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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Manhunter Spacecraft



Date Reviewed: 06.6.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.33
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.25
Limited Average Rating: 2.88

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Monday, June 6, 2005 ? Manhunter Spacecraft

1 Threshold
?Pay 1 resource point, discard a card -> Search your deck for an army Manhunter card, reveal it, and put the card into your hand. Shuffle your deck. Use this power only once per turn.?

Today we are going to look at the search card for Manhunters ? Manhunter Spacecraft. This card can be really good, provided you are running a Manhunter swarm deck. However, if you are going to try to curve your Manhunter deck, I would tend to reserve this card for your early game only. Why? Well, not only does this card set you behind the curve late in the game (because of the 1 resource point cost), but it also screws with your hand as well. You certainly don?t want to be tossing cards late game if you can help it. Of course this is not really an issue if you are running MH swarm simply because by late game you have the extra resource points to pay and the size of your hand will probably not make a difference.

Bottom line: Any search is good; just make sure you tailor your deck accordingly.

DCMA constructed ? 3.5/5.0 ? It is a search card after all?
GA constructed ? 3.5/5.0 ? Put this card in a swarm MH deck and the 8-drop Joker ? you will be able to see the usefulness of this card then?.

Limited ? 4.0/5.0 ? This card could save you butt in this format, provided you pull a few army MH?s

Johnny Blaze
Manhunter Spacecraft ? Yes the Spacecraft has landed.  Some say that this will be the Optitron for the Manhunters.  Until we get DC Modern Age we wont really know for sure as GL hasn?t accomplished much at PCNY.   But this card is a must in a Manhunter deck.  With the only downside of discarding a card and paying a resource point, Spacecraft will net you an Army Manhunter each turn.
Constructed: 4/5 ? Of course in a Manhunter specific deck.  Search your deck every turn and get a Manhunter how can you go wrong?
Limited:  2.5/5 ? Unlikely you will be getting a lot of Army Manhunter cards but if you do and you pull SpaceCraft then definately use it.
Manhunter Spacecraft

Here's an interesting search card for the Manhunter affiliation. Manhunters only have a couple of 1 drops, neither one that gamebreaking, so paying 1 resource point on turn 1 to set up whatever drop you haven't drawn into yet is an acceptable use of resource points. With Manhunter Excavator and Sleep Agent, you'll also be able to spare another resource point on mid to late game searching if you're absolutely desparate for the missing piece to your strategy. Obviously this is just for Manhunter decks, and it remains to be seen how much of an impact this team will have in Golden Age or DC Modern Age. As searchers go though, Signal Flare, Bat Signal, and The Ring Has Chosen are much more useful, and not so prohibitively expensive.

In Limited, if you get this card and enough Manhunters to play a heavy Manhunter deck, it would more than likely be worth your while to play this card, as you'll want to be guaranteed to pull your lynchpin card when you need it. Otherwise, don't bother with it.


Golden - 1.5/5
Modern - 2/5
Limited - 2/5


Searching for Manhunters today...

Manhunter Spacecraft
Number: DGL-133
Rarity: Rare
Card Type Location
Cost: 1
Pay 1 resource point, discard a card >>>Search your deck for an Army Manhunter character card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck. Use this power only once per turn.

Cost: 1
Useability from turn 1 guarantees usage any time during the game.

This card lets you search your deck for any Manhunter character you want or need, and without a cost, unlike those other character searching cards.

Team Affiliation: Manhunters
This card only works for Manhunters, so it's usage is a bit limited. The effect combined with a lack of a cost, such as discarding a card or spending a resource point, makes this one of the best searching cards in the game.

The Manhunters offer an interesting multi-pronged play-style by offering several 'special summons' by allowing you to use effects to recruit characters (without paying recruit costs in some cases), a large number of ATK and/or DEF boosts, a few burn damage effects, some 'foe sends top
card(s) of their deck to their KO pile' effects and a few effects to recycle characters. Manhunter Spacecraft offers alot to this deck, and I recommend it as a staple card for any Manhunter deck.

Modern Age: Only usable with Manhunters, but in a well built Manhunter deck, this card is king!

Golden Age: Mantunters don't seem to be available here, but if they were, this card would be a must.
4.5/5.0 (for potential)

Limited: If there's a good number of Manhunters, or you get ones with good effects, such as Pan, Mark Shaw or Manhunter Excavator, this card'll help to get them into your hand.
scyther8 "Ah good, the air force has arrived with those new round planes!"

Optitron for Manhunters, plain and simple.

Manhunter Spacecraft
1 Threshold Cost
Rarity: Rare
Initative Preference: None

Effect: Pay 1 resource point, discard a card ---> Search your deck for an Army Manhunter card, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck. Use this power only once per turn.

This is less restrictive than Optitron because you can discard any card from your hand to grab a Manhunter, unlike Optitron which forces you to discard a character card. Now that useless Manhunter Protector on turn 5 can turn into a Manhunter Guardsman, Soldier, Engineer, Giant, or Excavator. Search effects are always appealing so there's really no in-depth analysis that can be given here. It's a definite asset to any Manhunter swarm strategy out there.

DC Modern Age: 4/5 It can prove valuable at any time during a game if you're playing Manhunter Swarm and can help you spend that last resource point you have extra.

Golden Age: 4/5 Same rating as the functionality of the card remains the same in the deck, regardless of the format. Now how viable a Longshot Manhunter Soldier/Guardsmen swarm deck is in Golden Age, only time will tell.

Sealed/Draft: 2/5 If you've been drafting Manhunters quite heavily, a must include. Otherwise stay far away.

Side Note: Props to my good friend Mel for getting 5th at the Tampa PCQ!

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