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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Professor X
- Mutant Mentor

Marvel Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 04.15.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2
Limited Average Rating: 1

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Professor X - Mutant Mentor

Looks like we are going to end double loyalty week on an interesting note. Today we get to take a look at Professor X - Mutant Mentor.

Ok so it may sound strange, but I feel that Professor X deserves a little more credit than he has received. No I am not insane. I realize that he is a 1-DROP with DOUBLE loyalty, but I have actually seen an X-deck in action, and I was highly impressed with how this card worked in the deck. This card definitely teams well with Team X-change.

Professor X is just another character in a long line of concealed characters out there. In this case it is actually a good thing. Now you are well insured of using his ability at least a few times to get ko'd characters back into your hand. Combo this card with Cerebro, and you have a great way of thinning your deck without any significant drawbacks. After all, what better way to end the game than to get that 8-drop character back from the ko'd pile after you were forced to dump it early in the game.

MA Constructed - 3.0/5.0 ...Professor x works well in this deck variation for this format.
GA Constructed - 2.5/5.0 ...The overall X-deck does not necessarily keep up in this format.

Limited - 1.0/5.0 ....You will be very lucky to get this character to work in this environment.

Johnny Blaze
Professor X – This Professor X has range and also concealment. He does have the X-Statix team affiliation and you can only recruit him if you control an X-men character. His stats of 2/2 are real nice for a 1 drop but he will never see play on Turn 1 because of his double loyalty issues.

He is best used for his activated ability. Did you lose that 1 really great character or how about re-using that character again for another pump, then just activate Professor X in the hidden area and you get that character again.

Constructed: 3/5 – Nice addition to an X-men/X-statix team-up deck. Gives you more options of recycling through your discard and that is always nice.

Limited: 1/5 – Not enough X-Men characters to give ol Charlie a 2nd glance.
Professor X, Mutant Mentor

We end this week with the more overlooked version of Professor X from Marvel Knights, Mutant Mentor. Team X-Change is a deck with a lot of potential, combining powerful plot twists like Ultimate Sacrifice and Bamf!
with characters like John Proudstar, Anarchist, and The Orphan. Team X-Change also lets you search for a copy of Professor X, although most of the time you'll be looking for the more powerful 8 drop version.
Still, with the number of KO effects that X-Statix uses, being able to park Prof X in your hidden area and get a character back every turn is an underrated ability that is ripe for abuse. His stats are nice for a 1 drop, although if you can get him out on turn 1, then congratulations are in order. In Limited, he's going to be virtually unplayable, unless you want him to power up your 8 drop Professor X.

In Golden, Team X-Change may not see a lot of play and if it does, 1 drop Prof X probably won't find room in it. Still, with 5 versions of Professor X out, Longshot might return to his X-Men allegiances and help the team out (X-Vomit, anyone?). However, Avalon Space Station does what Professor X does just as well, and for a lot less effort.


Constructed (Modern) - 2/5
Constructed (Golden) - 1/5
Limited - 1/5
Brad Pironciak Today we're reviewing the final(and in my opinion, the worst) of the double loyalty cards, Professor X, Mutant Mentor.

Two of the benefits of previous double loyalty cards were that #1, they were MK, meaning easy midnight son access, and #2, they were 5 drops, meaning that you should have an easy turn getting both affiliations by turn 5. This guy just smacks you in the face for both of those.

He is a ONE drop. And not just a one drop with loyalty,(which is already frowned upon) but a one drop with DOUBLE loyalty. More importantly, X-statix and X-men. Well, with all these drawbacks, he must give the X-change team-up some incredbile, new, exciting ability right? Sadly, the ability is far from amazing. You can activate him to return an X-men or X-statix card to your hand from your KO'd pile.


You were expecting better I presume. Well at least on the pro side, he's hidden, meaning if by some miracle you are running X-change, and by the next miracle, you get this guy out, at least you'll have a steady card draw for your 'Children of the Atom's' while not worrying about an opponent crashing into him for a ton of breakthrough.

Constructed: 1.5/5
Limited: 0/5(NO X-MEN)
Art: 3/5(Definitely one of the strangest things I've seen)
Undefeated of the East
We end off double loyalty week with instead of another
5 drop in Deathwatch with one of the Professor X from Marvel Knights which has double loyalty. Lets see what we got.
Professor X
ATK: 2
DEF: 2
Version: Mutant Mentor
Type: Concealed Character
Recruit Cost: 1
Abilities: Range
Team: X-Statix
Artist: Chris Brunner
Set Name: Marvel Knights
Card Num: MMK-181
Rarity: Rare

The stats for this Prof. X is pretty good for a 1 drop, most 1 drops are 1/1s or maybe 2/1, and then there is Tombstone that is 3/4. The bad thing is that this card hace double loyalty and you can't look at him like he is just a one drop. There are only three 1 drop X-Statix characters, not including himself, and there are only two 1 drop X-Men. So unless you drop a combo of a 1 drop X-Statix and a 1 drop X-Men in the first two turns the fastest this Professor can be recruited is turn two and that is assuming that the first one drop you had survived.

Loyalty. Recruit Professor X only if you control an X-Men character. Basic text form of double lyalty characters with loyalty to a team affilation of the card and the requirement of controlling another character with a specific team, and in this case X-Men.

Concealed. (This character comes into play in the hidden area.) Basic text for a concealed character, concealed is good to protect lower drops so you can keep him around to use his affect.

Activate >>> Return target X-Men or X-Statix character card from your KO'd pile to your hand. This ability provides good card recurrence from the KO'd pile. In Modern Marvel with gravesite you can accumulate a good size hand really quick.

In Golden Age this card is virtually unplayable. Low drops are supposed to fullfill possible future characters with loyalty, be utilized for an effect such as Alfred and Boris, maintain board advantage and early beats such as the 1 drops form Brotherhood, and or satisfy conditions that require you to discard a character with a certain team afilliation such as Signal Flare and Opitron. Loyalty makes low drops risky such as Ubu, Bane, but at least he is a 3 drop.
A 1 drop with loyalty is really bad because to recruit him you are not playing the "curve," and with the other restriction makes you go off the "curve" in the later turns when the curve is more vital. Besides X-Statix has strategies that can't work in this format and X-Men are finally beginning to appear in consistent decks, the team-up contradicts their strategies and lowers the consistency of 2 teams that are severly lacking it.

In Modern Marvel, you may believe it or not, but it gets even worse for this guy. There are only 2 X-Men characters in this format and 1 is a 5 drop in Archangel and the 8 drop Professor X! His ability does not warrent any consideration in the X-Statix loner deck, and the X-Statix swarm deck is currently a joke.

Golden Age: 1/5 just plain bad and unplayable, a one drop is supposed to set up the later game, and one drop shouldn't have recruitment restrictions this severe.
Modern Mavel Age: 1/5 I wish I can give a rating less than 1, because the chance of recruiting him early is so low naturally and using tricks like Midnight Sons and Hypnotic charms to make up for the lack of X-Men just isn't worth it.
Limited: 1/5 I feel bad for any body opening this card in draft or sealed. If you are playing a draft with only Marvel Knights the only other X-Men available is another Professor X. Anybody who drafted a Midnight Sons or Hypnotic charms can find a card that is more useful and even worse this card is a rare. I haven't seen alot of these cards opened, but I guess that is the least Upper Deck could have done to not anger Vs.
players that much.

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