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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Sold Out

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 04.27.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 1.75

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Johnny Blaze
Sold Out

We continue to look at ways to move your opponents 1 or less drops to your front row and the plot twist Sold Out is another way to accomplish that objective. There are a couple of flaws in this though that I see: The first is that you have to wait until the recovery phase to do so and to discard a Crime Lords to boot and secondly since it does cost 2 threshold the next turn will be turn 3 and most likely that 1 drop you just stole will be clobbered by your opponents 3 drop.

Of course there is always that possibility that the 1 drop you just took control of is the only way that your opponent could fulfill loyalty which means that they are going to miss there next drop.

Constructed: 2/5 – Not as big of a factor here as there are many more options for players to fulfill loyalty.

Limited: 2.5/5 – Works a bit better here as there is that chance of stealing your opponent’s means to fulfill loyalty and getting that concealed character out from the hidden zone.

Sold Out

So, you're playing Crime Lords, want to take your opponent's 1 drop, but don't have room for Owl? Then you probably have even less room for Sold Out. At least Owl is a character and gives your guys flight.
Sold Out requires a discard, which is costly in the swarm-happy Crime Lords builds, and it takes up valuable plot twist space. Playing it in the recovery phase is a bonus, as you can snag your opponent's Dagger while she's exhausted, making it so they can't bounce her back to their hand to discard for Midnight Sons. This pretty much has all the drawbacks and bonuses as Owl fom Monday, except that it's pretty useless as a plot twist. This is more Boris and Alfred hate, so whether you run it depends on your metagame.

In Limited, this probably isn't the rare you wanted to see when you cracked your pack (although at least it's not Mekanix). The discard hurts more in this format, and there won't be as many choice 1 drops that you'll want to snag.


Golden - 2/5
Modern - 2.5/5
Limited - 1.5/5
Player21 It looks like we're continuing this week's theme of stealing 1-drops with the new rare from the Marvel Knights set, Sold Out.

Name: Sold Out
Cost: 2
Type: Plot Twist:
Card Text:
Play Sold Out only during the recovery phase.

As an additional cost to play Sold Out, discard a Crime Lords character card.

Move target character with cost of 1 or less an opponent controls to your front row. (You control that character.)

This card is highly situational at best. It has a threshold cost of 2, which means you can't steal your opponent's 1 drop on turn 1.
Furthermore, you better hope their character is not stunned, as it doesn't say anything about "recover it," as that would use your only recovery for the turn. Additionally, while you may "control" the character, it doesn't actually gain your team affiliation, so unless it's a Crime Lord, it won't be doing you a whole lot of good. What's more, this can only be done during the recovery phase, and last, but not least, you actually have to discard a Crime Lords character to do it.

Given all that, I couldn't justify taking up too much space in any given deck with this card (maybe 1 spot in a 60 card deck). Thus, without a card to actually search plot twists (the only card in MMA you can use is Dangerous Experiment and that's Sinister Syndicate team stamped), including just one copy will prove very inconsistent.

This card, however, is not all bad. Stealing a 1-drop proves useful in terms of board control. No Roscoe Sweeny for you! Furthermore, you can then slam it into one of their characters the next turn, hopefully for a double stun, which costs them 2 characters to your 0.
That is always nice. Please note that uniqueness is not an issue, as you're just "moving" the character and uniqueness is checked upon "recruit."

Just given the likelihood of pulling this off, I think you're better off putting this card in your binder for some kid who absolutely has to have it, and will trade you a decent rare for it.

In limited, I think it's that much worse. Not only is it harder to be certain you'll have a discard for it, there are fewer 1-drops in this format. So, even if you had the card AND the discard, it's very likely they wouldn't have a character for you to steal anyway.

Outside of MMA, I like this card a little better, as it can work well in a team-up, where Boris or Alfred can grab your one copy, as necessary. Furthermore, there are a lot more 1-drops worth stealing in this format.

MMA: 2/5 – Does have its uses, but not in my deck.

Golden Age: 2.5/5 – Better targets and slightly more use, but still highly situational and with a hefty cost.

Limited: 1.5/5 – Not the worst card you could draft, but there are almost certainly 30 better cards available to you. This MIGHT take the 30th spot in a deck, if you're pressed for useful cards and you have a lot of Crime Lords.
Undefeated of the East Today we have the plot twist from Marvel knights called Sold Out. This card has al ot of restrictions.
First you can only play in during the recovery, and that means at the very beginning because after the beginning all players has to pass on an empty chain.
Second you have to discard a crime lords character from your hand. The result is that you get to steal a
1 drop from your opponent. Most people only play one drops because of an awesome effect like Alfred and Boris, but taking them is more detrimental than good because to use those powers you have to fulfill team requirements like Alfred's need for another GK and Boris's need for Dr. Doom. If an opponent's 1 drop is hurting you, I would much rather use the discard effect of Mikado and Mosha because there is no card disadvantage, your opponent takes 1, and if you stun another one of their guys they have to lose a guy.

Golden Age: 1/5, not real uses
Modern Marvel Age: 1.5/5, Mikado and Mosha are alot better to deal with 1 drops, but the chance of stealing a boosted PHAT is kinda nice.
Limited:1/5, junk rare
Brad Pironciak Today we're reviewing the second of the stealing 1 drops cards, Sold Out.

"Play Sold Out only during the recovery phase.

As an additional cost to play Sold Out, discard a Crime Lords character card.

Move target character with cost of 1 or less an opponent controls to your front row. (You control that character.) "

All I can say is bleh. First slight disadvantage to this card is that you can only activate it in the recovery phase. But I guess since you don't have to exhaust a character, this isn't as bad as would seem.
Still though.

Second is that you have to disgard a Crime Lords character. For a disgard, I expect a better effect then to steal a 1 drop.

Lastly, this is a burned up plot twist, a wasted spot in a crime lords deck, and a RARE. There aren't even any good one drops in Modern Age, and in Golden age, they just bounce, IE: Boris, and Alfred.

Modern Age: 1.5/5
Golden Age: 2/5
Limited: 1/5(Worthless)
Art: 3/5

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