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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Valeria Richards
– Daughter of Doom

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 03.30.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Valeria Richards – Daughter of Doom


Today we are going to look at a powerful new card for Fantastic 4 – Valeria Richards.


Actually what I probably should have opened with is, “Does Common Enemy really need another powerful card for it’s arsenal?”.  I think what happened is this:  someone at UDE is very partial to Common Enemy, so when the presence of CE decks waned at PCQ in favor of sentinels, they decided to add another powerful card to the CE line up make CE once again the favorite of all cookie cutters out there*.  I can’t wait to see if CE becomes the ever popular deck again.  At that point you can probably expect another powerful Sentinel card since the UDE guy that is partial to Sentinels will want his deck type on top again.   


*I realize that may have sounded harsh so I would like to apologize to all cookie cutter deck builders out there.


Hmm…maybe I should go ahead and review the card?  Valeria is simply an evil card designed to give CE the only thing that they might be lacking.  After all, CE has search capabilities, control, etc.  Now they have draw power to add to their long list of perks.  The good thing about this card is that it does have major restrictions in the form of “control Dr. Doom” otherwise this card would be completely broken (I still maintain that Loyalty should have been added…come on, worse 1-drops than her have it!).  Forget her stats, you are only going to use this card for her draw ability.  Just think about it this way… the golden 4 for any tournament worthy VS deck is the following:


1.      Search capabilities

2.      Draw power

3.      Control

4.      Endurance gain


Given that CE now fulfills 3 of the ‘golden 4’ traits, I think we will see a reemergence of this deck in the future…at least in GA.



Modern constructed – 0.0/5.0 …Without Doom, this card becomes great kindling.

Golden Age constructed – 4.5/5.0 …I would give it a 5.0/5.0 except for the fact that you have to control Dr. Doom or else this character will get stomped on.


Limited – 1.0/5.0 …See Modern Age.


Johnny Blaze
Valeria Richards – Talk about a perfect fit in Common Enemy decks.  An extra draw card every turn.  It shouldn’t be too hard to fulfill Valeria’s requirements and moving her to the hidden area to keep her safe if your opponent is not playing with Concealed characters basically guarantees you that extra card every turn.
Constructed:  2/5 – Although Boris is your main 1 drop in CE, Valeria could make an interesting addition.  I’m not quite sure if her effect warrants enough cards to  drop from the already tight CE deck.
Limited: 1/5 – I can’t think of any reason to use Valeria here.  I mean if you are drafting pure MMK then how can Valeria gain the Doom affiliation and how can you control Dr. Doom?
Valeria Richards, Daughter of Doom

Common Enemy has a new friend, but just a little too late. Having her camp out in the hidden area and giving you an extra card per turn is potentially huge.
Unfortunately, Common Enemy has been mostly absent from Top 8's recently, and with Marvel Modern Age only a couple weeks away, it'll be a while before CE has a chance to add Ms. Richards to it's arsenal. On the other hand, it's pretty easy to play her and Doomstadt on turn 1, team up and flip Common Enemy turn 2, and then draw every turn from then on. PC New York may see the rebirth of Common Enemy, and this card could be a big part of that. In Modern Age, worthless. No Doomstadt, no Doom, and no Army Doom characters to use Decoy Program on; thus making her effect impossible to pull off, even with Midnight Sons.

In Limited, she's a jank rare. Throw her in your binder and don't even consider playing her. At all.
Or else.

Constructed (Modern) - 1/5
Constructed (Golden) - 3.5/5
Limited - 1/5
Brad Pironciak Today we're reveiwing a great Common Enemy card from MMK (Like they needed any more), Valeria Richards - Daughter of Doom.

Valeria's ability is Activate-Draw a card. You may only use this power while valeria has the doom affiliation. This is nothing, and could even be done the turn valeria is put into play if it's controller hit boris, and has a common enemy down.

You may also pay 1 enduarnce to move valeria to the hidden area.
Another power with a requirement, except this one can only be used while you control doctor doom. Again, this shouldn't matter at all. A 1st or secopnd turn doomstadt will allow valeria to bounce out of trouble from the very beggining of the game.

Worst case scenario, you hit valeria without a team-up or a doomstadt.
So what? She takes a hit, and comes back. Unless you have missed your doomstadt/doom and/or common enemy for 3+ turns, you should have a problem getting this insane ability flowing. This completely replaces she-thing as the main common enemy 2 drop.

Constructed: 5/5 Without saying anything, a free card a turn is freaking incredible.
Limited: 1/5 No doom, no doom affiliation. Impossible to use.

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