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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

- Zatanna Zatara

Card #DJL-025


Date Reviewed: 11.09.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.83
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.66
Limited Average Rating: 4.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Zatanna - Zatanna Zatara

Hmmm..now this card I haven't seen played before, but it does seem interesting. Zatanna is a standard 5-drop 9/9 character with range. While her come in play effect of putting a cosmic counter on a character with cosmic isn't particularly exciting, her 5 willpower and cosmic effect certainly is. See, Zatanna's cosmic effect allows her to automatically be powered up when she attacks or defends. Not only does this mean that you essentially have a 10/10 character on the board, but you can get a bunch of ally abilities to go off every time she attacks or defends. Depending on how well you build your deck, this could be very nice indeed. Of course with cards like Nth metal hitting the metagame, this effect may not be as exciting as it could be. After all Nth metal is a common while this character is a rare. For my money I think I would rather focus on Nth metal for now and wait for the price of this card to come down.

DCMA constructed - 3.5/5.0 -.Her cosmic ability and her willpower makes me think that this character will work well in a variety of decks.
GA constructed - 3.0/5.0 -Her effect, while good, well only make her stand out if ally abilities become popular.

Limited - 4.0/5.0 -.If you can get your hands on her, take her. Free power ups are almost gold right now with ally powers.

With Ally as the hot new mechanic, powering up characters through alternate methods becomes fairly important. Zatanna has a great ability, as she automatically powers herself up when attacking or defending. This will in turn trigger any number of Ally powers, and if you can avoid the stun, then you'll probably get a second use out of it. However, her power is Cosmic, so once she gets stunned, she's a vanilla 5 drop until you put the counter back on. Her other ability, to put a cosmic counter on one of your characters, makes her an excellent character to go along with New Gods decks. She'd work in a Golden Age version of Blue Abuse too, although they already have Cir-El to take care of that (and she does it a lot better). Zatanna's abilities are both potent in the right deck, though, making her a pretty good pull. In Limited, you're not going to have anyone with a Cosmic counter that needs replacing, so that ability is moot.
On the other hand, her built in Nth Metal effect will make her almost an auto-add at the 5 drop. I say almost, because Scarecrow, Fearmonger will be lurking in many more decks, waiting to steal her Cosmic counter and turn it into a +1/+1 counter for himself.
Still, she's essentially a 10/10 in combat, plus if you're playing at least one or two Ally cards as well, you'll get some good usage out of her.

Rating: 4/5
"Now for my lovely assistant, Zatanna!"

Today, we review one of my favourite characters in the DC Universe, Zatanna.
She was instrumental in the Identity Crisis by erasing both Dr. Light's and Batman's minds during her stay with the Justice League. What does she bring to the team? Let's find out.

9 atk
9 def
5 Resource Cost
Rarity: Rare
Initative Preference: Either


Willpower 5
When Zatanna comes into play, you may put a cosmic counter on target character with cosmic you control. Cosmic: Whenever Zatanna attacks or defends, power-up Zatanna.

First off, Zatanna has the standard stats for a 5 drop of 9/9. Her first quality is a high willpower of 5. Battle of Wills could be very useful with Zatanna and other JLA Willpower characters to ensure that she can attack without fear of getting stunned back of course. Her next ability is that of being able to place a cosmic counter on a cosmic character you have.

There are two ways to go about this. You can either apply another counter to Zatanna herself ensuring her Cosmic ability sticks around even after she stuns for the first time. Or of course, you can apply it to another character. The best other option you have is definetly the 4 drop Wonder Woman to lock down your opponent's plots during combat even longer.

Zatanna's Cosmic ability essentially makes her a 10/10 during combat. A 5 drop that's a 10/10 is absolutely deadly on both attack and defense. Not only that, but with Zatanna powering-up, any Ally abilities you may have out will automatically come online for that attack. This of course will only be as good as the Ally abilities you have going at the time.

DC Modern Age: 4/5 Even with Ally being a pretty shaky mechanic, Zatanna is still a 10/10 for at least turn 5, which she also gives a Cosmic ability you have out a second chance. Definetly a good 5 drop.

Golden Age: 4/5 See DC Modern.

Sealed/Draft: 5/5 She goes above the curve for at least a turn, more than likely two turns by giving herself another Cosmic counter. That extra +1/+1 could be the difference on a critical attack you make during the game.
Sith Dragon Zatanna Zatara
5 drop
willpower 5

I must say, from the cards ive seen so far, this set has the best artwork of any set released so far. The cards are incredible.

When Zatanna comes into play, you may put a cosmic counter on target character with cosmic you control.
COSMIC: Whenever Zatanna attacks or defends, power-up Zatanna.

Of the 4 5-drop characters for JLA, Zatanna is probably the best of the 4. As a base 9/9 with range she's a solid 5-drop. The willpower of 5 will mnake her good if you are going to try and run anything willpower based.

Her first ability is really only going to do you any good if you have the 4-drop Wonder Woman out. Her effect is good enough that replacing the counter could be huge.

The second effect is the critical one if you are running the ally ability for JLA, whuich you pretty much have too. As soon as she attacks or defends, she is powered up, so you are essentially looking at base stats of 10/10. And by being powered-up you will set off all of the ally abilities you have out, which could be huge depending who's still on the board.

She is a very good 5 drop and will see lots of play.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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