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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Card #DGL 024


Date Reviewed: 06.10.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating:
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Sinestro - Green Lantern of Korugar

Ok - so when we reviewed the 7-drop Sinestro, I accidentally reviewed the wrong one. My bad -- I think you will find the review sounds really familiar.

Ahh...what a perfect card for Friday the 13th! Sinestro is an evil, evil card. That is why it is my favorite card out of the set.

Let's start with the basics. Sinestro is a 12/12 6-drop with flight and range. This is actually nothing spectacular for this set as many characters have flight and range. His attack and defense is definately par for the course. His ability, however, is where this card shines. You see whenever your opponent stuns another character of yours while he is one the field, their attacker is automatically stunned. Now this may not be game breaking in a DCMA constructed, especially against Team Superman and Manhunters, but it can be devestating in limited. Just put this character in your back row and let the fun begin!

DCMA constructed - 3.5/5.0 ....This card can be effective, but with the amount of flight offered in this format, you definately need to protect him
GA constructed - 4.0/5.0 ...By using Cover Fire, you provide a great way to keep this guy from being stunned

Limited - 5.0/5.0 ...This card is EXTREMELY effective in this format. If you pass this character up, you deserve to be slapped...

Johnny Blaze
DGL 024- Sinestro - Another character with both Flight and Range. This version of Sinestro sports the Green Lantern team ability. A 6 drop character with a Willpower of 6 and an auto stun for your opponent's attacker whenever your opponent stuns a defender other than Sinestro. As a matter of fact this Sinestro has the highest Willpower of all the 6 drops in this set. This can lead to some interesting combinations with a Willpower of 6.

Constructed: 3.5/5 - A very nice card to use as your 6 drop in your GL deck. Sinestro provides many options with a Willpower of 6 and his stats are decent at 12/12. His stun ability is what makes him so good.

Limited: 4/5 - A very decent 6 drop and very nice ability to inflict stun damage back to your opponent's attacker. Most likely your opponent will try to stun Sinestro 1st to avoid their other attackers to become stunned.
Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar

Yes, before he went totally evil, Sinestro was a Green Lantern. Specifically, the one who trained Hal Jordan before going rogue and getting banished to Qward and recieving the yellow power ring. You can't help but blame the Guardians though...they might as well have given a ring to Evil McStabby or Jerkface Babyslapper.

This version is a kindler gentler Sinestro, although he'll still put a hurt on your opponents. Sinestro's effect means that your opponent will have to put everything they have into taking him down first before they go on to stun your other characters. Park 4 drop Kyle Rayner in front of Sinestro and then they're really screwed. Any card that forces your opponent to make less than optimal attack choices is a solid pick for your deck, and Sinestro gives you a lot of control over your opponent's late game strategy while he's on the field.

In Limited, he's a great choice, especially if you can keep him from being the first one stunned in a round.
Flight and range means that you can put him in the support row and still be able to smash into just about any character you like. Definitely a solid pick for any deck.


Golden - 3.5/5
Modern - 4/5
Limited - 4/5


Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar
Number: DGL-024
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Character
Cost: 6
Team: Green Lantern
Attack: 12
Defense: 12
Range: Yes
Flight: Yes
Willpower 6

Whenever an attacker stuns a defender you control other than Sinestro, stun that attacker.

Cost: 6
A late game character, but with an effect like this, we can see why...

ATK/DEF: 12/12
The adverage for a 6-cost, nothing special here.

Range/Flight: Both
Full versatility on the field gives him major playability in positioning.

Your opponet will pay the price when they attack any other character first.
This makes Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar their number one target, so you'll need to protect him well to make sure you keep his effect active. If you can get his effect off, it can mean a good deal of hurt to your opponents. Do note, however that this effect only works when the opponents are attacking... it does not apply when you are the one attacking!

Team Affiliation: Green Lantern
He lacks Loyalty (Anyone familiar with the character will recall that he gets drunk with power, and turns evil, so Loyalty isn't his specialty!), so Sinestro, Green Lantern of Korugar is splashable into any deck. I expect to start seeing him put into many decks out ther to exploit his effect. So far, he's the best of the 6-drops currently available for Green Lanterns.

A good strategy is to hold onto those Cover Fires and Acrobatic Dodges for protecting him from attacks and forcing the opponent to either not attack again, or trade blows with you. A very good effect, and the reason this card is an expensive one.

Modern Age: A very good card to choose for the 6-cost slot in many decks, just make sure you have the defense cards to protect him, as he'll be the first character the opponent will attack.

Golden Age: Not available here, but if he was, he'd be a top pick for many decks.
4.5/5.0 (for potential)

Limited: Good stats, no Loyalty, and his effect applies to any and all characters, so he can be splashed into any deck. A Top pick in this format, so grab him before someone else does!

Sinestro - Green Lantern of Korugar
ATK: 12
DEF: 12

Willpower 6
Whenever an attacker stuns a defender you control other than Sinestro, stun that attacker

Well, today's card is the other money card from DGL.
Sinestro, in his Green Lantern incarnation, is quite a rare.

He has average stats for a 6 drop, matching fellow GL Kyle Rayner - Ion. The Flight and Range move both ahead of many other 6 drops in the game,though stat-wise Kilowog tops the charts.

However, Sinestro's worth is not based on mid-range stats. It's his effect that takes the cake. If he is not the character your opponent attacks, then the attacker will stun regardless of stats.

While not the king of effects, it does have its merits, especially if the game is riding a thin line.
Typically, your going to want to find a way force your opponent to attack other characters. Coast City, Kyle Rayner - Green Lantern of the Universe, and Tomar Tu all protect him in one way or another.

Protection is good, but the real trick is getting him to the hidden area. While DGL did offer a lot of ability to move things from the Hidden Area, it's not seeing much competitive play. One of the easier ways to do get Sinestro hidden is to use Krona's ability.

Even then, its still not a lock. Play Time can mess up Sinestro nicely along with Damsel in Distress. Also, Sinestro will still have to pick his battle carefully as stunback is a pain, though with Willpower 6 and a Battle of Wills; it is kinda hard to drop him while on the attack.

Overall, this is a very solid card. It deserves a lot of its reputation, but is by no means the end all card from the set.

Limited: 4.5/5
DC Modern: 3.5/5
Golden: 3/5

Until next week guys

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