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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Image Courtesy of Scott Gerhardt
@ www.shuffleandcut.com

  Two Face, Split Personality

Green Lantern Set


Date Reviewed: 05.10.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.50
Limited Average Rating: 4.33

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


I'm not too sure what to think about this card in constructed. It lacks flight, but it's big. Additionally, the ability to tap things down, especially on your initiative, is amazing. It can stop reinforcement and completely prevent any form of a counterassault. The mulligan clause can be nice too, allowing you to drop what you don't want (including the Two-Face) and being in more quality. This is showing to be one of the more expensive cards from the set, and I would not be shocked to see it stay consistently there. While it's not at all broken, it is a very solid card to splash into a number of decks.

In limited, you play it. You'll almost never find a better, splashable 7 drop, and the ability is almost always game winning.

Constructed: 4
Limited: 5

Monday, May 9th - Two-Face

Wow, wow, wow. Two-Face sure is a biggin'. Can anyone believe an Arkham character actually has big time stats for its level? 16/16 is a nice break for the team after the very sub-par turn 7 Joker. Now Arkham fans have a nice team stamped character and can stop splashing those Magneto's in their decks.

He also has two great effects. First is yet another Arkham way to control your mulligans. Draw your first 4 cards and if Two-Face is in your hand you can reveal him to select any cards that you like in your hand to keep. Then put the rest on the bottom of your deck and put the good ones on top, then mulligan. This is definately a good thing.

Two-Face's second effect is the real gamebreaker however. At the start of your attack step you get to choose either an even or odd cost and exhaust all characters on your opponents field with that cost. Now with all of Arkhams tricks that KO exhausted characters (Smiles, Everyone!?) this can be a great way to get rid of your opponents 7-drop. Let's just hope you have the inititive on turn 7.

In limited Two-Face is a bomb. If you can pull a copy of this guy and make your games go long enough to get him out you shouldn't have to much trouble pulling off a win. Easily a top pick in draft too. Don't be to surprised if you start seeing Two-Face take over some of those 7 spots in decks that play Magneto because they don't have a good character to play in the late game.

DCMA Constructed Deck - 4/5 ...This card definately helps Arkham...too bad most Arkham characters are not viable for format.
GA Constructed - 5/5 ...This is a must for any Arkham deck.

Limited - 5/5 ...16/16 without loyalty, heck yes!

Johnny Blaze
Two Face, Split Personality – Here is a stronger version of the ever popular Two-Face character from Arkham Inmates.  At 16/16 with range, Two-Face is able to stun 6 out of the other 9 seven drops in the Green Lantern set. 
Similar to other Arkham exhaust abilities, Two-Face has at the start of your attack step you get to choose odds or evens, then exhaust each character your opponents control with that chosen cost.  This can be pretty annoying and if you can keep Two-Face around for another turn you can even exhaust your opponents 8 drop.  This will work out real good when you have the initiative on Turn 8 but cant pull your 8 drop.
Just like the 3 drop Joker’s Wild, Two-Face has a mulligan ability.  Albeit, Two-Face’s ability is different but it does allow you some options, especially if you are running both in your deck.  The chances of having a “special” mulligan is a lot better if you are running both in your Arkham Inmates deck.
Constructed: 3/5 – Arkham Inmates is always a fun deck to run and a nuisance to play against.  With this new Two-Face, Arkham just got a bit stronger and now there is a way to survive if you miss your drop you can exhaust theirs.
Limited: 4/5 – Grab any 7 drops you can get in this format.  Both of Two-Face’s ability will help out in Limited but his exhaust one is definitely the best.
Two-Face, Split Personality

Arkhame Inmates finally gets some late game help with this bigger and better version of Two-Face. 16/16 for a 7 drop is respectable, and his ability to exhause at least half of your opponent's field makes him a great compliment to cards like Smiles Everyone and Charaxes, which punish exhausted characters. His ability to let you choose which cards in your opening hand you mulligan and which ones you keep is great; I can't remember how many times I've kept a bad hand for one good card. Of course, just like 3 drop Joker, you have to have him in your opening hand to be able to use his power, and you can't rely on that happening much. In Modern Age, Arkham Inmates don't have enough cards to pull their own weight, but Two-Face is certainly splashable in a control-type deck.

