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Pokemon SNAP Walk-Thru
This walk-thru was submitted by Ang Xu.


  1. Pokedex and Signs
  2. Walkthrough
  1. Pokedex and Signs
  2. 1) Bulbasaur – At the river stage, there’s a log that’s fallen down, throw an apple in front of it, a bulbasaur will come running out. If you have the pokeflute, play it, and the other two bulbasaur will come down dancing.

    4) Charmander – there are many in the volcano stage, keep on the watch.

    5) Charmeleon – right after the moltres egg in the volcano, there’s a magmar and a charmander on a platform, throw an apple right between them and watch them fight, charmander will evolve. There’s also a charmeleon near the end of the stage too.

    6) Charizard – Knock the charmeleon near the end into the lava pool, it’ll evolve, and if you throw an apple at it, it’ll throw flames at you.

    7) Squirtle – at the beginning of the valley stage, there are shells floating in the water, hit them onto land with pesterballs.

    11) Metapod – at the river stage, there are several hanging down and if you throw a pester ball at it, it’ll comedown for you to get a closer look.

    12) Butterfree – tons in the beach stage, can see them quite easily.

    14) Kakuna – there are quite a few in the tunnel stage, when you first enter the tunnel, there will be several hanging down, better get one before they go up again.

    16) Pidgey – many in the beach stage.

    25) Pikachu – several in the beach and tunnel stage, and one in the cave and river stage.

    27) Sandshrew – At the beginning of the valley stage, there are several geodudes hanging from the wall to your right, throw pester balls at them to make them fall, then a sandshrew will pop out.

    28) Sandslash – Right after the sandshrews, there are 2 geodudes on the wall and a graveler on top, hit the geodudes to make the graveler fall and thus, making the sandshrew pop up.

    37) Vulpix – Quite easily seen in the volcano stage, 3 in all.

    39) Jigglypuff – In the cave stage, save them from the Koffings with pester balls and they’ll sing for you at the end.

    41) Zubat – they fly around in the tunnel and cave stage.

    45) Vileplume  in the river stage across from the Slowpokes, Vileplume can be seen venting.  Play your flute to see it dance.

    50) Diglett – playing with the pikachu right after the zapdos egg.

    51) Dugtrio – take pictures of the diglett and another will pop out, keep on taking pictures and a dugtrio will pop out.

    52) Meowth – lots on the beach.

    54) Psyduck – they swim around in the river stage, if you throw some thing at them, they’ll start jumping out of the water.

    56) Mankey – quite a few in the valley stage.

    58) Growlithe – At the end of the volcano stage, throw pester balls into the mini volcanos to your right and a growlithe (possibly a arcainine) will pop out.

    59) Arcainine – see 58)

    60) Poliwag – some at the beginning of the river stage to your right.

    70) Weepinbell – about mid way through the cave, there’ll be a weepinbell wondering around a pool, hit it in to get a victreebell.

    71) Victreeball – see 70)

    74) Geodude – see 27)

    75) Graveler – see 28) there’s also 3 gravelers to your left by the waterfall, play the flute.

    78) Rapidash – at the beginning of the volcano stage.

    79) Slowpoke – there are two in the river stage, look to your left.

    80) Slowbro – there’s a circle like stump to the slowpoke’s left, lure it there with apples and it’ll go bobbing for a parasite and evolve.

    81) Magnemite – near the end of the tunnel stage.

    82) Magneton – get all 3 magnemites together with apples and they’ll turn into a magneton.

    84) Doduo – one right before the pikachu in the beach, and another one in the beach.

    88) Grimer – there are 3 in the cave, keep a close watch.

    89) Muk – On the grimer to your left when you reach the 3 bulbasaurs (which are really dittos) in the cave, throw about 10 or 15 pester balls at it and it’ll evolve.

    90) Shellder – it’ll pop out of the river in the river stage.

    91) Cloyster – see 90)

    93) Haunter – take pictures of the purple floating things and it’ll come out as haunters.

    101) Electrode – lots in the tunnel stage.

    109) Koffing – see 39)

    113) Chansey – when you see eevee chasing a ball at the beach stage, throw an apple at the ball to make it reveal itself.

    115) Kangaskan – almost to the end of the beach stage, throw an apple to make it turn around.

    118) Goldeen – very hard, have to be quick with your cameras, throw pester balls and apples into the river at the valley stage.

    120) Staryu – there are 3 floating in the air at the valley, take enough pictures of them, and they’ll follow you around.

