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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

Leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance
Card #MOR-139


Date Reviewed: 07.29.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: - -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 5
Limited Average Rating: 3.6

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Bastion – Leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance

Bastion is just so unbelievably good to be true (but it is, it is!). Just discard a Sentinel character card from your hand and a target character (that doesn’t even have to be of the Sentinel affiliation) gets a +1 attack and a +1 defense for the whole turn. This is where Reconstruction Program comes into the picture: for all the characters you discard for Bastion’s effect, you can retrieve three Army characters from your KO’d pile and just discard them again if you so choose. He can give it to anyone, just be ready to dump the Sentinel characters to abuse his ability to the fullest-because you know you want to, anyway.


MMA - ….

GA Constructed –5/5...He’s that essential to any sentinel build

Limited - 3.5/5…Provided you can get enough sentinel characters, this card can still own in limited

We end this week (or begin, who knows anymore) with the heavy hitter for Curve Sentinels. Bastion was overlooked in early Vomit builds, as those decks liked to win on turn 5, and used Master Mold as a backup on turn 6 to pump up their other Sentinels. However, his amazing ability was finally used to full advantage once Curve Sentinels started gaining popularity, and games were often decided by whether the CS player had drawn Bastion by turn
6 or not. Back in the days when Overload was legal, you could use Bastion's ability to pump up and then Overload your opponent's attackers/defenders, clearing the way for your own army of robots. 12/12 with flight and range is nothing to sneeze at either, and with Reconstruction Program to bring more Sentinels back from the KO'd pile, your characters can reach gigantic proportions by the time Bastion is done fueling them. Two other things make his ability borderline broken; that it lasts for the entire turn, and that it's +1/+1. Even if someone is about to stun Bastion, you can chain to the effect and discard your entire hand in order to pump up your other characters before he goes away.
The extra +1 to DEF means that even on defense, Bastion is a powerhouse.
Let your opponent waste their best combat tricks, then dump a few Sentinels to keep your guy from stunning, and leave him huge for the swingback.
Bastion is sick and wrong, and as long as you find him by turn 6, you'll have the game well in hand.

Rating: 5/5



Fear the master of robotic hunters...

Bastion, Leader of Operation: Zero Tolerance
Number: MOR-139
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Character
Cost: 6
Team: Sentinel
Attack: 12
Defense: 12
Range: Yes
Flight: Yes
Discard a Sentinel character card from your hand
>>>Target character gets +1 ATK and +1 DEF
this turn.

Cost: 6
With his stats and effect, the cost is justified.

ATK/DEF: 12/12
Adverage for a 6-cost, however...

Range/Flight: Both
Full versatility on the field... as if he wasn't already bad enough.

Toss a Sentinel from your hand to give any character a +1/+1 boost.

Team Affiliation: Sentinel.
There's just too much good stuff about this team to say (and most of it has already been said by others), but the Sentinel-only cost makes him Sentinel-exclusive.

A great card, and essencial in any Sentinel deck. If the cost wasn't limited to Sentinels, this card would be in every single deck that exists.

Modern Age:
Not playable here, but...

Golden Age:
A must in Sentinel decks in GA.

Hard to use as you're not very likely to get enough Sentinels to use his effect.
Sith Dragon Bastion
6 drop
discard a sentinal card from your hand->target character gets +1/+1 this turn

Here is the topper to the sentinel curve deck.
Normally you will have just had to mess with Nimrod the turn before and now you get someone who can power up any sentinel character for the TURN! He can block your attack then sned the beefed up chracter back at your life. THis is to say nothing about the fact that by now most curve players will be sitting on multiple reconstruction programs. It happens all too often that BAStion gets boosted into the 20's. He's big. He's powerful. And he tops off the reaason why sentinels are so very deadly.


"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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