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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Witching Hour

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 03.02.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.35
Limited Average Rating: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Witching Hour

OK guys, I'm not feeling well tonight so I'm gonna make this kinda short. Witching Hour is a card that I can see being mostly abused in a "You Can't Win" Mephesto deck. Since this has a 7 threshold cost and Mephesto recruits on turn 8, Witching Hour will provide you with plenty of souls for the Father of Lies. Of course you'll need lots and lots of low level Underworlders to make this work. There may also be a Deacon Frost deck running around out there that can make good use of this card ::wink wink::

Constructed Deck ...1.5/5.0 Not really my cup of blood.

Sealed Play ...1.0/5.0 Just say no.

Johnny Blaze
Witching Hour – Sometimes I just don’t get the reasoning behind the wording of certain cards and this is one. “As an additional cost to play Witching Hour, pay 2 resource points.” So why not just make the card a 9 cost instead of 7?

So already you are paying 2 extra resource points and in order to recruit as many 2 drop Underworld characters from your discard pile you will lose 2 endurance for each Underworld character recruited from your discard pile. This card would be so much better if it did not have the restriction of a 2 drop Underworld character. As far as I can tell by Turn 9, I cant see a swarm of 2 drop Underworld characters really making a difference.

Constructed: 2/5 – Like I said I just cant see this card making a big difference by turn 9 to really play it in an Underworld deck. Sure there are some combos to use with it like New Blood characters and maybe say Rigged Elections? I may be biased but cards with this type of wording I just hate.

Limited: 2/5 – Losing endurance to recruit more weenies by Turn 7 or is it Turn 9 you are going to lose anyhow.
Witching Hour

Hey, remember the other day when we looked at that great card that lets you get Underworld characters in the KO'd pile? Well, here's the payoff: Witching Hour. For the low cost of 2 resource points, you can bring your 1 and 2 drop Underworld guys from the KO'd pile to the field for 2 endurance a piece. Bring a few guys out, then use the remaining 5 points to summon Zarathos, and bounce one of those small drops back to your hand. Or just make sure you have the Underworld characters available to pay for Mephisto's upkeep cost for a turn or two. Or just load up on pumps and team attack your opponent's board into oblivion. It's up to you, the combos are endless with this card. In Modern Age, it really helps you out in mono Underworld, or with whatever team you team up with when you play Hypnotic Charms. In Golden Age, this card could be brutal in conjunction with Curve Sentinels and Mekanix.

In Limited, you'll obviously be wanting to play very heavy Underworld or hope you've drawn into a team up card in order to use Witching Hour. Turn 7 is usually the last or second to last turn when playing sealed, and if you've been setting up your KO'd pile for the first 6 turns, you'll decimate your opponent on 7.


Constructed (Modern) - 3.5/5
Constructed (Golden) - 3/5
Limited 2.5/5
Dawn Yoshi We covered Gravesite Monday, where I mentioned the New Blood. I'll go ahead and mention the New Blood again, as they're a force of true rush power with today's card, Witching Hour.

This card is certainly not something that can merely be splashed into an underworld deck. It's just screaming to anyone who pulls it, "I was made for combos!". The ability to recruit 10, 12, 14, possibly even 20 resource points worth of characters in one turn is nothing to scoff at. With Hypnotic Charms, this allows the underworld to run a variety of the best weenie charactes available...or perhaps there's other combos possible with the Witching Hour. Experiment, and discover what power this card may hold. Perhaps Beast can allow you to play it on turn 6, or maybe you can try recruiting a Skrull army.

Being a key card for new potential deck theme, this card is relatively lackluster in limited. In fact, it's hardly playable. Skip this unless you're rare drafting.

Constructed: 3/5
Limited: 1/5

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