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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

- Agent of the Hand

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 04.13.05

Constructed Average Rating: 2.95
Limited Average Rating: 3.35

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Elektra - Agent of the Hand

Continuing onward with the double loyalty them, today we are going to take a look at Elektra - Agent of the Hand.

There really isn't too much to say about this card. Her double loyalty is an obvious problem, especially when we are talking once again about two teams that seem like they should go together, but for some reason you don't see them actually working together. Perhaps it is because the two game themes behind the two affiliations are so different....At least CL/MK works better than UW/MK - looks like we are moving up. Elektra's stats are definitely lopsided. While you may do a lot of breakthrough with this character, you will probably get stunned in returned (unless you are careful). She has no flight or range and she is concealed. I could probably do without her being concealed, as turn 5 on you really need to maintain a strong visible board presence. Her boost ability is wicked sick...too bad she doesn't get any DEF out of it. Still this is not a bad card to play....

MA Constructed - 3.5/5.0 ...If MK/CL meshed better I would probably give her a better rating.
GA Constructed - 3.0/5.0 ...If you are going to team up, choose two different teams.

Limited - 3.5/5.0 ...It is difficult to get double loyalty characters on the field in this format, but if you can then definately do it!

Johnny Blaze
Elektra – What can I say about Elektra? She should have had triple Loyalty if there was such a thing. With an ATK value of 14 she is the biggest 5 drop in the game out of all the VS. sets. If you see your opponent is playing Crime Lords/MK team up get rid of their MK character before she comes out.

Although she is a Shadow Character she can attack so far up the curve it is not even funny. Lets not even talk about her Boost ability. For a recruit cost of 6, Elektra can become an unstunnable 17/9 killing machine that can take out every single 7 drop in the game and also some 8 drops.

Why did they make Elektra a common? Well for one thing she has double Loyalty issues. Not only do you need a Crime Lords character but you also need a MK character. Also Elektra comes in to play in the hidden area which is a liability in of itself if she cant come out to defend to use her high ATK value. Also she lacks any range and flight.

Constructed: 3/5 – Your deck should be designed in getting her out and abusing her in the open area by using cards such as Medallion of Power to get her out of the Hidden area so that she can really benefit from that 14 ATK.

Limited: 2/5 – Its going to be quite difficult to pull of her double loyalty requirements. Then remember if you do then she is still stuck in the Hidden Area unless you were lucky enough to pull some of the cards to move her into the open area.
Elektra, Agent of the Hand

Today's card is going to have a tough time seeing serious play, which is a shame because she's an absolute beast. Marvel Knights/Crime Lords didn't see much play in Amsterdam, only 12 people teamed these two together. Still, 14/9 on turn 5 is sweet, and her being concealed makes sure that she'll get a big shot in on your opponent. Her boost is even better, 17/9 and she can't be stunned while attacking. Even if your opponent uses a card to drag her out of the concealed area (and lower her defense), she'll be safe, and punch through for a ton of BEL. She's even better with Natasha Romanoff <Black Widow>, as she can allow Elektra to attack your opponent's hidden characters and really bring the pain (or Bring The Pain). The dual loyalty will still be a thorn in your side, as you will have to choose between running Crime Lords in your deck, or committing a copy of Midnight Sons to facilitate the Crime Lords teamup. She's a lot better in Limited play, where running multiple affiliations is usually par for the course. If you're lucky enough to see a copy or two of Midnight Sons, you'll be even more likely to drop her on the field.

In Golden Age, MK/CL is not going to be tearing up the circuit, and her dual loyalty will be an anchor around your neck. MK decks already have Elektra, Assassin at the 5 drop, and she can stun pretty much everything.
Too situational, although if you can get her to work, she'll make it worth your while.


Constructed (Modern) - 3/5
Constructed (Golden) - 2/5
Limited - 3.5/5
Undefeated of the East
The second member of the "double loyalty" trio is:
ATK: 14
DEF: 9
Version: Agent of the Hand
Type: Concealed Character
Recruit Cost: 5
Team: Crime Lords
Card Num: MMK-182
Rarity: Common
Loyalty. Recruit Elektra only if you control a Marvel Knights character.
Concealed. (This character comes into play in the hidden area.) Boost 1: When Elektra comes into play, she gets +3 ATK and cannot be stunned while attacking this turn.

Elektra's stats of 14/9 is definetly way above average for a 5 drop comparing to the average 9/9. Elektra easily can stun almost any 6 drop unassisted. The few
6 drops that can withstand her attack is Dr. Doom, Victor Von Doom with a Doomstadt or like a Mastermold with personal forcefield, I know that situation probably has never happened before.

Loyalty is usually the "check" for all 5 drops that are above the curve or doesn't have a team stamped ability( Magneto, Eric Leshner). Examples of such 5 drops are garth<> Tempest, and Thing, Heavy Hitter.
The next part about controlling a Marvel Knights character further narrow down the situation this Elektra can be recruited which is very important.

If you ask most people, concealed is a good ability to protect lower drops, but for higher drops you risk being attacked directly. Elektra in my eyes gets around this drawback. A MK/Crimelord deck on turn 5 will probably have had Bullseye, Deadly Marksman or Moon Knight on their side, and since MK/CL plays on even intiative, those two stuns most opposing 5 drops.

Elektra's boost continue's this character's trend to attack up the curve. With a 17 atk she can stun all 7 drops and a few 8 drops, and with her can't be stunned while attacking makes it even more worth it.

In draft or sealed, there are lots of playable and common CL and MK cards. I've played many MK/CL in drafts, and with a Midnight Sons,Marvel Team-Up, and Made-Men combining the forces of these two big groups is easy. Like Blade, Daywalker, recruisting Elektra on turn 5 or 6 will make your opponent very nervous.

Golden Age: 2.75/5 big atk and concealed makes her very hard to deal with,. Concealed is great against Titans, and atk so large makes it very hard for her to get Overloaded. Keeping 2 characters, 1 Mk and 1 CL) out, or team-up to recruit her can be difficult.
Modern Marvel: 4/5 having versatility is very vital in this format, she is one of the reason to even play MK/CL. With all the hiiden lower drops and lack of team-up disruption makes her alot easier to play.
Limited: 4/5 she is a game breaking drop, the opponent can swing with smaller guy into her, and she'll get revenge on their bigger guys. Also versatility of being an alternate 6 drop is very nice, common 6 drop CL and ML aren't that good.

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