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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  White Tiger

Card #MAV-210


Date Reviewed: 10.26.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: --
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.5
Limited Average Rating: 4.25

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


White Tiger - Hector Ayala

Today we are looked at another popular sealed format card - White Tiger

White Tiger is a new 5-drop beast for the Spider-Friends team. With stats of 9/10 and evasion, this character is sure to make an appearance in many SF decks. White Tiger also had invulnerability when defending against exactly one character, which makes him a must in sealed play.

MMA constructed - n/a
GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 -This character is a nice addition to an evasion-based SF deck.

Limited - 4.0/5.0 -His sheer size alone warrants him being included in your deck in this format.
"The eye of the tiger!" - Survivor

Today is a very powerful addition to the Spider-Friends arsenal, in the form of a much better 5 drop than the current choices that Spider-Friends has to offer.

White Tiger
9 atk
10 def
5 Resource Cost
Initative Preference: Either
Rarity: Uncommon

Effect: Evasion (Stun this character >>> Recover this character at the start of the recovery phase this turn.)

White Tiger has invulnerability while defending against exactly one attacker.
Well, stat wise, White Tiger is definetly above average. 10 defense is a great wall for your opponent to get by, whether he's attacking or defending against White Tiger. Coupling him with the 4 drop Spiderman means he's a
9/11 on offense and a 10/10 on defense, in other words, truly dominating.
Evasion is still a relatively unexplored concept and not nearly as powerful enough as it can be, but it is a nice way to avoid nasty breakthrough loss if your opponent goes crazy with attack pumps to kill you outright.

The final effect of White Tiger is what makes him a true defensive boon. It practically tells your opponent that you're saving 5 endurance if your opponent sends a solo attacker into White Tiger. And with 10 defense, breakthrough isn't easy to do on turn 5 if your opponent does have the initative. If your opponent decides to team attack him, sure, you'll take the stun damage, but it's win-win for you on defense with White Tiger. He's great in any Spider-Friends curve build, and a freaking monster in draft/sealed.

Marvel Modern Age: Spider-Friends are only Golden Age legal now! n/a

Golden Age: 4/5 It's White Tiger, 5 drop Spidey, Daredevil, Human Torch, or Firestar as your 5 drop of choice. White Tiger wins in spades, but a 5 drop Spidey or two doesn't hurt for powering up either.

Sealed: 4.5/5 If you have such a closely knit strategy and deck where your 5 drops are all decided, then you can pass him up. That rarely does happen so when White Tiger shows up, scoop him up!
Sith Dragon white tiger
5 drop

EVASION. White tiger has invulnerability while defending against exactly one attacker.

Yet another solid card coming out of MAV. While this is a spidey card, its abilities add to the long list of annoying spider friends characters. I really dont see spidey much anymore, but the decks i have seen are most annoying.

A 9/10 is a very solid 5 drop with avg attack and above avg def. The kicker of this card is the evasion.
with white tiger you are guaranteed to be able to keep your 5 drop on the field giving you better character advantage late in the game when its important.

His effect is also pretty good as your opponent will either have to team attack, lose an attacker for later, just to do the 5 damage, or attack one on one and only cause whatever breakthrough you can. Either way....most annoying! This is a solid spidey card.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

*TV memories week for me; remembering the Dexter's Lab episode where Justice Friends Krunk invited their own White Tiger home for the night...*

White Tiger, Hector Ayala
Number: MAV-210
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Type: Character
Cost: 5
Team: Spider-Friends
Attack: 9
Defense: 10
Flight: No
Ranged: No
Evasion (Stun this character >>> Recover this character at the start of the recovery phase this turn.)

White Tiger has invulnerability while
defending against exactly one attacker.

Cost: 5
Ok for this cost.

ATK/DEF: 9/10

Range/Flight: Neither.
An "up close and personal" type of guy.

Evasion and Invulnerable agains a single attacker.

Team Affiliation: Spider-Friends
The team has incredible Defense, but not alot in ATK power.
You'll need lots of ATK boosters to make them last. White Tiger just adds to the Defensive theme, but adds nothing else.

As I just stated, he just adds to the team's great DEF, when what they really need is more power. He's ok, but I'd just stick with Symiote SM, Firestar and Iceman for the 5 slots. He'll always be team attacked, to negate his effect, so he's almost useless, most of the time.

Not too spectacular, and a prime target for team attacking. He'll get slaughtered by Teen Titans and X-Men decks.

Team attacking is harder to do here, so his usefulness is somewhat better in this format.

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