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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Rain of Acorns

Card #DGL-209


Date Reviewed: 06.02.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 2.25
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 2.50
Limited Average Rating: 3.00

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Thursday, June 2, 2005 – Rain of Acorns

Today we are going to look at a card that I happen to like a lot. Rain of Acorns is a 1-cost, ongoing plot twist that states "Exhaust a character with willpower 1 or greater you control to exhaust target unprotected character. Use this power only during your attack step". Wow! Imagine the possibilities…can we say stall? This card is a great way to annoy your opponent. I certainly gives support to decks with low level characters and stall decks, as now you can easily exhaust your opponent’s entire front row. Combine this card with other PT’s that provide incentives for attacking exhausted characters (Crushing Blow, Sucker Punch, etc.) and you have a way to get your opponent’s front row stunned so that you can get to their support row. I am not sure this card will work well in curve decks, simply because you do not necessarily want to exhaust a bunch of your characters late game. I definitely don’t see this card being played outside of DGL, unless future sets have willpower. However, this card is extremely good in the current limited environment. It is certainly a fun card to have around….

DCMA constructed – 2.0/5.0 …Watch out for support characters with range!
GA constructed - 2.5/5.0 …Here you have more PT’s that support attacking exhausted characters.

Limited – 3.0/5.0 …This is a great card to use in case you miss a drop and need protection.

Johnny Blaze
Rain of Acorns – Here we are looking at a new type of Plot Twist that was introduced in Green Lantern called Construct.   All the same rules still apply.  Basically there are other cards out there that let you fetch Construct Plot Twists from your deck which is really nice.  The pic on this card is hilarious.
Rain of Acorns is a so-so card.  Once you have surprised your opponent by playing it and since it is an ongoing Plot Twist they will know how to defend against it as the game goes along.
Constructed: 2.5/5 – Once you pull off the surprise your opponent will be ready for it next go around. 
Limited: 3/5 – Options are more limited here and you also need Willpower characters for this to work.  Unless you are really in a bind it is better to actually launch an attack during your attack step.
wierdofur *Looks at card in confusion* Uuuuhhhhh..... Oookayyy... A REALLY weird Plot Twist for today...

Rain of Acorns, Construct
Number: DGL-209
Rarity: Uncommon
Card Type: Plot Twist
Cost: 1
Ongoing: Yes
Ongoing: Exhaust a character with willpower 1 or greater you control >>> Exhaust target unprotected character. Use this power only during your attack step.

Cost: 1
Usable from the beginning of the game if you place it as a resource (Which, with it having a continuous effect, you'll want to).

Ongoing: Yes
Fun that keeps on lasting, and a good way to both prevent those nasty activated powers during your initatives.

It's a bit of a trade-off, but it can be useful. You can exhaust a character that's too weak to help you in your attacks this turn, to deny them a counter-attack with one of their more powerful characters, or deny them the use of a character's activated ability or power that works while that character is Ready.

Team Affiliation: None specified (Willpower needed though) Requiring you to exhaust a character with Willpower does limit the card's usfulness, but doesn't cripple it. Grren Lantern, Emerald Enemies and Anti-Matter can all use this card as their teams all use Willpower.

Useful for stall tactics, and sheer annoyance factor. This can definately be a help, provided your opponent gives you the chance to use it.

Modern Age:
Not the most game-breaking card out there. I'm not the biggest fan of exhausting effects, and this is just par for the course... nothing special.

Golden Age:
Pretty much the same thing here. Not the greatest of cards out there.

Well, if you get enough cards to use this with (easy to do in this format, as it comes in the same set as all of the currently available characters with Willpower), then Rain of Acorns could be useful. Not alot I personally have to say about this one.


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