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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Polaris - Lorna Dane

Card #MAV-204


Date Reviewed: 09.05.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: --
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Polaris - Lorna Dane

Happy Labor Day! Ahh, behold the return of X-men decks everywhere. Well then again maybe not. Today we are going to look at much anticipated legacy card for X-men -- Polaris.

Polaris is your typical 4-drop character with stats of 7/7. Her flight and range is definitely nice, but that is not the reason you will be playing this card in your X-men deck. After all we already have Rouge and Nightcrawler for our 4-drops, so what makes this character so good. Well it would definitely be using this character's effect (characters your opponents control lose flight and range during your attack step) in combo with Archangel's effect (X-men characters with flight you control can not be stunned while attacking opponent's characters without flight or range.). Between this combo and Bamf! X-men should be pretty much non-stunable during your initiative, right? Well, I put this deck together as soon as I could and took it for a test spin. To this date of the games I have played with the deck I have won 95% and was able to use the Polaris/Archangel combo all of 10%. You do the math.

Bottom line: If you play the 5-drop Archangel then there is no reason you shouldn't be playing this. If you play X-stall then there is no reason you should.

MMA constructed - n/a
GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 - Had I been able to get the combo to work a little better than I would give this character a higher rating.

Limited - 2.5/5.0 - Her effect is pretty much worthless in this format so you will tend to play this character if you have nothing else.
Sith Dragon Dr Polaris
Emerald Enemies
3 drop
Willpower 2

Whenever Dr Polaris attacks, you may exhaust target unprotected character.

BOOST 2: When Dr Poaris comes into play, he gets +2 ATK and cannot be stunned while attacking this turn.

Todays card is a decent card for pure emerald enemies.
For a 3 drop he has a beefy attack and an average defense, so he good for a turn or two, but with such a low defense he won't hang around for long. The range is good, but he lacks flight, and with a willpower of
2 he can use the standard willpower cards from the set.

His boost is about worthless. If the best you can do on turn 5 is a 7/3 yousa ina deep doodoo. He is very playable as a three drop, so he is a good card, but not great.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

When man first saw birds fly, he tried to fly as well...
when he couldn't, he made a bow and arrow and shot the stupid bird out of the sky!

Polaris, Lorna Dane
Number: MAV-204
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Type: Character
Cost: 4
Team: X-Men
Attack: 7
Defense: 7
Flight: Yes
Ranged: Yes
At the start of your attack step,
characters your opponents control lose
flight and range this turn.

Cost: 4
Not too shabby.

ATK/DEF: 7/7
Nuthin' special.

Range/Flight: Both
Fully versatile.

Cancels out all of your oppoent's flight and range for all their characters, but only when you attack.

Team Affiliation: X-Men
The team is a little better than when they first came out, but they aren't the best of the best.
For all of the charisma the team has, they need more late-game strength to become truely desirable.
Fortunately for Polaris, her effect isn't team-exclusive.

The effect would work better if it could be used during the opponent's attack-phase. Not as useful as it could be.

An ok card, but there's better. Her effect should've worked differently (namely by affecting an attacking

(Note: There seems to me that Modern vs. Golden formats seldom come off as that different, so I'm dropping them for a more useful Constructed format instead.)

Her versatility makes up for her lack-luster stats, but look elsewhere first.

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