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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Justice Like Lightning

Card #MAV-114


Date Reviewed: 08.26.05

Constructed Modern Age Average Rating: 4.25
Constructed Golden Age Average Rating: 4.25
Limited Average Rating: 45

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Justice like lightning... and teeth like glass...

Justice Like Lightning
Number: MAV-114
Rarity: Common
Card Type: Plot Twist
Cost: 1
Ongoing: No
Target attacker you control gets
+2 ATK this attack. If that attacker has
the Thunderbolts affiliation, exhaust a
character an opponent controls.

Cost: 1
Not bad, usable right away.

Ongoing: No
Reasonable for the effect.

Interesting... an attack boost with a situational added ability to make one of the opponent's dangerous characters unusable this turn.

Team Affiliation: Thunderbolts
I appologize for not yet having any knowledge of the new teams (or any cards in this set, by the way, due to too much to do at work and home lately) so I'll olny give a helpless shrug until I can make up team affiliation lists for the new teams, as well as update the older teams to include the new cards.

It's an ok effect, but only time will tell if this card becomes popular.
The effects are nice, and the card is worth playing, but usually players want more of a boost (ala Savage Beatdown or Nasty Suprise), so I doubt this will see much tournament-level usage.

Modern Age:
Nice here, as you can at least stall off their powerhouse characters if you can't stun them.

Golden Age:
Not applicable here. However, for effort:

I don't think Thunderbolt characters are too hard to get here, so go for it if you see enough cards to warrant it's use.
"Best flavour text in the game."

To round out Thunderbolts week, we look at a virtual staple that should be
included in ANY Thunderbolts deck or any derivation thereof.

Justice, Like Lightning (JLL)
Plot Twist
Threshold Cost 1
Rarity: Common

Initative Preference: Whenever you are attacking first.

Effect: Target attacker you control gets +2 ATK this attack. If that
attacker has the Thunderbolts affilation, exhaust a character an opponent

This is by far one of the best offensive plot twists ever to grace the game.
While the actual increase in attack is quite small at only 2, the
secondary effect is what weighs so heavily in your favour when you play this
plot twist. Exhausting any character you want is very useful to break up
any reinforcing, potential counterattacks, or stifle your opponent from
playing their own exhaustion cost plot twists. Now your opponent of course
can respond to JLL by exhausting his/her characters, but once JLL has fully
resolved you get to exhaust whatever character you wish, without your
opponent exhausting that particular character to a cost they can pay for an
effect they control. This makes JLL play mind games with your opponent
moreso than anything else. You force your opponent to prematurely exhaust
their characters for reinforcing or paying costs. Best of all, you don't
have to declare which character you're exhausting until JLL fully resolves,
which by then, it's too late for your opponent to stop you.

Ratings below are exclusively for Thunderbolts decks and team-ups involving
the Thunderbolts.

Marvel Modern Age: 5/5 Exhaustion and attack increases in one are

Golden Age: 5/5 The only twists you can consider over this are Flying Kick
and Beatdown. The exhaustion kicker though should be worth more to you.

Sealed/Draft: 5/5 Any attack pump is a definite include. If you get the
exhaustion part off as well, that should be a definite winning turn for you.
Sith Dragon Justice, Like Lightning
Plot twist: 1 cost

Target attacker you control gets +2 attack. If the attacker has Thunderbolts affiliation, exhaust a character an opponent controls.

Today we do a potentially awesome card form the new set! First off, it can be played in any deck, but for only a +2 attack, swingline is infinitely better for a
+2 attack. It the effect you can use in thunderbolts
decks that can really frustrate your opponent. Say you missed a drop or just can't hang with you opponent's biggest guy. All you have to do is attack one of the smaller characters and exhaust his big guy so he can't swing at you. Or if you can chain it right, or play it with someone who forgets how to properly chain, you can take a character out of reinforcement and lay the smack down on the one you are attacking. The ability to exhaust your opponents big gun is the best effect with this. instead of wasting all your attackers on his largest guy you can concentrate on taking out all his little guys and hopefully on the following turn gain some serious numbers on him.

Once again, this is yet another fun example of what this set holds. BATTLE ON!

"Are you threatening me, Master Jedi?"

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