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Pokemon SNAP Frequently asked Questions
(The Snap FAQ's are maintained by Rex Lee)

POJO NOTE: These are my strategies, but not the best! I’m tired of answering emails EVERYDAY about my strategies being horrible compared to theirs! If you’ve got a better way of taking Pokémon pictures, then tell everyone else! Don’t yell at me!

Q. How do you get Pikachu to ride on Articuno?
A. This is hard to do, so you’d better listen. In the cave where the Zubat flies off with the Pikachu, you have to free the Pikachu by tossing pester balls at it. This is very hard to do. Don’t be discouraged if you miss. If you’re lucky, you’ll get it quickly. This automatically releases Pikachu balloons picture. Anyway, after you do that, you’ll have to wake up Articuno using the PokéFlute. The Articuno will fly away, towards the way you cam into the cavern. When you get to the Jigglypuff stage, turn around and wait, even though you’ll still be moving. You’ll eventually see sparkles, then an Articuno. Look closer. See a yellow blob on it? It’s Pikachu. Get snappin, because you have little time to do this. I only got three pictures of Pikachu on Articuno before I exited the level.

Q. All my pictures of Lapras are all far away. How do you get a good picture of Lapras?
A. In the beach, I always look out towards the shore, ONLY focusing on Lapras, nothing else. Usually I see a Lapras or two, but far away. When I see a Lapras close enough worthy of pictures, I take the picture. My best pic. of a close, centered Lapras, about to emaerge into the sea was after the 2nd bridge that leads you to the Kangaskhan. Immediately after the boulder, I saw a large Lapras, close by, with a few others in the background.

Q. How do I get Muk?
A. In the cave, you’ll see Grimers all around, but no Muk. Take three pictures of anyone Grimer, than toss food or a pesterball at a Grimer closer to you. It’ll evolve into Muk.

Q. Are there more than 63 pokémon in Pokémon Snap?
A. I get A LOT of emails about this, all leading to one, simple answer:

Nope. Only sixty-three. People in their emails also include that they’ve seen pictures of pokémon like a REAL Mewtwo in Pokémon Snap, or Mew being in every level. Well, sorry, I have no connections to anyone in Nintendo, Game Freaks, or Creatures INC. To my knowledge, there are only 63 pokémon in the game, no REAL Mewtwos, and Mew is only in Rainbow Cloud. Here’s a list of the pokémon found in Pokémon Snap:

#1 Bulbasaur #4 Charmander #5 Charmeleon #6 Charizard #7 Squirtle #11
Metapod #12 Butterfree #14 Kakuna #16 Pidgey #25 Pikachu #27 Sandshrew #28
Sandslash #37 Vulpix #39 Jigglypuff #41 Zubat #45 Vileplume #50 Diglett #51
Dugtrio #52 Meowth #54 Psyduck #56 Mankey #58 Growlithe #59 Arcanine #60
Polywag #70 Weepinbell #71 Victreebel #74 Geodude #75 Graveler #78 Rapidash
#79 Slopoke #80 Slowbro #81 Magnemite #82 Magneton #84 Doduo #88 Grimer #89
Muk #90 Shellder #91 Cloyster #93 Haunter #101 Electrode #109 Koffing #113
Chansey #115 Kangaskhan #118 Goldeen #120 Staryu #121 Starmie #123 Scyther
#124 Jynx #125 Electabuzz #126 Magmar #129 Magikarp #130 Gyarados #131
Lapras #132 Ditto #133 Eevee #137 Porygon #143 Snorlax #144 Articuno #145
Zapdos #146 Moltres #147 Dratini #149 Dragonite #151 Mew

Q. How do I get the PokéFlute?
A. Well, I’ve heard that the actually guide says you need 180,000 points. Well, I’ve gotten 195,000 points and still I don’t have the Flute. I got the flute after getting A LOT of different pokémon pictures and A LOT more points than 180,000.

Q. Where do I find Arcanines and Growlithes?
A. In the volcano level, in the last room/area place where you see a charmelion on the left, look to the right and you’ll see 3 craters. Toss a pesterball in each one, and either an Arcanine or a Growlithe will pop out! Arcanines are harder to get. The order is also all random.

Q. How do you get a decent picture of Mew? I always get a picture of it far away!
A. After knocking it out of the protective barrier it's in, throw pester balls or food at it. This'll require lots of good aim and timing, because Mew isn't large. If you suceed, the Mew will pause in it's tracks. You then zoom up to it- using th `R` button function, forgot what the name was. Anyway, Mew will turn around and look at you. It'll also stop moving. Get real close to it and start takin' pictures! If you miss a good shot, you'll get to do it again, without going through the process of knocking him out of the barrier.

Q. Where are the six scenery pictures?
A. There's one scenery picture in each level. In the first level, near the beginning, you'll pass an object that looks like a hut. Then you'll see a bunch of jagged rocks. That's the first scenery picture. If you can't see it, imagine a Kingler. Now take a look at it. The second scenery pic is probably the hardest. When you see the Pikachu, the second time inside that room with a bouncing egg (Zapdos), You'll have to wake up Zapdos by luring the Pikachu towards the egg with food, than you play the PokéFlute, waking up the Zapdos. Then you coast through most of the other room, looking to your right. You should see a shadow of a Pinsir. That's your second Scenery Pic. In the third level, immediately throw a pester ball into the first crater to your left. Watch the smoke carefully. See anything? I see a Koffing. Do you? That's your scenery pic. In the fourth level, you might've seen a Vileplume in the ground. Play the PokéFlute to make it come out and dance. Notice that oddly shaped tree right above the ledge where the Vileplume is dancing? Wait for Vileplume's pollen to clear, than start snappin. That's your fourth scenery pic, a Cubone. In the fifth level, the scenery pic is in the room with the Koffings annoying the Jigglypuffs. Look around in the room and you should see some lights gleaming in the shadows of the wall. That's your 5th scenery pic, a Mewtwo. The sixth scenery pic's a no brainer. When you start the level, you'll see three oddly shaped mountains, far ahead. It's a Dugtrio. That's your sixth scenery pic.

Q. I know that the Bulbasaurs in the Caves are all really Dittos. Are there any REAL Bulbasaurs in the game?
A. Yes- in the River level. To your left, you'll see some tree trunks. Look closer to the top. You'll see part of Bulbasaur's bulb. Those Bulbasaurs are real. After knocking it off the trunks (Use pesterballs), lure it closer to you with food. It'll even dive into the water!

Q. Where do you find Gyrados?
A. Gyrados can be found only in one level- the Valley. At the beginning, you'll see a Magikarp flailing at the first bend of the river. Throw pester balls at it, knocking it towards the Mankey. The Mankey will swat it far, far away. Then, when you get to the place where you'd see Gravellers dancing from the PokéFlute, You'll see a beached Magikarp. Throw a pester ball at it. It'll get knocked into the water fall to your right. After a few moments, a Gyrados will appear!

Q. How many "Special" shots of Pikachu are there in the game? An example is Pikachu riding Electrode, and Pikachu surfing.
A. Besides Pikachu getting hit with a Pester ball or dancing, there are a total of six. Two in the first level- Pikachu surfing, Pikachus on the tree trunks; one in the second level- Pikachu riding Electrode; none in the third level, one in the fourth- a fast Pikachu, two in the fifth level- Pikachu on balloons, pikachu on an Articuno, and none in the sixth.




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