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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Card Image from ShuffleandCut.com

  Bat's Belfry

Green Lantern Set


Date Reviewed: 05.12.05

Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.60
Modern Age Rating: 2.10
Limited Average Rating: 1.13

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.

Player21 Name: Bat's Belfry
Set: Green Lantern Corps
Cost: 2
Type: Location
Rarity: R
Card Text:
"Remove two cards in your hand from the game >>> Whenever target Arkham Inmates character you control attacks a character this turn, exhaust that character. At the start of the next recovery phase, return the cards you removed from the game to your hand."

This is a pretty amazing card, it combos extremely well with both Charaxes and Prison Break, each of which are crucial to the standard Arkham build.

Charaxes KOs an exhausted defender, if he stuns the defender.
Typically, you have to have survived through their initiative to pull this off, or have played Fear and Confusion for this to work. Now, you have a whole new tool.

Prison Break shuffles your hand into your deck, and you draw as many cards as you placed into your deck. The problem with this used to be that there were often cards you didn't want to lose; even though there might have been a card you really needed at any given time. Thus, that problem has been solved. If you want to play Prison Break but don't want to miss a later drop, or lose a specific plot twist, simply remove those two cards from the game, and get them at the start of the next recovery phase.

You're not even limited to one use per turn!

Furthermore, because this card targets your own characters, you don't have to worry about things like Nice Try or Star of the Show.

Modern Age: 1/5 – Just not enough Arkham characters for you to target to make this card playable. Furthermore, Charaxes and Prison Break can't be played in this format, so, really, what's the point?

Golden Age: 4/5 – This card instantly finds a place in the standard Arkham build. It has great synergy with the deck, and is incredibly deserving of a spot.

Limited: 1/5 – I'm willing to bet you won't have both an Arkham character to target AND this card in your limited format. Even if you do manage to pull this and a character, you're not likely going to have them on the field at the same time, and there's really not much to take advantage of, if you do.

Bat's Belfry

This card has combo written all over it. For the most part, as long as the cards exist in your hand, you can use the ability several times. I don't really know that it's all that good, but there may be some crazy combo I'm not thinking of. In general, it's ability is not very solid.

In limited it's basically worthless, as there are nearly no Asylum Characters.

Constructed: 2.5
Limited: 1.5

Johnny Blaze
Bat's Belfry – This new location for Arkham is just screaming to be abused with all the different exhaust tricks available to the Inmates.  The remove 2 cards from the game is kind of a nice trick to especially when going up against discard decks which I have seen more and more of in my local metagame.  Too bad you have to wait until the next recovery phase to return those cards to your hand but I guess it would have been too good if you returned them back to your hand during this turn’s recovery phase.
Constructed:  3/5 – Again another nice option that Arkham gets from this Green Lantern set.  What Arkham lacks in raw attack power definitely gains from all their exhaust tricks.
Limited: 1/5 – Unfortunately useless here as there is only 1 Arkham Inmate to chose from in this set.
Bat's Belfry

Another Arkham Inmates legacy card, another exhaustion effect. Removing two cards from the game temporarily isn't a steep of a cost, provided that you have a couple of dead cards already, or possible your late game drops that you won't need until a couple turns later. This probably won't see much play in either Golden of Modern format, even if Arkham Inmates go huge and show up all over the place.

In Sealed, it's a fairly bad rare. Not enough support in a GL event, so just pass it and move on.


Golden - 2/5
Modern - 1/5
Limited - 1/5

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