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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Blade - The Daywalker

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 04.11.05

Constructed Average Rating:
Limited Average Rating:

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Blade - The Daywalker

This week we are going to take a look at some double loyalty cards that should see some play in a MA format. To start, let's take a look at Blade - The Daywalker.

You know the whole point of double loyalty is that the card should be difficult to get onto the field because its effect is extremely good. Unfortunately, I don't necessarily see that being the case with the card. Ok, so don't get me wrong, Underworld and Marvel Knights are two teams that are pretty solid but I haven't really seen a good build out there that combines the two teams in such a way that really warrants playing them together. It is as if there is something about the two teams that keeps them from meshing very well. Well I guess that is the first strike against Blade. Now, the second thing about Blade is his stats. As an 8/8 5-drop with neither range nor flight, it seems that even his effect won't really helps this guy out (Blade's effect states all MK and UW characters get +2 attack while attacking and +2 defense while defending). Just about any other 5-drop out right now will be able to stun Blade, leaving all your other characters boost-less. Sure, you can hide him in your back row if you do not have the initiative and hope your opponent can not get to him, but more than likely this character will be the first target your opponent tries for (Let's not forget that doing this leaves us with one less character to attack with.) Hmm...strike 2. Strike 3 will have to be the ability itself. +2 Att/Def is not necessarily something to overlook, but when you consider the number of PT's out there that give characters exactly that, it dosn't seem as though the boost does as much as originally thought. If only Blade was a 9/9 or he gave other characters range and/or flight in addition to the boost.....That would definately make it a whole new ballgame.

MA Constructed - 2.5/5.0 ...Blade really isn't worth the loyatly issues you will face...but it could be worse...
GA constructed - 2.0/5.0 ...Stick with a better deck variation for this format...

Limited - 3.0/5.0 ...If you can get this character on the field, then his boosting ability will make a big difference.

Johnny Blaze
Blade – This is double Loyalty week and we start out with everybody’s favorite Vampire Hunter, Blade.  This version of Blade is a perfect fit if you are running team-up with Underworld and Marvel Knights.  Even though Blade has the MK team stamp, he can only be recruited if you control an Underworld character. 
Even though Blade is a bit small in his stats at 8/8, he provides a nice pump for himself and your other MK and Underworld characters at a +2 ATK if you are attacking and +2 DEF while defending.  Thus actually making Blade a 10/8 while attacking and a 8/10 while defending. 
His Boost ability is what really makes Blade nice.  For a recruit cost of 6 Blade now becomes a 12/10 or 10/12 depending on the situation.
Constructed:  3/5 – You probably want Zarathos over Blade as your 5 drop Underworld character but Blade definitely makes the cut in a mixed team-up of MK and Underworld.
Limited: 3.5/5 – I’ve drafted MK and Underworld before and actually used Blade as my five drop so that extra +2/+2 really is useful in draft.
Blade, The Daywalker

Welcome to Double Loyalty week, everybody! This week we'll be looking at some characters that may be tough to get on the field, but will usually wind up being worth the extra headaches. Also, I'd like to congratulate all the competitors from PC: Amsterdam this past weekend. Some really interesting decks came out of the event, and I can't wait to see how it affects the next couple of months of organized play.
Kudos to Upper Deck for putting on yet another great event as well.

Ass kissing aside, today's card is one that should be popping up in a few more decks now that the Marvel Knights/Underworld teamup has shown what kind of power it brings to the table. Blade, The Daywalker is a deceptive 8/8 at the 5 drop position. With his effect, he's a 10/8 on offense and a 8/10 on defense, both of which are very playable. Even better, he lends the ATK and DEF bonus to all of your MK and UW characters, giving your opponent many headaches when it comes to combat math. MK/UW is already a nice team up with Brother Voodoo, and Strength of the Grave can be absolutely sick with this deck. Midnight Sons and Hypnotic Charms give you a lot more ways to make sure you can fulfill Blade's loyalty requirement by turn 5 as well. Being able to boost him as a 6 drop and have him still be roughly on curve is a nice bonus, too.
Playing Blade, Eric Brooks as your 2 drop? Use extra copies to power Blade, The Daywalker up! It's like the game designers thought of everything...which makes sense actually. In Limited, he can be your friend as long as you build around him. If you get any copies of Hypnotic Charms or Midnight Sons, you'll more than likely be playing them already, and there are more than enough playable Marvel Knights and Underworld characters to get him on the field.

In Golden Age, MK/UW may have enough gas to compete, especially when given access to Avalon Space Station to manipulate your KO'd pile even more. It'll be tough to compete with Daredevil, Matt Murdock for the
5 slot, but it's tempting to play Witching Hour on turn 7, and them use your remaining 5 resource points to recruit Blade, and give your weenies +2 ATK each.


Constructed (Modern) - 4/5
Constructed (Golden) - 3/5
Limited - 3.5/5
Player21 Looks like we're starting "double loyalty week" with Blade, Daywalker*.

The keyword "Loyalty" means, "Recruit this card only if you control a character that shares at least one team affiliation with this card."

So, this character is "loyal" to both Marvel Knights and the Underworld. Thus, you must control both a Marvel Knights character, and an Underworld character, or a character with both affiliations.

Loyalty has always been a hindrance to a deck. It makes necessary characters that much harder to recruit. However, with Marvel Knights and the introduction of Midnight Sons**, double loyalty really isn't a much harder condition to meet than regular loyalty.

