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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Reconstruction Program

Card #MOR-152


Date Reviewed: 07.26.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: - -
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4.16
Limited Average Rating: 4

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Reconstruction Program

Reconstruction Program goes hand-in-hand with the Sentinel 6 drop, Bastion. You can get up to three Sentinel Army characters back from your KO’d pile to your hand for free, which is perfect for Bastion’s effect, as well as for when you need characters to play. Or, you have the additional option of getting one target character card back to your hand instead, which means it’s not limited to just the Sentinel affiliation, so you can get back more than just your Army guys.


MMA - …

GA Constructed – 4.5/5.0...This card is great, but mainly for the use of Bastion

Limited – 3/5…There won’t be as many characters to get back but it’s still good



"We can rebuild him. He will be better... stronger... faster."

Reconstruction Program
Number: MOR-152
Rarity: Common
Card Type: Plot Twist
Cost: 2
Ongoing: No
Return target character card or up to three target army Sentinel character cards from your KO'd pile to your hand.

Cost: 2
Not bad, but you won't really need this until later.

Ongoing: No
Only fair, considering the effect.

Get back any 1 KOed character, or 3 KOed army Sentinels.
Deadly in a Sentinel deck with Bastion.

Team Affiliation: Sentinel.
As I already said, this card can be deadly by giving you much more 'ammo' for Bastion's effect.

Essential in any tournament-quality Sentinel deck. I'm rather suprised to not be seeing it in other decks. The first part of the effect applies to ALL characters, so you can get some use from it. Sadly, it only sees play in Sentinel decks.

Modern Age:
No longer playable here, but in it's hay-day it would have gotten 4.5/5.0

Golden Age:
Perfect for Sentinel decks, and not a bad choice in decks that loose characters in any way often.

Good here as well.
HMK17 Hello again. This week is Top 8 cards from PC NY.

Though really it's Curve Sentinels week, you'll see later.

Today's card is Reconstruction Program. In the comics, the later Sentinels were included with a new line of programming. If not fully disabled, the Sentinel would rebuild itself using anything available. As shown on the card, the Wild Sentinel is prime example of this.

The card reflects a similar nature in allowing you to pull 3 Army Sentinel cards from your KO'd pile and put them into you hand. This is really applicable in Powering Up or Bastion's effect, which is primarily why you would want cards in hand.

While its non-Sentinel effect is decent, it doesn't beat a 3:1 ratio. The only use I see in that effect is with unaffliated characters. Teams will always have more efficient cards, and team ups are oh so easy now-a-days.

Sealed: 3/5
Golden (non-Sentinel: 3/5
Golden (Sentinel): 5/5

Until next time guys.
Jason Bunch Reconstruction Program

This week, we'll be looking at some more staples of Curve Sentinels, as the deck continues its dominance of events, even in the post-Overload metagame.

Reconstruction Program has been a staple for Sentinel players since back in the days of Wild Vomit decks.

Sentinel decks live and die on their Army characters, and getting three of them back in hand is huge card advantage. Wild Sentinels and Sentinel Mark IV's for the Wild Vomit deck give you more swarming capability or more powerups for game-ending attacks. Sentinel Mark II and Mark V are the Army cards of choice for Curve Sentinels, and it brings back plenty of fodder to discard for Bastion powerups as well. The ability to bring back any character card is nice too, letting you get back Bolivar Trask for more search capability.
Every Sentinel deck should be packing 4 copies of this card.

Rating: 4/5
Sith Dragon reconstruction program
plot twist
cost: 2

return target character card or up to three target army sentinel character cards from your KO'd pile to your hand.

I've got one word for this card -
ick-ew-broken-yuck-bad-bleh-icky-icky-ew! (hyphenated its one word!)

Anyway, anyone who has ever played a tourney has seen this and knows what it does. For anyone new to the game who hasnt, this is the card that makes sentinel decks the bane of the Vs. universe. So long as the player draws them you generally are looking at very large hard to stun characters late in the game that do some serious butt whoopin'. About the only counter to this card is some seroius boosing on your part or a fizzle if you are running Gotham Knights. The thing that really bites about this card is the 2 cost. Not So Fast would have been a nice card to counter this.

Other than that there really isnt much to say. In a sentinel deck this card is a must as the success of the deck usually depends on having multiples in your hand or rescource row. The only other deck I could ever see this played in with any flow might be a Brotherhood deck that depends on Lost City for power boosts.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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