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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Card #MOR-147


Date Reviewed: 07.28.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: - -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 3.6
Limited Average Rating: 2.3

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Remember the days when vomit sentinels rules the metagame? Well now that Overload I history, I think we are going to see an emergence of these decks again. Micro-Sentinels was a key component of these decks. Why? Well Micro-Sentinels allows you to put x micro counters onto a target character with no counters, where x is the number of Sentinel characters you control. Then you get to KO characters that have more counters then their cost and put an additional counter on all other characters with a counter. Can we say major KO action? If you can get a bunch of Wild Sentinels on the field each turn then you can. Granted this card only works in vomit Sentinel decks, but it can work well, none the less. (Did I mention the effect is cumulative?)


MMA - …

GA constructed – 3.0/5.0 …This card is a great addition to any vomit Sentinel deck.

Limited – 1.0/5.0 ….It is doubtful you will get enough Sentinel characters in the format for this card to be effective.

Micro-Sentinels is an interesting card that started finding room in Curve Sentinels as an answer to combo oriented decks like Fantastic Fun and Evil Medical School/New School, which utilize a lot of small characters. The only drawback is not being able to play it until turn 3, and your first KO's with it won't happen until turn 4, but it wipes out a lot of your opponent's smaller characters which could be used to reinforce against the wave of pain that comes down turns 5-7 from a CS deck. Definitely not a 4-of card, as it sucks in the mirror match, but with Titans and New Brotherhood making post-Overload comebacks, you'll still want to pack 2-3 copies depending on your local meta. If nothing else, it'll fill the spots that Nasty Surprise and Overload used to have in your deck.

Rating: 3.5/5



"o/~ The worms crawl in, the worms crawl out... o/~"

Number: MOR-147
Rarity: Rare
Card Type: Plot Twist
Cost: 3
Ongoing: Yes
Put a micro counter on up to X target characters that have no micro counters, where X equals the number of Sentinel characters you control.

Ongoing: At the start of the draw phase, KO each character with micro counters greater than or equal to that character's cost. Then put a micro counter on each character with a micro counter.

Cost: 3
I guess it's fair, but using it earlier would be sweet.

Ongoing: Yes
The effect works slowly, but is worth the effort. Multiple copies active greatly speeds things up.

The effect can be confusing. You can infect 1 of the opponent's characters for each Sentinel you have in play. If you activate a second M-S later, the new one will only infect those not already infected. At the start of the draw phase of each turn, this card kills any infected character who has M-S counters equal (or more
tan) their cost. Any infected character not killed gets another counter.
If you have a second one out, it takes effect as soon as the first one finishes. If the first one gives a character enough counters, the second one will kill them. the same applies if 3 or 4 are active. That's the true power of this card: being used in multiples.

Team Affiliation: Sentinel.
A great team, and one of the highest ranked teams on the tournament competative level. This card has seen more play lately, and it's easy to see why. The sad part is it only works with Sentinels out, making it a team-exclusive card.

A great card, and deadly when used in multiples. The only thing that hinders it's wide range use is it's limitation to Sentinel decks.

Modern Age:
Not playable here, but for potential:

Golden Age:
Fantastic in Sentinel decks here.

You're not likely to get enough Sentinels here to justify using it.
Sith Dragon The first time I read this card, I really didn't like it, and I didn't really see the point to it. You can't bring it out till turn three, but the three drops on up are the ones you need to worry about, so i guess its not that big a deal. To be honest I have yet to see someone around here play this card, so my judgement of this card may be wrong. the biggest plus to this card to me would be against weenie rush decks like teen titans that abuse the heck out of Arsenal or hounds of ahab or other small cards(maybe some stall decks).

Its going to be hard for this card to kill the bigger drops because coming out on turn three, a three drop wont be killed until turn seven with only one face up(most three drops dont last that long anyway). Now if you pull multiples of this card, you wont want to flip them all in the same turn as all characters would still have only one counter a piece and new characters will never get counters on them. You'll want to save them for later drops, but once multiple copies are up you are adding two or three counters per turn and could kill big drops in a few turns. Keep in mind though that most games dont make it past turn seven or eight.

When I think of how many games I play where I dont even see a card when I am running four of that card, I don't see this as being a very good card, and it is an especially horrid topdeck late in the game. I really dont see that this card is needed. If you've got the room then fine, but late in the game it seems unlikely it would do you much good, unless you are playing some sort of combo deck where you can flip it down and back up again.

I can see the potential of this card, but i think there are better cards out there for sentinels.


"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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