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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Nero, Qwardian Puppet

Card #DGL-084


Date Reviewed: 05.20.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.28
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.14
Limited Average Rating: 3.92

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Nero - Qwardian Puppet

Today we are going to look at another possible burn card for this set - Nero.

Nero is your basic 7-drop. He has a rather decent attack at 16 and a semi-par defense of 14. This character is definitely going to be stunned when you attack. He has flight and range which is nice, but seems to be rather rampant in this set. However, he has a interesting ability that will be interesting to see in tournament play. With Nero you can KO a non-stunned AM character to make your opponent lose endurance equal to the character's willpower. This could be big, provided you build your deck around this character. After all, in a swarm deck you could certainly rack up the endurance loss.

DCMA - 3.0/5.0 ...I could see this character being effective in a 'fun' deck more so than a tournament deck
GA - 2.5/5.0 ...This character certainly wouldn't be my first choice for 7-drops in this format...unless I built my deck around him

Limted - 3.5/5.0 ...Regardless of this character's ability, he is still a decent 7-drop for this format.

Johnny Blaze
Nero- Qwardian Puppet – With both Flight and Range, Anti-Matter team gets a decent attacker in Nero and most importantly another option for you to use to make your opponent lose endurance based on one of your characters Willpower.  If you can bump one of your non-stunned Anti-Matter character’s Willpower up and then KO it that means major endurance loss to your opponent.
Constructed: 3.5/5 – Nice stats with Flight and Range and an ability that if you are abusing Willpower might be able to win you the game.
Limited: 4/5 – Take Nero for the stats and Flight and Range.  As a bonus if you can get some non-stunned Anti-Matter characters with Willpower all the better.
Nero, Qwardian Puppet

Oh yeah, this guy is good. Anti Matter burn is a possibility in DC Modern, and Nero is the lynchpin to that strategy. With all the Concealed characters that Anti Matter has, you'll have plenty of fodder by the time Turn 7 comes around. Unfortunately, they don't have too many characters with decent Willpower, so you'll want to team them up with a high Willpower team and/or pack a set of Yellow Power Rings. Stall the game until turn 9 and team up with Emerald Enemies, and Parallax becomes your win condition.

In Limited, you can do a lot of late game damage in a hurry with Nero, especially if you dropped Fiero earlier in the game. Also, his stats are right on par with the other 7 drops in this set, so feel free to play him if you pull him.


Modern - 3.5/5
Golden - 3/5
Limited - 4/5


A strong character for today's review, with a burn effect to boot...

Nero, Qwardian Puppet
Number: DGL-084
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Character
Cost: 7
Team: Anti-Matter
Attack: 16
Defense: 14
Flight: Yes
Ranged: Yes
Willpower 5

KO a non-stunned Anti-Matter character you control >>> Target player loses endurance equal to that character's willpower.

Cost: 7

Sometimes, games will end on turn 6, so don't count on him seeing play every game, but when he does, whoo-hoo! A character with an effect this good HAS to have such a high cost to avoid uber-abuse. (Which it probably will still get anyways)


ATK/DEF: 16/14

16 attack is good for a 7-cost, so no complaints here.

Not the best in defense, though, with only 14 DEF points, but I believe that he won't be attacking any strong characters when he hits play anyways. If the opponent has the initiative, then you need to defend him well to get some real use out of him.


Range/Flight: Both

He can hit anywhere FROM anywhere, giving him full versatility on the field (not that you'll need it once he hits the field, due to his devastating effect).


Effect: Can you say Coup-de-Gras? ("koo-dee-grah") That's what this card will be when he hits the field.

If you can keep him and/or one or more high-Willpowered characters face-up at the end of turn 7 (or after you finish your attacks for that turn), then this effect could be the finishing move that wins you the game. This is a very good burn effect for VS., and you can count on being on the receiving end of this effect fairly often when facing an Anti-Matter deck.


Some good high willpower characters he works well with:

Olapet: Only 1 WP at first for a 2-cost, but gets an extra 5 WP if you control 5 or more resources.

Ch'p: A 6/6 for 4 with 6 WP.

Hal Jordan, Green Lantern of Sector 2814: A 9/9 for 5 with 5 WP.

Power Ring, Crime Syndicate: A 10/7 for 5 with 5 WP.

Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar: A 12/12 for 6 with 6 WP.

Team Affiliation: Anti-Matter

Lack of Loyalty is a boon for him, making it easier to use him in a variety of decks.

From what I can see so far, Anti-Matter characters focus on one-turn powerhouses, sacrificing ATK for DEF power, causing some burn effects and weakening the opponent's characters. Nero, Q can be a good card for an Anti-Matter deck, but you need to include several other A-M characters with Willpower to use his effect to any benefit. The lineup of A-M characters with Willpower is ok, but you may want to combine some of the better ones with Green Lantern (Team Affiliated) characters for a bigger punch than the 5 to 8 damage you're most likely to do when using his effect.



