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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Shadow of the Bat

Card # DBM-003


Date Reviewed: 06.15.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.5
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4
Limited Average Rating: 3.15

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Johnny Blaze
Batman - Shadow of the Bat - The big bad himself.  I believe this version of Batman represents what we will see in the upcoming movie: Batman Begins.  The more tricks the Bat has the more damage he will inflict.
While it is difficult to accumulate a hand of 7 or more by Turn 7 this Batman will cause your opponent to "Double Stun" due to its effect if you can keep such a large hand.  That in itself will most likely win you the game as this can happen while you are attacking or defending.  Instead of your opponent losing 7 he will be losing 14 if you can stun his 7 drop.
Constructed: 3.5/5 - Another option of getting out your GK Superman by Turn 8.  Also more Batmans to use to pump up others.  With the large amount of draw ability with GK getting his ability to work is all the better when running Gotham Knights.
Limited:  Don't know if you will ever see it in draft as it is part of the starter deck.  But if Batman is playable in the future it is a definite pick to include as your 7 drop. 4/5
Batman, Shadow of the Bat

Well, with the release of Batman Begins this week (which I can't see until the weekend because of my stupid night job), what better time to look at cards from the new Batman starter deck? Today's card is Batman, Shadow of the Bat, and before I go into the review, I need a moment...JIM LEE EXTENDED ART!!!!

Okay, I'm better now. DC Origins gave us the extrewmely situational Batman, The Dark Knight, a 7 drop that required a deck to be built around him in order to be successful. These decks had varying degrees of success (except for my Bat Vomit deck that I played at 10K Texas), but Gotham Knights still struggled with the lack of a solid 7 drop that couldn't be Overloaded the second it hit the field.
Months later, we have two: Azrael <Batman>, which we looked at last week; and now Batman, Shadow of the Bat, which combines elements of Caped Crusader and The Dark Knight into one sweet little package. 15/15 is a nice body for your 7 drop, but I would have preferred if his "double stun loss" effect would have been natural instead of being tied to having 7 or more cards in hand. Granted, sending him into your opponent's 7 drop and doing 14 points of stun loss is brutal in the late game, but without the extra draw power that The Dark Knight gave you, keeping 7 cards in hand easier said than done (although I have a feeling that card drawing will be coming along later this week). Of course, the best part about a beefy 7 drop Batman is being able to fulfill the loyalty requirement for "hella beefy" Superman, BBBS on turn 8. Of course, AzBats also fulfills the loyalty requirement for Supes, so go with what works best for your style.

In Limited...umm, I have no idea how the starters will combo with Sealed play. Let's just ignore this part for this week (and next if we stick with the starters).
Golden - 4/5
wierdofur He is the Night, but some Knights are better than others...

Batman, Shadow of the Bat
Number: DBM-003
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Character
Cost: 7
Team: Gotham Knights
Attack: 15
Defense: 15
Range: No
Flight: No
While you have seven or more cards in hand, whenever Batman stuns a character, that character's controller loses endurance equal to that character's cost. (This is in addition to the normal stun endurance loss.)

Cost: 7
For his stats with no drawback to recruiting him, this cost is adverage.

ATK/DEF: 15/15
For a 7-cost character, this is the adverage stats for ATK and DEF. Not the best, as he needs assistance to take down characters like Magneto, Master of Magnetism, but not too bad.

Range/Flight: Neither
As with most of the Gotham Knights, this guy is only suited for front row positioning. This weakens his overall usefulness.

Effect: A very conditional effect that is unconditional on the other strong 7-cost Gotham Knight character. I don't see why the effect was given such a difficult restriction, where the weaker Batman, Caped Crusader has the same effect without the restriction.

Team Affiliation: Gotham Knights.
GKs are a good all-purpose team, but sometimes lack power to stick around for the late game. Most of them lack both Range and Flight, hindering the number of ways you can arrange them on the field.
Batman, SotB lacks loyalty, so you can splash him in other decks, but there are better characters to choose for the 7-cost slot.

Batman, shadow of the Bat is ok if you either play a very conservative game, or have lots of drawing effects, but I'd only chose him for the stats if I couldn't get my hands on Azrael <> Batman, Knightfall (With isn't that hard to get, being an Uncommon). There may be some comboes, such as getting out Batman, The Dark Knight, use his effect to load up your hand, then sack him next turn for this Batman.
In sort, too much effort for his effect, so chose Azreal <> Batman, or chose Batman, SotB purely for his ATK/DEF stats.

Modern Age:
Meh... Ok on stats, but for the effect, chose Azrael <> Batman, Knightfall instead.

Golden Age: Not much different here than modern...

A 7-cost character with adverage stats is not-too-shabby in this format.
Grab him
if nothing better is available.
HMK17 Well, before I get to the COTD there has been a little news release as of last night. UDE has just updated their errata list and announced the first ever banned card in the Golden Age format.

Rama Tut now has errata that effectively stops the OTK combo with Dr. Light.

On that note, Overload will be banned in Golden.

You can read it in black and white right here.

All this takes place as of July 1st, so we have 15 more days of brokeness. ;)

Now onto the COTD. In honor of Batman Begins, we bring you some Jim Lee sweetness.

Batman - Shadow of the Bat (DBM-003)
Cost: 7
ATK Value: 15
DEF Value: 15

Card Text:
While you have seven or more cards in hand, whenever Batman stuns a character, that character's controller loses endurance equal to that character's cost. (This is in addition to the normal stun endurance loss.)

Yes, the rare from the starter. Here we have UDE's best efforts to give us more of an option when playing a Gotham Knights deck. Our previous 7 drop Batman was the focal point of draw combos and Blind Side. Then we got good old Az-bat in DGL, a good card in all, but only when attacked.

Now, we have a real 7 drop Batman. You've got to have serious hand advantage to get his effect to work, though with some of the draw effects based in the starter cards, its not to hard to have around 6 cards in hand beginning in Turn 7.

Now the effect is pretty good in and of itself, hold 7 or more cards and Batman does double stun damage(Just like his 5 drop form!). Az-bat kind reflects this in a flavorful way, as he kinda of Batman, but not quite.

While not as strong as Az-bat, Shadow of the Bat retains the standard ATK/DEF for 7 drops thus making him a little tougher than the stand-in.

He's a solid hitter with a decent effect; and belongs to a very solid control team. I wouldn't be suprised to see him pop up somewhere in constructed.

Limited: NA
Golden: 3.6/5
DC Modern: 2/5

Well, that's it for today. I'm off to a PCQ this weekend.

Tip of the day: Lockup & Stilt Man say "No!" to that pesky infinite combo.

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