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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Hostage Situation

Card #DGL-153


Date Reviewed: 05.26.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.6
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.3
Limited Average Rating: 1.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Hostage Situation

Wow, today we are going to look at a PT that fans of Lex Luthor certainly love. This card provides a great opportunity to get on-going PT’s into your resource row. This is great if you are running a deck around Lex Luthor’s effect. The cost of exhausting two RS characters may seem steep, but that is what keeps this card in check. Let’s not forget that this card works will if you are running some sort of RS team up deck. It will certainly be interesting to see this card in action…

DCMA constructed – 3.5/5.0 …By combining this card with Lex Luthor’s effect, you can come into a lot of drawing power!
GA constructed – 3.0/5.0 …You have more resource manipulation in this format so that hinders the effect of this card.

Limited – .5/5.0 …I doubt you will get the RS characters or the on-going PT’s in this format to make this card worth-while.
Hostage Situation

Man of Steel gave League of Assassins a location search card, and now GLC gives Revenge Squad a search card for ongoing plot twists. Exhausting two Revenge Squad characters is a fairly steep cost for the effect, otherwise this is a good fit for Revenge Squad. You'll get more play out of it in Modern Age, since relying on ongoing plot twists in Golden Age is near suicidal.

In Limited, this is a bad pull. Legacy rares are almost always dead cards to you, and this is no exception.


Modern - 3.5/5
Golden - 2/5
Limited - 1/5


An interesting plot twist for today...

Hostage Situation

Number: DGL-153

Rarity: Rare

Card Type: Plot Twist

Cost: 2

Ongoing: Yes

Ongoing: Exhaust two Revenge Squad characters you control >>> If Hostage Situation is in your resource row, KO it. If you do, search your deck for an ongoing plot twist card, reveal it, and put it face down into your resource row. Shuffle your deck.

Cost: 2

You need 2 Revenge Squad characters out for this card to work, so the cost is perfect for it.

Ongoing: Yes

Don't understand why HS is continuous when it gets KOed by its own effect.


For the cost of this card and 2 attacks/character effects, you can search your deck for any ongoing plot twist. This can be extremely useful in certain decks.

In a pure Revenge Squad deck, you can nab a Revenge Pact, State of the Union, Toy Soldiers, Death of Superman or a replacement HS for a small bit of deck thinning.

In 2 team decks, you can search for any useful plot twist of the other team.

Do remember, though, that this card must be in your resource row when you activate it, so you'll be trading 1 resource for another.

If only we were allowed to exhaust any 2 characters, rather than 2 Revenge Squad characters. That, and the fact that the plot twist you search out must be an ongoing one, are the only things that limit this card's use. That's actually what will keep this from becoming tossed into any old deck and becoming broken.


Team Affiliation: Revenge Squad

There's a few good ongoing plot twists available to the squad, so this card is very likely to see a good deal of play in RS decks. It also goes good in 2 team decks featuring RS.



This is a good card despite needing Revenge Squad to support it.

The best time to use this card is during the opponent's initiative when they have the same amount of characters as you or fewer. Since you won't be likely to have any opportunity to attack anyways. You can potentially search out the card you need to put the pressure on them, or get that good card you need sooner.

Modern Age: Good in constructed decks featuring Revenge Squad cards. Searching is always a good thing.


Golden Age: Even more ongoing plot twists to search out in 2 team decks. Works well here too.


Limited: More difficult to use here as you're not guaranteed to get enough RS characters and good plot twists to use the strategy. Take this card late if you can grab enough cards to work with it.

Hostage Situation - DGL-153

Ongoing: Exhaust two Revenge Squad characters you control >>> If Hostage Situation is in your resource row, KO it. If you do, search your deck for an ongoing plot twist card, reveal it, and put it face down into your resource row. Shuffle your deck.

Alright, today its a Revenge Squad based plot twist.
And not a bad one at that.

Revenge Squad is not one of the more popular teams out there, but DGL has given them a chance to earn their weight. Since most team-ups are ongoing plot twists, its an automatic assumption to go grab one of them.
With only 3 ongoing plot twists to their name, the Revenge Squad themselves really can't use the card that well.

However, there are some signifcantly powerful ongoing plot twists out there, especially in Golden. Being able to spot on search them out says a lot and just for exhausting two characters. The only real draw back to this is the team.

Limited - 1/5
DC Modern - 3/5
Golden - 3.5/5
"Hey Red! You're just in time to join the hostage situation! What side do you wanna be on?!"

Props to whoever knows what cartoon the above quote is referencing. Today's card is indeed, Hostage Situation. Revenge Squad decks needed a tutor desperately for their obvious strategy of ongoing plot twists and their interaction with them. Let's examine what makes this card a must-have in any Revenge Squad deck.

Hostage Situation
2 Threshold Cost
Ongoing Plot Twist
Rarity: Rare
Initative Preference: None

Effect: Ongoing: Exhaust two Revenge Squad characters you control ---> If Hostage Situation is in your resource row, KO it. If you do, search your deck for an ongoing plot twist card, reveal it, and put it face down into your resource row. Shuffle your deck.

The effect is pretty self explanatory. Let's see what you can dig out with Hostage Situation that a Revenge Squad deck should play.

Revenge Pact is the first obvious choice as it's as close to character searching as you get with Revenge Squad. Second, is State of the Union, to ensure your resource row is protected from pesky Breaking Grounds, Foileds, Have a Blasts, etc. Third, Revenge Squad gets access to the Finishing Move of DC Modern Age, Death of Superman. Fourth, if you're outnumbering your opponent character wise, then Toy Soldiers is a pretty good bet as well.
Finally, if you're really adventurous, a team-up card such as No Evil Shall Escape Our Sight is in easy access by using Hostage Situation. Golden Age wise, you can also grab Thinking Outside the Box, which works VERY well with Revenge Pact, but sadly, Revenge Squad will more than likely get trounced in Golden Age.

DC Modern Age (Revenge Squad Deck): 4/5 Revenge Squad decks that rely on
Atomic Skull and President Lex should play 4 to get their Revenge Pacts or Death of Superman as early as possible. In other Revenge builds, playing 1 or 2 couldn't hurt to get the above plot twists on your off initative turns as well.

Golden Age (Revenge Squad Deck): 4/5 With access to more ongoing plots like Thinking Outside the Box, Political Pressure, Concrete Jungle, Bad Press, Unmasked, the variety is quite abundant. You'd have to be very brave playing Revenge Squad in Golden Age though.

Sealed/Draft: 1/5 Good luck trying to use it!

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