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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day


Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 04.20.05

Constructed Average Rating: 1.5
Limited Average Rating: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.



Today we are going to review one of the worst sentinel cards in the entire game - Mekanix.

I have nothing nice to say about this card. In fact, I can't believe UDE would make a card like this rare. Why would anyone want to play this card? If you are going to play Sentinels, there are much better cards out there. If you are playing curve Sentinels, then this certainly has no place and if you are playing vomit Sentinels, the whole point is to keep your characters on the field. The last thing you want to do is promote bad board control just so that you can give a 5-drop (or greater) +1/+1 for THIS ATTACK. Come on now, unless you really think it is necessary to waste valuable space just to try to boost Bastion that much higher...this card certainly isn't worth the paper it is printed on.

MA Constructed - 1.5/5.0 ...Yeah, this card is playable in this format, but do you really want to play it?
GA Constructed - 1.0/5.0 ...You have much better ways of taking up deck space in this format.

Limited - 0.5/5.0 ...Personally I would rather keep my Hounds in this format.

Johnny Blaze

Here we go with another addition to Sentinels that MMK brought to us. This time we have an ongoing Plot Twist that enables you to target a Sentinel character with a cost of 5 or more that you control and it gets +1/+1 for this attack. The downside is that you have to KO a Sentinel character that you control. The downside isn’t that bad of an issue because Boliver Trask is usually a good choice for the KO.

Constructed: 3/5 – A good addition to Sentinels in Modern Age format. CS is pretty tight decklist already so it might be tough to squeeze in Mekanix but another pump to Bastion always is annoying to play against.

Limited: 1/5 – Unfortunately it doesn’t make the cut here as there are no Sentinel characters with a cost of 5 or greater in MMK.


This card has become the "card I'd like to stop pulling in my packs" for Marvel Knights. This is a very situational card that doesn't have a good enough effect to find room in the already tight Curve Sentinels decks. The only bright side of the effect is that it can be a stunned Sentinel character, and it's a good way to get smaller Sentinels off the field where they aren't a liability anymore. It'll pump your Nimrod, Bastion, Master Mold, or Tri-Setninel, although only Bastion and Nimrod really see much play.
The only Sentinel that sees much play in Modern is Hounds of Ahab, and you don't really want to KO them, especially for only a +1/+1 pump. Keep it in your binder, trade it for some copies of Forever People.

In Limited, you don't want to see this card. If you see this card, get a black marker out and write "DO NOT PLAY" so it doesn't accidentally find it's way into your deck.


Constructed (Modern) - 1/5
Constructed (Golden) - 1/5
Limited - Crap
Brad Pironciak Today we're reviewing a card that is the polar opposite to helping the sentinels. Makanix. KO an army sentinal you control to give a character +1/1 for the turn.

Already, we can see this is a blah effect. PLAIN ANJD SIMPLE; Curve has bastion, and wild sentinels needs to swarm the field. No!

In limited, the only army sentinel is Hounds. This isn't even a good rare draft.

Constructed: 1/5
Limited: 1/5
Art: 2/5
Undefeated of the East
Today we have a plot twist from Marvel knights that is steered towards Sentinels, and no that is not some sort of bad pun.
ATK: 0
DEF: 0
Type: Plot Twist
Recruit Cost: 2
Abilities: Ongoing
Artist: Scott Benefiel
Set Name: Marvel Knights
Card Num: MMK-199
Rarity: Rare

Ongoing: KO a Sentinel character you control >>> Target Sentinel character you control with cost 5 or greater gets +1 ATK and +1 DEF this attack.

I find this card to be really useless in Golden Age.
Sentinel decks has evolved into decks that doesn't swarm you with little guys anymore, and in those swarm build there weren't even any 5 or higher drops. This card is worse then Devil's Due because the character you pumped doesn't receive a permanent +1/+1 counter.
Usually when you play Curve Sentinels extra sentinels on the board that are there for Betrayal bait, extra defense from cover fire, and they aren't that much of a liability because you have Mark V to provide reinforcement. Losing g board position to give a measly pump isn't worth it, and Sentinels has arguably the best 6 drop that has a much better ability.

In Modern Marvel Age this card has even less uses.
There are only 3 other Sentinels: Hounds of Ahab, Sentinel Mark V, and Tri-Sentinel; and I will never understand why a person would ko one of those major sentinel pieces for a lame pump.

Golden Age:1/5, I wish I can give a rating less than one.
Modern Marvel Age: 1/5, I really wish I can give a rating less than one.
Limited:1/5, this card is in a tie with Professor X, Mutant Mentor as the worse possible rare to pull, and they both share the ability of never being to make the cut in any deck. Oh why can't I give a rating of less hten one! AHHHHHHHHHHH!
Oh well with that out of the way, I hope you guys never open this card in any packs, ever:).

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