkham Inmates team. (You know what I am talking about, the kind of team that is fun to play with when you are playing for fun but otherwise gets shelved.) I figured what the heck, I have the cards..might as well throw it together and see what it can do. However, after I played a few games with it I discovered Kang was really a competitive and fun deck to play with. It has some really effective tricks to it (i.e. Null Time Zone, Spheres of Solitude, Rama Tut) that allow it to hold its own against some of the most competitive to date (i.e. TT, Lost City, even CS). Combine that with draw power (Game of the Galaxy) and search ability (Psyche-Globe and Kang-Kang Kong) and you have a really great team on your hands. I guess the bottom line here is that this is definitely a team worth trying out.

Ok now on to the review..Today we are going to look at the 1-drop Kang every Kang deck should be packing 4 of.Kang-Rama Tut. This guy is your basic 1-drop 1/1 Kang character with range. Nothing spectacular here so why all the hype? Well Kang allows you to return him to your hand to give a character +1/+1 for an attack. This is excellent as now you can discard your Rama Tut to also power up a character named Kang on the field. This means your Kang Kong can be essentially a 4/4 on turn 2 (if you keep him on the field). Also, this guy combos well with Growing Man as you can exhaust him for GM's effect, then use him for a +1/+1, and finally power up another character named Kang. I have even used this character later in the game with nice results.

Bottom line - If you play Kang or any version of Kang, you should have 4 of these in you deck - NO EXCEPTIONS!

MMA - 4.0/5.0..This card is necessary in any Kang deck and I feel as though Kang decks are the only thing that will stand up well to Avenger team attack decks.
GA - 4.0/5.0..Once again I think Kang decks stand a good chance of beating many Tier 1 decks out there and this character is necessary for a good Kang deck.

Limited - 2.0/5.0..While this character is great, his team-stamp makes him somewhat ineffective here.
Kang, Rama Tut

Hey kids, welcome to Kang week. For some people, Kang is just "jank" spelled backwards, but with the Top 8 appearance of "City of Kang" at 10K Atlanta, there may be a new purple menace in VS System.

Today we'll start at the bottom, with Kang, Rama Tut, the 1 drop version of Kang that Rama-Light players may recognize. Having a concealed 1 drop makes more sense for a Kang build, since he'll be able to pay for many of the Kang Council's teamstamped abilities and plot twists. Bouncing him back to your hand gives another one of your Kang characters a powerup, and if that character is also named Kang (which it most likely will be) you can discard him for another powerup, making him a +2/+2 boost. Definitely worth playing in a heavy Kang deck, especially City of Kang, where he can become a +3/+3 when Lost City is out.

In Sealed, he's only good if you get a significant amount of Kangs in your packs, otherwise he won't help anything. In Draft, it's possible to draft Kang, but only if you're lucky, or the only guy going after him.
Either way, save this Kang for the end of the pack.

Rating: 3/5



"o/~ It's all about me! o/~"

Kang, Rama Tut
Number: MAV-175
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Type: Character
Cost: 1
Team: Kang Council
Attack: 1
Defense: 1
Range: Yes
Flight: No

Kang is not unique.

Return Kang to his owner's hand >>> Target Kang Council attacker or defender you control gets +1 ATK / +1 DEF this attack.

Cost: 1
Recruitable right away.

ATK/DEF: 1/1
Par for the course.

Range/Flight: Range
He can attack from anywhere, but can't hit protected characters.

The main effect is that he's a reusable +1/+1 boost.

Team Affiliation: Kang Council
This team all seems to be about a single character. We haven't seen this type of thing since they released Scarlet Spider, Ben Reilly. The Kang Council seems to mostly focus on invulnerability, shifting characters to and/or from the Hidden Area and powering up characters or keeping them from powering up. There's some nice drawing and searching abilities. Other than that, there's not alot. It can be a fun deck to play, when built right.

This car leaves alot to be desired. It can be ok early on, but can be rather useless much of the time. Use Kang's Guards, Army instead for your 1-drop.

Not really useful; look elsewhere.

Even in this format, a +1/+1 boost isn't useful enough to warrant it's use.
Sith Dragon Kang*Rama Tut
Kang Council
concealed, 1 drop

Kang is not unique

Reutrn Kang to his owner's hand->Target Kang council attacker or defender you control gets +1/+1 this attack.

Here we go with KANG WEEK! This can be a very fun and interesting deck to play. BUT! OUr first card is not one of those cards that should see play as its a waste of room. As I've said, i really do not like 1 drops unless they have a killer effect.

Kang*Rama Tut is your average 1 drop at 1/1 and range is okay. Being a concealed helps him from getting clobbered late in the game, but be carefull of someone playing No Escape From the Manhunters. They could yank him out and stomp on him.

his effect is pretty worthless. If you bounce him back to your hand you can give a Kang Council character a
+1/+1 for the attack. Now normally that would be good
as every point is needed against avengers decks, but there are 2 things wrong with him:

1) the bounce effect means you only get to use it once and then you have to short drop the next turn as well to get him back out.

2)it is only for the attack, so if they dont take you down then you lose it for the next attacker.

If this card either had activate->give a +1/+1 and/or for the turn, then he would be much more playable adn would be worth a spot or two. His effect simply is not strong enough to warrant a spot in a deck. I'd skip this guy.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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