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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Straight to the Grave

Card #DJL-150


Date Reviewed: 12.14.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 4
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Straight to the Grave

Ok, so before I start my review of this card, I think I will relate a funny (at least for all you readers - for me it wasn't necessarily that funny) story regarding this card that happened this weekend. From yesterday's article you probably already know I am building a JLA deck, now while I like JLA enough what I really want is a Secret Society KO deck. So I have been working really hard since the set came out to put together my SS deck - you know gathering the cards and such. One of my biggest avenues for gathering cards is through e-bay auctions. Well by and by it came to the point where I had every card I need except 1-straight to the grave, 1-attend or die, and 1-sorcerer's treasure. So I went on e-bay and found a seller auctioning off one of each card. I only put a few dollars on the attend or die and sorcerer's treasure since they were nice, but not necessary. However, me (being the bright person that I am and knowing that I wouldn't have the time to baby sit an auction) put $20 on the straight to the grave. Now I know you are thinking I was nuts, but here is my logic: You can buy a Straight to the Grave for about $10. When you add shipping you come to $12.50. I thought for sure that no one would be dumb enough to go over $13.00 for the card so even though I was going to put a heck of a lot of money on the bid I should have nothing to worry about. Wrong! My auction ended up attracting the attention of an economically inept person that decided to put an $18 bid on the card. So now I can say I am the proud owner of an extremely overpriced card.

So why is Straight to the Grave so good? Well SS is a team that revolves around either a.) working with cards out of your ko pile or b.) ko-ing/stunning your characters to steal your opponent's characters. The better-supported and more popular version of the deck revolves around working out of your ko pile. With cards like Gorilla City that give you a boost and Attend or Die and Slaughter Swamp that allow you to essentially recruit characters from the ko pile, you can easy see how important it is to have a card that put cards into the ko pile are. Straight to the Grave is part of a two part search tutor that allows you to put a character into the ko pile so that you can recruit it from the ko pile at any point in time. If the character you put into the ko pile is a SS character, you can also put a non-character card into your ko pile. Now you can combo with sorcerer's treasure to play the PT at any point in time. Amazing. For anyone even thinking about playing SS, this card is gold.

DCMA constructed - 4.0/5.0 -This card is absolutely necessary in a SS build. It is like having a Boris and a Signal Flare all in one.
GA constructed - 4.0/5.0 -I think card has what it takes to make SS a tier 1 contender.
Limited - 2.5/5.0 -Unless you have card that plays things from the ko pile, there is no sense in putting things into the ko pile.
Sith Dragon Straight to the Grave
Plot Twist
cost 2

Search your deck for a character card and put that card into your KO'd pile. If you control a secret society character, in addition, search your deck for a non-character card and put it into your KO'd pile. Shuffle your deck.

LOL! As I said in the last review, the search cards out of the JLA set play very well to the theme of the team it is for. Today's card is yet another perfect example. If you control a secret society character you are going to be able to get a character and non-character and put them into your KO'd pile. That may not seem like a very big deal, but this team works off feeding your KO'd pile and there are a myriad of ways to retrieve or reuse cards that are in you grave. For the characters, there is slaughter swamp to get it back into your hand or attend or die that lets you recruit from your KO'd pile, and there are many other ways to get the non-characters back.

This card may not seem as good as the other searchers, but in a way it is much better. You do not have to discard at all to put two cards right where you want them anyway. With the way this deck works, this card is totally worth running. Try running this team a few times with the right cards, proxied if you have too, and you will see how good this card is.

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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