In Limited, he's also a good splash, even in a set that's awash with 7 drops. The ability to adjust your mulligan is nice, but won't be something you can count on. It's his exhaustion effect that will make him an MVP in your deck, especially if it means that your opponent's won't be able to exhaust characters to power their plot twists and locations.


Golden - 3/5
Modern - 3/5
Limited - 4/5
Player21 Name: Two Face
Set: Green Lantern Corps
Version: Split Personality
Cost: 7
Type: Character
Team: Arkham Inmates
ATK / DEF: 16 ATK / 16 DEF
Flight: No
Range: Yes
Rarity: R
Card Text:
"If you would mulligan, you may instead reveal Two-Face from your hand. If you do, put any number of cards from your hand on the top of your deck, then mulligan.

At the start of your attack step, choose even or odd cost. Exhaust each character your opponents control with the chosen cost."

For today's Card of the Day, we're taking a look at the new splashable 7-drop that might give Magneto-Master of Magnetism a run for his money.

He has no loyalty (effect or recruit based) of any kind, a nice big body, range, and two great effects. What's not to love?

His first effect is simply amazing. If he shows up in your opening hand you will almost certainly want to mulligan. Just reveal him, and put however many cards you don't like (which can include Two Face,
himself) on the bottom, and put the rest on top, then draw to four.

For Arkham, this is particularly important; as it's pretty crucial they hit Charaxes and a few other tools in the early game. Because they have so little search, mulligan manipulation is extremely helpful.

Because he can be splashed into any deck, though, you might want to play this in any deck where your team doesn't have a good 7-drop, or there's a particular combination of cards you're desperate to have in your opening hand (I'm thinking maybe Longshot and Xavier's School or Longshot and Thinking Outside the Box).

His second effect, however, is much more game breaking. At the start of your attack step, go ahead and examine your opponent's side of the field, and choose to exhaust all their characters with an even or an odd cost. That means you can exhaust potential reinforcers, or opposing threats (like another 7 drop), or whatever you'd least like to deal with this turn. Don't forget that they will respond with any applicable activated powers, or exhaust effects (like Bat Signal) in response.

This ties in very well with the standard Arkham deck, as a lot of their effects are dependent upon having opposing characters exhausted.
"Charaxes," "Smiles, Everyone!" and "Fear and Confusion" are just a few of the cards you'll find in a typical Arkham build, and all revolve around the central theme of keeping your opponent's characters exhausted. Now we can add Two Face to the mix.

Limited: 4/5 - A Powerhouse at 7, highly splashable, helps you hit your curve. Can't think of a good reason not to play him, except that he won't share an affiliation with any of your other characters. Big deal.

Modern Age: 3/5 - While there's not a team to support him in this format, he is still incredibly splashable, and can act as a solid 7-drop in any deck.

Golden Age: 4.5/5 - Fits right into an Arkham deck, replaces the weaker 7-drop Joker, follows the exhaust theme, and provides more mulligan manipulation. May turn Arkham into a formidable team!
Dawn Yoshi


Prior to the Green Lantern booster set, I was thinking Arkham Inmates would need a tutor and a new 7 drop. Then Metagame gave us a sneak peek at this two-face picture. 24 hours later, I was jumping for joy.

Two-Face is a MASSIVE 16/16 force with range, equaling that of Magneto, Master of Magnetism. His mulligan ability gives any deck some manipulation of its opening draw. Its effect also is a great form of stall, reinforcement shut down, and army smashing. The fact that Two-Face, Split Personality doesn't even have loyalty makes it a fantastic and splashable 7 drop!

In limited, this thing's a friggin powerhouse. Many of the plot twists available in limited are splashable with DGL anyway, and this thing's huge. It should be a 1st round draft pick.

Constructed MA: 3.5/5
Constructed GA: 4/5
Limited: 5/5

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