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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Doop, Ultimate Weapon

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 03.16.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.7
Limited Average Rating: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Johnny Blaze

I hope I’m reviewing the right Doop today. When I copied down the COTD I left off the subtitle. I’m looking at the 8 drop Doop. There is a lot to look at with this Droop. At 1st glance you will notice his huge ATK value at 25 and his lowly DEF at 1. Also Doop has 3 key word abilites that are attached to him: Loyalty, Concealed, and Invulnerability.

Most notably his Flavor text is hilarious “(in Doop font:) (nonfoil) “Man, I’m SUCH a good rare. Aren’t you glad you busted me? Come on, stop looking at the other cards and put me in the pile. I’m going to win this draft for you. If you don't take me, you know the next guy will.” So talk about a card that will make you feel guilty in draft!

Constructed: 3/5 – Very fun to use. Also tricky. There are some neat tricks out there to really abuse this guy. I’ll let you guys discover them too.

Limited: 4/5 – With the right cards Droop can easily seal victory at the end of Turn 8 for you. Make sure that his Loyalty doesn’t come back and bite you in the butt on Turn 8 with a lot of the X-Statix cards annoyance on Selfishness.

Doop, Ultimate Weapon

I love 8 drops. They are huge, and their abilities will usually make your opponent weep inside when you slap it down. Doop is a great 8 drop, and more than likely will be a game ender. 25 ATK is huge, but his
1 DEF will become a huge liability if your opponent has the initiative and can get to your hidden area.
On your attack though, he'll stun 99% of what your opponent can throw down on the field, and his Invulnerability keeps you from taking the 8 points of damage when he inevitably becomes stunned. Loyalty only gets tricky if you're playing hardcore X-Statix and they find a way to KO your one character before you're able to recruit Doop.

In Limited, you should pretty much always grab an 8 drop when you see it, and Doop is no exception.
Loyalty always gets a little dicey in Limited, so make sure you play a little more X-Statix heavy to be able to play Doop.


Constructed (Modern) - 4/5
Constructed (Golden) - 3/5
Limited - 4/5

Doop – Ultimate Weapon

Today we are going to look at the only 8-drop X-Statix has to offer – Doop.

Doop is awesome! This card is ridiculously strong at 25/1 for an 8- drop. Even in the comics this guy was someone you definitely did not want to mess with. (Just look at what happened to Corkscrew).
Basically this character has it all. His 25 attack makes him the strongest 8-drop in the game. Heck, he even rivals 9 and 10 drops.
Wow! Not to mention he has flight so that he can get at your opponent’s smaller characters hiding out in the support row. He also has just about every mechanic you can imagine. His loyalty is definitely necessary. We do not want to go to every PCQ or even local tournament and face this character each time. He is concealed. That just makes it that much harder for your opponent to try to stun him first. He also has invulnerability. This way even if your opponent finds a way to get to this guy, you are not going to take any stun endurance loss. Invulnerability, of course is a given since he only has a defense of 1. If your opponent finds a way to get to this guy you will probably take a large amount of breakthrough endurance loss.
That isn’t really anything to worry about in a constructed environment, but it may be something you will want to keep in mind in a sealed/draft event. Either way it is a risk I am willing to take.

X-Statix constructed – 4.5/5.0 ...Put two of these in any X-Statix/X- Statix variation deck!

Limited – 3.5/5.0 ...This character is slightly more vulnerable to attack in this format since there are so many cards that either let the concealed area be attacked or pull characters out of the concealed area. Loyalty is another issue you have to face in this format, but it shouldn’t be too hard to work around that.
Brad Pironciak Today we're reviewing the biggest 8 drop in the game, the one and only DOOP!

Doop hits the biggest 8 drop spot easy, with his boasted 25 attack!...
and one defense point. Doop's kickers though are that #1, he is concealed, meaning that most likely, even if your opponent has the initiative, they won't be attacking him. #2, he has invulnerability, and that is where his playability comes in.

You attack your opponents 8 drop, they stun, and you take 0 damage.
Better still, on turn 8, attack their low drop for some massive breakthrough, activate spin doctoring(X2, X3, etc..) to stun the rest of their field. Total endurance cost: 0. We've found a definite powerhouse to clinch the game for X-statix.

As said by my friends and I, doop will doop all over your hopes and dreams.

In limited, all 8 drops are great, but with doop, you may need to be careful, because in a normal limited draft, if you can pull an 8, and your opponent can't, your 8 drop will stick around for some lasting field presence. If you bring out doop, he'll be crushed, even swinging into their one drop.

Contructed X-statix: 3.5/5
Limited: 2/5
Art: 3/5(You HAVE to love doop)

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