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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Mystic Chain

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 02.22.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.15
Limited Average Rating: 2.85

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Johnny Blaze
Mystic Chain

As a 0 costed equipment this will see a lot of play in weenie/swarm type decks. It fits along with the Sentinels also. In order to recruit Mystic Chain all you need is 3 or more characters. Whenever the character with Mystic Chain causes breakthrough, your opponent discards a card and you get to draw a card.

Constructed: 3/5 – A nice addition to any equipment based deck or swarm deck. Causing breakthrough and dwindling your opponents hand while making your hand bigger really improves your chances of winning.

Limited: 2.5/5 – Drawing cards is essential in Limited and if you can keep Mystic Chain in play long enough your opponent may discard his next drop while you are drawing yours. 0 cost is the key here. I wouldn’t recommend it if it had a cost of 1 or more.

Mystic Chain

Today's card isn't team stamped for Sentinels, but I could see it finding it's way in some variations of Curve Sentinels. Having three characters on the field isn't often a problem for Sentinels, and CS is a deck that loves to get some extra cards whenever it can.
Stripping your opponent's hand down is also a good thing, but that just gives them another excuse to reinforce when ever they're attacked by the Chain-wielding robot. Still Curve Sentinels is a pretty well put together deck, and it probably doesn't have room for enough copies of Mystic Chain to make much of a difference. This is something I'd expect to see in a Vomit Deck if they make a comeback. Other decks, like Honor Among Thieves, might get a boost from this card. I also wouldn't be surprised to see it pop up in a version of Dean Sohlne's Fantastic Fun deck, as that deck usually has plenty of characters, although that deck is more about burn than breakthrough. Mystic Chain is a card looking for a home, i suppose.

In Limited, it's not the best rare to pull, but if you hit your curve, you'll be able to play it in your mid game, when you'll really be wanting the extra cards.
Not a high pick, but not a bad 30th card.


Constructed (Modern) - 3/5
Constructed (Golden) - 2/5
Limited - 3/5
Player21 It looks like the last CotD for this week is Mystic Chain.

Name: Mystic Chain
Type: Equipment
Cost: 0
Card Text:
Recruit Mystic Chain only if you control three or more characters.

Whenever equipped character causes breakthrough to a player, that player discards a card and you draw a card.

Well, this is a serious piece of equipment. The main drawbacks are that you can only recruit it if you have three characters on the field and the equipped character has to be able to deal breakthrough.

Two of the newer game mechanics, evasion and concealed, help greatly in satisfying the criteria for recruitment.

Both mechanics help you maintain the board advantage, despite the fact that you can't actually equip the character in the hidden area.

Blind Sided and Play Time can also help to make certain the equipped character will deal breakthrough.

If this card could make your opponent lose a card in hand, or allow you to draw a card, that would make this little piece of equipment fairly powerful, already. When you factor in that it does both (a 2 card advantage), it's not hard to see this card's potential.

Try this out in your Fantastic Four equips deck with Ant Man for breakthrough security or Gotham Knights, who can take particular advantage of this card with Alfred's equip searching ability, Barbara Gordon's draw power for equipped characters, and Catwoman's Mystic Chain-like effect.

This card's use in limited will be just that – limited. It's going to be harder to hit your curve in this format, and make sure that you have both the required number of characters on the field, and that you'll have a visible character when you're ready to recruit this.
If you can get it out, though (and that shouldn't be TOO hard), it'll be great. They'll likely have characters with different teams out, and that means it'll be harder for them to reinforce. That means more breakthrough for you!

MMA – 3.5/5 – Can only be recruited to your visible characters, but, as mentioned, the hidden characters make this card that much more viable.

Golden Age – 4.25/5 – Again, the only downside is that it can't be equipped to your hidden characters, but it is MUCH more playable here with Tech Upgrade, Blind Sided and Play Time at your disposal.

Limited – 3/5 – Slightly harder to recruit, but slightly more effective than normal means this card gets a middle of the road score of 3.
Undefeated of the East Mystic Chain
ATK: 0
DEF: 0
Type: Equipment
Recruit Cost: 0
Artist: Dave DeVries
Set Name: Marvel Knights
Card Num: MMK-215
Rarity: Rare

Recruit Mystic Chain only if you control three or more characters.

Whenever equipped character causes breakthrough to a player, that player discards a card and you draw a card.

The restriction of this card is probably Upper Deck hinting at you to play it in a swarming deck or a deck that can keep its character alive. The effect sounds very useful. Since you are making your opponent discard and you get to draw a card that is like a card advantage of +2. Usually you can accomplish this by equipping the chains to the highest atk character you have. This card sounds very solid and would have gotten a higher score if there wasn't a restriction, but the restriction is not as detrimental in limited and in Modern Marvel Age.

Golden Age:2.5/5, could fit in like TNB, but weenie decks are already press for deck room anyway.
Modern Marvel Age:3.5/5, good fit because with concealed characters help you meet the cause, and gaining card advantage and crippling opponent is very helpful.
Limited:3.5/5, usually this card makes the cut, can can work in many decks. Again the effect really helps out.

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