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Pojo's VS System Card of the Day

  Scarlet Witch
– Eldritch Enchantress

Marvel Knights

Date Reviewed: 04.01.05

Constructed Average Rating: 3
Limited Average Rating: 1.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale
1 being the worst. 3 ... average.
5 is the highest rating.


Scarlet Witch – Eldritch Enchantress

No week would be complete unless we included a look at the newest card for the Brotherhood affiliation. Therefore, today we are going to review the latest Scarlet Witch to join the team – Scarlet Witch – Eldritch Enchantress.

Scarlet Witch has always been a great support character for the Brotherhood affiliation, and this newest 2-drop addition is no different. As a 2-drop character, her 2/2 stats are somewhat par for the course. She has no loyalty or limitations, so if she is one of the few 2-drop characters you pull in a limited setting at least you are not out by much. Her affect states, “When Scarlet Witch comes into play, you may have target opponent lose 1 endurance for each other Brotherhood character you control. If you do, return Scarlet Witch to her owner's hand.” This makes Scarlet Witch extremely handy for any Brotherhood deck version in play right now. Although I prefer the 5-drop Scarlet Witch for my Brotherhood arsenal (since it can be potentially devastating for your opponent), I think that this character can certainly stand on her own. I can definitely see this card being played in a TNB build or Big Brotherhood build as it helps round out the curve of a previously lacking 2-drop area. When you consider the fact that this character was one of the first of the newly expanded characters to see top tier play, it says a lot about the potential of this card.

Modern Age – 0.0/5.0 …With no Brotherhood affiliation in this format, there is no need to even consider this card for this format.
Golden Age – 3.0/5.0 …This character can burn or boost which are pretty good qualities in this format.

Limited – 2.0/5.0 ….You may not use her ability in this format, but then again at least you have something that can help protect your endurance.

Johnny Blaze
Scarlet Witch – EE – Another team affiliated character mixed into things with the release of MMK. Scarlet Witch keeps her Brotherhood affiliation and now offers you a choice to use her as one of your 2 drop spots.

With range and 2/2 nothing too powerful here but her real power comes within her bounce/burn like ability that could be used every turn. You can recruit Scarlet Witch then cause 1 endurance loss per every other Brotherhood character you control then return her to your hand.

Constructed: 2.5/5 – Another option for a burn type deck. Although I don’t see her making the cut into many BBH or NBH decks she could really be used in junction with her 5 drop counterpart.

Limited: 1/5 – Not nearly enough Brotherhood characters to justify drafting her over other characters that you really need with Team Affiliation.
Scarlet Witch, Eldritch Enchantress

Our last card this week has already been popping up in New Brotherhood decks, but will probably disappear during Marvel Modern Age. TNB is all about the small character, and Scarlet Witch fits the bill, 2/2 for 2.
Most people will save her for later turns when they can recruit her a couple times and burn the opponent for 6-10 points of damage, although she'll still be decent with a couple of copies of The New Brotherhood in play. Lost City decks like her too, as she can power up your 5 drop Scarlet Witch. She won't make much of a dent in Modern Age, although if Marvel Knights ever pops up in a swarm deck with Midnight Sons, she could be making an appearance. Her major impact will be in Golden Age though, as we're seeing right now.

In Limited, she's not so good. Only one other Brotherhood card in Modern, and it's in Web of Spider man, so her only chance of getting out is with Midnight Sons, and even that will be slim. Still, surprise burn damage is always nice, especially if you have a couple of spare resource points just lying around.

Contructed (Modern) - 2/5
Constructed (Golden) - 4/5
Limited - 1.5/5

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