Blade's effect is simply amazing. Marvel Knights and Underworld characters you control get +2 ATK while attacking and +2 DEF while defending.

That means he's a 10/8 while attacking (above average stats for a 5), and 8/10 while defending (again, above average stats), and he instantly helps any other character you control (among the two
affiliations) jump the curve, and be able to stun higher cost characters, or defend against higher cost characters.

To help balance him, they did have to give him double loyalty, and below average (standalone) stats of 8/8.

They did, however, provide him with a nice little Boost effect that will help him stay on par with other 6 drops. By providing him with two +1/+1 counters, by paying 1 extra resource point when he's recruited, they have made Blade a viable 6 drop as well. He would have 12 attack (which is on par for a 6 drop) while attacking and 12 defense (again, on par) while defending.

This card will see the most play in constructed, where you can build your deck around the two affiliations, and will likely include multiple copies of Midnight Sons.

His effect is amazing, and he can be devastating in the right deck.
Imagine a weenie swarm of New Bloods*** each with 4 ATK. That's pretty awesome, if you ask me.

In sealed, however, unless you obtain quite a few Marvel Knights and Underworld characters, or a few copies of Dagger**** and Midnight Sons, you'll probably want to avoid this character, as the double loyalty will make him nearly impossible to recruit.

If you do manage to get him out, though, he can be a game winner.
Include him if you are confident you can recruit him, avoid him at all costs, otherwise.

Modern Age Constructed: 4/5
Golden Age Constructed: 3.5/5
Sealed: 2/5

*Name: Blade
Version: Daywalker
Cost: 5
Type: Character
Team: Marvel Knights
ATK / DEF: 8 ATK / 8 DEF
Card Text :
Loyalty. Recruit Blade only if you control an Underworld character.
Marvel Knights and Underworld characters you control get +2 ATK while attacking and +2 DEF while defending.
Boost 1: Blade comes into play with two +1 ATK / +1 DEF counters on him.

**Name: Midnight Sons
Cost: 2
Type: Ongoing Plot Twist
Card Text:
Play Midnight Sons only if you control a Marvel Knights character.
Choose a team affiliation.
Ongoing: Characters you control, as well as cards in your hand, deck, and KO'd pile, that have either the Marvel Knights or the chosen affiliation have both affiliations.
***Name: New Blood
Version: Army
Type: Character
Team: Underworld
ATK / DEF: 2 ATK / 1 DEF
Flight?: Yes
Card Text:
Whenever New Blood becomes stunned, KO it unless you pay 1 endurance.

****Name: Dagger
Version: Child of Light
Cost: 1
Type: Character
Team: Marvel Knights
ATK / DEF: 1 ATK / 1 DEF
Range?: Yes
Card Text:
Discard Dagger >>> Search your deck for a card named Midnight Sons, reveal it, and put it into your hand. Shuffle your deck. Use this power only while Dagger is in your hand.
Activate >>> Return Dagger to her owner's hand.
Undefeated of the East Hi this is my review for Blade, The Daywalker.

Blade, The Daywalker is great common from the Marvel Knights set. If you look at his text it basically has
4 parts.
First is the loyalty part in bold, and if you don't already know loyalty is a restriction that basically reads as recruit this character only if you control another chracter that shares a team affiliation with the character with loyalty. For example Garth<> Tempest has loyalty, and usually require you to have a Teen Titan character in play, but if you use a card like Clone Saga then all you need is to control a Spider-friends or Teen Titans, because the card Garth in your hands is both Spider-friends and Teen Titans and controlling a spider-friends will aloow you to satisfy his Loyalty.

The next part of Blade's effect is to recruit Blade only if you control an Underworld character. That line is more restrictive than Loyalty. Many people got confused at first with double loyalty characters beacause they thought the line after loyalty explained loyalty.
The Third part of Blade's effect is that he boosts all your Marvel Knights and Underworld characters while they are defenders and attackers. Giving all you MK and Underworld characters +2 attack is really nice. It allows you to save your plot twist and turn a bunch of lower drops into a titan through team attacking. The
+2 Def while defending is going to give your opponent
alot of trouble. The attack and def boosts are really useful in Modern Marvel age when punps for def and attack is rarer. On turn 5, 8/10 on def and 10/8 on attack isn't bad at all, but being a vampire with no flight or range makes him a little bland.

The last part of Blade's Effect is his Boost 1 giving him 2 +1/+1 counters. This gives Blade flexibility to become your 6 drop. While being 12/10 on attack is average, 10/12 on defense is definetly not. Personally I don't likr too many guys who gets boosted with counters is the fear of overload. Which is not a problem in Mordern Marvel Age

Modern Marvel Age: 3/5, any 2x loyalty card is risky in any contructed format, but since this format has nothing to destroy your Midnight Sons or other team-ups, getting Blade out is easy. Also I think in MK/Underworld Mephisto, Soulstealer and Daredevil, Matt Murdock are better 5 drops.
Golden Age: 2/5 2x loyalty is even riskier in this format, there are many ways to break team-ups and Betrayal is used in many decks.
Limited: 4.5/5, alot easier to drop and effect is gamebreaking. Recruiting any of the 2x Loyalty character is draft or sealed is gamebraking, their effects are just too good.

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