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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Battered and Broken

Card #DGL-063


Date Reviewed: 06.01.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 3.75
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.9
Limited Average Rating: 3.8

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Battered and Broken

This week we are going to start with a great card for Emerald Enemies decks. Today we get to review Battered and Broken.

Battered and Broken allows you inflict major damage to your opponent by taking away your opponent's reinforcement. Never underestimate this card! The cost of exhausting an EE character to activate this card is a little steep early in the game, but is trivial late game. Besides who is going to actually use this card early game anyway? Always save this card until at least turn 5...you will be glad you did.

DCMA constructed - 4.5/5.0 ...This card would have a higher rating, but the cost of activating this card makes it more situational for late game
GA constructed - 4.0/5.0 ...This card is a must for any EE deck, but can be subject to resource manipulation/counter in this format

Limited - 4.5/5.0 ....Granted you need a high amount of EE characters, but this card can be devastating in this format

Johnny Blaze
Battered and Broken – This week we are taking a look at some Plot Twists and Location from the Green Lantern set.  Today we are looking at a plot twist which benefits the Emerald Enemy team affiliation.  At a cost of 2 you get to exhaust an Emerald Enemy character that you control and all your opponent’s characters lose reinforcement and cannot gain reinforcement this turn. 
This is a very strong card in Modern Age format especially when in late game all you need to do is cause some major breakthrough endurance loss to seal the game.  Also in Golden age this gets right through the Invisible Women.  A very nice card.
Constructed: 4/5 – Anytime you have the option to counter your opponents reinforcement is most likely going to win you the game especially if you can swing into a weenie character in the backrow.  Plus your opponent just exhausted to reinforce which is a double whammy.
Limited:  3.5/5 – Don’t know how many Emerald Enemies you will have on the field late game to really wreck havoc for major BEL damage but it could happen.


A rather specific Plot Twist for today...

Battered and Broken

Number: DGL-063

Rarity: Uncommon

Card Type: Plot Twist

Cost: 2

Ongoing: No

As an additional cost to play Battered and Broken, exhaust an Emerald Enemies character you control.

Characters your opponents control lose reinforcement and cannot gain reinforcement this turn.

Cost: 2

Not bad. Nothing else to say here...

Ongoing: No

A one-shot deal, and with an effect like this, I think continuous-with-a-cost would have been better.


No reinforcement for this turn. Oh, and you can only use this with an Emerald Enemies under your control...

Fantastic Four uses Invisible Woman, Sue Storm to give all of the team reinforcement, and after playing a Fantastic Four deck myself, I can say that it's a really useful ability.

Reinforcement drastically cuts down on the damage a player receives, letting that player dominate through controlled endurance loss.

Catcher's Mitt, while working best with a team using Willpower, can be splashed into any deck, allowing for a much longer game. Huge ATK powers and pump-ups mean little against Reinforcement (in case you can't tell yet, I'm a huge fan of Reinforcement), making a player more able to last past turn 6.

This card, when timed right, can allow for a huge amount of 'punch-through' damage, and if used correctly, can be a game-winner.

Team Affiliation: Emerald Enemies

Being restricted to the Emerald Enemies team really kills any chance of this card being splashed into any old deck, so it's EE or nothing here.

Emerald Enemies have some burn effects, as well as another card that grants an effect similar to this one (and is more versatile than this one as it gives an ATK boost), so the effect is ok, but must be timed right to get some reall use out of it.


Batter-dipped and Frozen, er... Battered and Broken, is an ok card, but needs good timing to get any real use. Being restricted in use to Emerald Enemies hurts the card's usability greatly, and makes it a somewhat lower choice for EE decks.


Modern Age: This card can work well in a well-built EE deck, but only there. When used at the right moment, this card could be what wins the game.


Golden Age: I'm not seeing Green Lantern Corps. cards showing up online in this format, so I'll make assumptions both ways...

If usable here, then I stand by what I said for Modern as well as saying that more cards gives more options, and thereby, more usability.

If not usable here, it's a dead card.

4.0/5.0 (If playable in this format...)

Limited: It's hard to get the cards needed to make a card-specific strategy work here, but the threat of Cather's Mitt makes this card usable here. There are alot of EE to use it with, so grabbing a copy of this could be a life saver.


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