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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Birthing Chamber

Card #DGL-182


Date Reviewed: 06.03.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating:
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Friday, June 3, 2005 – Birthing Chamber

I am always supportive of cards that provide draw power. This card can certainly provide you the draw power if you need it. With Birthing Chamber on the field, if you have 4 characters on the field, you can activate it to draw a card. If you have 6 or more, you can activate this card to draw two cards then discard a card. This card is quite nice. While I can certainly understand this card getting preference in a deck like Manhunters, where you can bring more than character on the field in a single turn, this card is still nice in any sort of a swarm deck or a deck that likes to play low-level characters (perhaps Teen Titans?). In fact the only thing holding this card back from being played in just about every deck is the amount of characters you have to have on the field. After all, how many curve decks have 4 or more characters on the board before turn 7?

DCMA constructed – 2.5/5.0 …Draw power is key!
GA constructed – 2.0/5.0 ….Locations are more susceptible in this format

Limited – 2.5/5.0 …You won’t always have the characters to fulfill this card’s requirement, but anything that helps you draw is great!

Johnny Blaze
Birthing Chamber – Chamber is a 3 drop generic Location that can really be used with any Team Affiliation.   At 1st look it goes well in a Army, weenie rush deck.   While drawing extra cards is always a golden concept in many TCG’s, chances are in VS. that in order to fulfill this requirement you have to be playing a weenie rush deck. 
Constructed:  2/5 – It may work with Sentinels or Gotham PD or other Army cards but weenie rush is always so fragile in VS.  It definitely needs to be built around and not just tossed into any deck because you wont really get good use out of it.
Limited:  3/5 – It is really important to draw cards in this format.  But rarely will you ever have enough characters on the field unless you purposefully drafted Army cards.
Birthing Chamber

Swarm decks have a new best friend. The main weakness of the swarm deck has always been running out of cards by the mid to late game. Now, as long as you have 4 characters on the field, you can draw at least one extra card per turn, and you can draw 2 and cycle 1 if you have 6 on the field, which is not out of the ordinary for swarmers. Vomit Decks will need the extra card draw if Longshot misses one or two calls, and Syndicate Rush will love the extra cards in hand almost as much as they love the cycling aspect. Curve decks will have to keep everybody from being stunned to get any use out of the Chamber, so this card is not for them. Manhunter decks and rogue Armies of Qward decks will play this as a 4 of for sure, as will Cosmic Cops and maybe even some Fantastic Fun decks, since they have Pogo Plane as a location searcher.

In Limited, this isn't a bad card to run. If your deck runs enough concealed characters or enough high DEF guys, you can easily have 4 characters on the board and start gaining hand advantage by the mid game. Not a super high draft pick, but one that should be available around picks 4-8.


Modern - 3.5/5
Golden - 4.25/5
Limited - 3.5/5
wierdofur A location that offers a great effect to everyone...
*Butterfly McQueen* "I don't lnow nothin' 'bout birthin' no chambers!* (Sorry about that, I can't get it out of my head...)

Birthing Chamber
Number: DGL-182
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Type: Location
Cost: 3
Activate >>> If you control four or more characters, draw a card. If you control six or more characters, instead draw two cards, and then discard a card.

Cost: 3
The cost balances out as you won't be using this until later in the game anyways.

DRAW POWER!!! YES!!! Who wouldn't want to draw more cards? One of the most important abilities in any card game is the ability to draw more cards, and while occurring late in the game, it actually is best then as that is the point in the game where you start running low on options.

Team Affiliation: None specified
Total splashability means you can count on this seeing play in lots of decks. I'll be rather shocked if this card doesn't start seeing play in most tournament-level decks out there.

Two words: Instant Staple. As I said before, in any TCG/CCG, draw power is king. The more cards you have in hand, the more options you have available to you. Being an Uncommon rarity, and not being limited to any specific teams or mechanics (Cosmic, Willpower, etc.) makes this card usable in most decks. The only deck you won't see this in is X-Statix, where you want only one or two characters out at a time.
Teen Titans, Sentinel, Spider-Friends, Fantastic Four, Army decks and several others will all have out enough characters to make this card usable.
The only limitation is that you need to have a minimum of four characters in play to use this card, but that's not always a hard thing to do.

Modern Age:
Less tems to work with here, as most of the good teams lose most of their characters, but there are still enough teams to get some use out of Birthing Chamber to warrant it's use here.

Golden Age:
Everyone's here, and with any team you want, this card can really turn things around in the late game. I'm sure this will become a staple in many decks (if not most to all decks) out there, especially in the tournament scene.

Limited: A good card here as well as you don't need any specific teams or mechanics for this card to work, just make sure you have the four minimum characters to use it.

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