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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Utility Belt

DC Origins

Date Reviewed: 04.07.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3.3
Limited Average Rating: 2.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Utility Belt

Today we're looking at a rather old piece of equipment that I may very well say is the best equipment card that has been printed to date, at least as far as Gotham Knights go. See Gotham is all about denial and this is a nasty addition to their arsenal. A simple activation of this thing will stop any effect with an arrow on it. That brings a funny story to mind. One time I was playing a guy using TNB and on turn 5 he tried to use Genosha and the belt stopped his plans cold, turn 6.....he did it again. It was sad really.

Add this card along with Fizzle and Detective Work and you can pretty much stop anything your opponent can throw at you, except maybe a Mountain Stronghold or two. A little Global Domination and you're all set to go.

MA - n/a
GA - 3.0/5.0 ....This is a great piece of equipment...if only it were not team stamped.

Limited - 3.5/5.0 ....Provided you can obtain enough GK characters, this card can provide a great advantage.
Utility Belt

Here's a card that won't be played much for a while, but should make a comeback when we go back to Golden Age after PC: New York. Gotham Knights don't have a lot of natural flight and range, so being able to get both for a 0 recruit cost is a great boost, and the ability to negate activated effects is even more useful, especially in one of the many GK swarm builds, like Cosmic Cops or some flavors of Brave and the Bold. 3 drop Batgirl combos very well with this, and makes up for the extra recruit by giving you card draw as a reward.

In Limited, I wouldn't take it too high, it'll be too tough to draft enough Gotham to be able to have someone to equip it to. Flight and range are nice, but you won't see more than the one copy, and you can't count on having it. Very low pick.


Constructed (Golden) - 3/5
Limited - 1.5/5
Player21 Name: Utility Belt
Set: DC
Cost: 0
Type: Equipment
Card Text :
Equip only to a Gotham Knights character.

Equipped character can attack as though it had flight and range and has "Activate >>> Negate target payment power effect."

OK, the first effect is pretty cool. To be able to attack as though you have flight and range is a great bonus, for obvious reasons.
Please note, though, that your character does not actually have flight and range. So, your character will be unaffected by an effect that takes away flight, and the character (unless they already had range) will not count towards a Cover Fire bonus.

The second effect, though, is what makes this little piece of equipment so powerful. At the cost of exhausting the equipped character, you can negate any payment power effect. That's pretty significant. It doesn't have to be an activated power; it doesn't have to be a character's power. As long as the effect is that of a "payment power" you can negate it with Utility Belt.

You might be asking yourself "what exactly is a payment power, anyway?" Well, a payment power is any effect that contains an arrow "->"…This can be something like Avalon Space Station, Garth's pay 3 endurance, Longshot's activated ability, ANYTHING that has an arrow in the effect.

Anything before the arrow is a cost, and even though the effect becomes negated, the cost MUST be paid. So, if you use your Utility Belt to negate an opposing Avalon Space Station, they still have to discard, as that is the cost to activate the power. Everything after the arrow is the effect, and that would ALL be negated.

Because the equipment has a recruit cost of 0, you can play it on your character during your recruit step at any time (even if you don't have any resource points left), but remember, you can only recruit this on to a Gotham Knights character.

In sealed, there will always be lots of Gotham Knights characters floating around, but you can't assume your opponent will have lots of cards with payment power effects. So, while this is an excellent card to include in your sealed deck or draft, it certainly wouldn't be a first pick. I would recommend you include any necessary characters, plot twists and locations first, and then if you're deciding between a few cards for the last couple of spots, Utility Belt will certainly fill the bill.

Even if you never negated one effect, having your character be able to attack as though it had flight and range is wonderful.

Marvel Modern Age: N/A
DC Modern Age: N/A (by the time DC Modern Age rolls around, Green Lantern will be out, and DC Origins will not be allowed).

Golden Age:

Sealed: 3/5 – Certainly an addition to any sealed deck, but if you can't fit it in, don't.

Constructed: 4/5 – You're bound to find lots of payment powers to negate and the addition of being able to attack as though you had flight and range is great, too. Utility Belt is a very solid choice in any Gotham Knights deck, almost always worthy of at least one spot.
Don't forget, Alfred can search this out as necessary.

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