Nero, Qwardian Puppet can be a good card to work into a burn deck using Willpower characters, but he shouldn't just be slapped into any old deck, some care should be used during deck construction if you hope to make him worthwhile. At the least, however, you can net 5 damage to your opponent just by sacrificing him to his own effect. His Flight, Range and 16ATK make him an ok character, it’s just his 14DEF makes him a bit weak defensively compared to other 7 cost characters from other expansions.


Modern Age: He's the strongest Anti-Matter character, so that makes him a good choice for an A-M deck. Just be ready to be clobbered by Juggernaut, Magneto-Master of Magnetism, Thing-Ever Lovin' Blue-Eyed Thing and Azrael <> Batman, Knightfall.


Golden Age: The same here as Modern, but you also have Origins to work with, giving more versatility in deck construction for supporting him.


Limited: Big is big here, and you're more likely to make it to turn 7, so if you want a heavy hitter, take him. His effect is just a bonus here.

Chad2548 Nero, Qwardian Puppet

Lets see what we got. Flight, Range, Nice attack, a little low defense, nice willpower, and no loyalty. This is a great character in my mind. His burn effect though isnt the best ever. You have to stun a non stunned anti matter character you control and target player meaning you can also target yourself(though dont know why you would.) It can really only come into use for the icing on the cake to make sure you win the game.

DC Modern Age Constructed - 4.5/5 A great card to use, no reason not to.
Golden Age Constructed - 4.5/5
Limited - 4/5 Only gets a four because his ability is team stamped.
Today we are looking at Nero - Qwardian Puppet. No snappy introduction, let's just get to it!

Nero - Qwardian Puppet
7 Resource Cost
Willpower 5
16 atk
14 def
Flight and Range
Rarity: Rare

Effect: KO a non-stunned Anti-Matter character you control ----> Target player loses endurance equal to that character's willpower.

First off, let's look at Nero's stats. He, like many other 7 drops, diverts from the average 15 atk/15 def mold, taking one point away from his def stat and adds it to his atk. With 16 atk to throw at an attacker or defender, you can be assured that he'll stun anything on the turn outside of any defensive pumps your opponent may have. The 14 def however means if he attacks your opponent's 7 drop, odds are he'll get stunned quite easily back.

Now as far as an effect goes, Nero has an odd one. KO a character, burn your opponent equal to willpower. I for one am not a fan of KOing my own characters unless the benefits of course outweigh the negative aspects. In this case, you're giving up board presence to burn your opponent a little.
Not only that, it MUST be a Anti-Matter character, not just any character you control. With Anti-Matter having low willpower on their roster (not to mention characters that do have it aren't very abundant) the only viable way of making Nero work is in a team-up deck with either Green Lantern or Emerald Enemies. There, you'll have at least a couple characters to KO with decent willpower values to burn your opponent with.

The only problem is, if you do a team-up with either Green Lantern or Emerald Enemies, those respective teams have 7 drops with FAR better effects. Not to mention, in a straight Anti-Matter curve deck, there's another 7 drop you have access to. That would be Ultraman. Whenever Ultraman stuns a defender, that defender gets KOed right there and then, no questions asked.

In Sealed/Draft, if you go Anti-Matter or you need to round out your curve with a 7 drop, Nero will do just fine as will most 7 drops. With a 16 atk, he'll definetly put the hurt on your opponent.

DC Modern Age: 2/5 Nero's the 7 drop without a constructed home. You can play him, but I'd go with Ultraman just for how powerful he is.

Golden Age: 2/5 See above.

Sealed/Draft: 4/5 7 drop, 16 atk, that's good enough for me.


Nero - Qwardian Puppet DGL-084

Well, back again on DGL day. This time we've got one
of the bigger Anti-Matter characters on the block.

Willpower 5
KO a non-stunned Anti-Matter character you control >>>
Target player loses endurance equal to that
character's willpower.

Cost: 7
ATK Value: 16
DEF Value: 14

Okay, Nero is pretty self explanatory. He's one of the
big hitters for the Anti-Matter team. As a 16/14, with
Flight and Range he's not too shabby for a 7 drop. On
terms with Sinestro - Enemy of the Corp., but with a
lesser effect.

The weakness of Nero lies with the nature of his
effect, the Anti-Matter guys really just don't have
Will Power. Outside of Sinestro and Nero, the next
biggest is WP-3.

So that means we have a guy who thrives off the team
up. Being able to throw around damage is really nice,
especially when there is no set timing on the
activation. Losing a guy is kinda stinks, but if it
can bring the kill... well, that's something you have
to balance out.

A team-up with the Green Lantern's heavy hitters
should do the trick to have enough field presence and
will power to deliver a killing blow through Nero.

In limited, Nero has a lot of help with the sheer
amount of team-up cards in DGL. Not a bad pick for a
draft in all terms. Modern Age will be an okay place
for Nero; though most everyone is focusing on Man
Hunters, Emerald Enemies, and the Green Lanterns. Time
will tell about Golden Age. With Nero having Will
Power, he does have a slight edge in more than a few
contests thanks to Battle of Wills.

Limited/Draft - 4/5
Modern Age - 3/5
Golden Age - 3/5

Have fun with the new set and may your first pack have
a foil Oa. Till next time.


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