    121) Starmie – get a staryu to follow you around, when you get to the whirlpool, the staryu(s) will go into it and return as starmie(s)

    123) Scyther – throw pester balls into the grass fields at the beach stage, especially where the grass are moving.

    124) Jynx – near the end of the cave stage, play the flute to wake them up and also make Articuno come out.

    125) Electrobuzz – lots in the tunnel.

    126) Magmar – a lot in the volcano.

    129) Magikarp – there are a lot in the game, throw stuff into pools etc. and they’ll pop out.

    130) Gyrados – there’s a magikarp at the beginning of the valley stage, hit it with a pester ball and you’ll see it flipping over to mankey, with punches it, eh, not gonna tell. When you come to the 3 gravelers or the waterfall, be on the watch, when the magikarp drops, throw a pester ball at it and watch it flip over to the waterfall, tada!

    131) Lapras – there are actually several in the beach stage, play the flute to make them come nearer keep a watch to your right.

    132) Ditto – those "bulbasaurs" at the cave are really dittos, throw pester balls at them to make them reveal their true identity.

    133) Eevee – see 113)

    137) Porygon – those things floating around in the middle of the river stage are porygons, throw pesterballs at them to make them reveal themselves.

    143) Snorlax – there’s a huge tummy at the beginning of the beach stage, throw pester balls at it or play the flute.

    144) Articuno – see 124)

    145) Zapdos – there’s an egg about half way through the tunnel, get the pikachu near it using apples and play the flute, zapdos will pop out.

    146) Moltres – pretty obvious on the volcano stage. Throw something at the egg and it’ll turn into moltres.

    147) Dratini – throw pester balls and apples in to the river in the valley stage.

    149) Dragonite – throw pesterballs into the whirlpool.

    151) Mew – in the rainbow cloud, get it out of it’s orb.


    Beach – at the beginning (right about when the first butterfree appears), there is a rock to your left, look back and take a picture.

    Tunnel – When you enter the first gate, there will be a pikachu next to an egg, lure him to it and play the flute, zapdos will pop out, before the magnemites, look to your right to see a pinsir looking shadow, take pictures of that.

    Volcano – Throw pester balls into the volcano at the beginning, at the third time, a koffing looking smoke will pop out.

    River – right before the metapods on your right, play the flute and a vileplum will pop out, look behind it and photograph that tree looking thing.

    Cave – Look to see the 3rd jigglypuff who comes out of a cave, look into it and take pictures of the big constellation.

    Valley – take pictures of the dugtrio mountain at the beginning.

  3. Walkthrough


How to get here: the beginning stage

Take a few pictures of pidgey in the beginning, right after that, a doduo will pop out, get it quick, there’s a pikachu right after it, you can try to lure it to the surfboard, you’ll get a special with the picture. Get some picture of butterfree and lapras, who’s swimming in the ocean, play the flute to lure it closer. Right after that, a snorlax lies sleeping, throw a pester ball at it or play the flute (when you get them). There’s a mefowth on the cliff ahead, throw a pester ball to make it fall and do funny things like flexing, etc. Next, in the grass field, there’s a scyther in the field, throw pester balls into where the grass are moving, after it appear, 2 pikachus will come running down to 2 tree stumps to your left and start doing back flips, it you play the flute, both of them will start doing thundershocks. There’s a bridge after that, throw some apples or pester balls in to find some magikarps, then, we find eevee chasing a ball, hit the ball with apples or pester balls and it’ll turn into chansey, another scyther in the grass field. Now we come to Kangaskan, to make him face you, you got to throw stuff at him, he’ll only dance to 1 kind of music by the way. Poor Meowth, the pidgeys that he’s been chasing uses gust (may be whirlwind, who knows?), finally we come to, the end.


How to get here: photograph 6 types of pokemon in the beach stage

There’s a pikachu at the beginning, take a picture of it to make it move, yet another to make it go on a electrode. There’ll be an electrobuzz chasing an electrode. There are kakunas once you enter the cave, and right after the gate opens, a zubat will come flying out. There’s a pikachu to your left, lure it to the egg ahead and play the flute, a zapdos will pop out. By the way take pictures of the purple thing, it’s a haunter. Once after the second gate, take pictures of the diglett, another will appear, take pictures of that, keep on doing this until you have a dugtrio pop out. There are some magnemites at the end, lure them together with apples to make a magneton. (don’t forget to take pictures of the magnemites first.)


How to get here: throw an apple at the end of the tunnel stage at an electrode to your right.

There are some Rapidashes at the beginning, some vulpixes after that, and when you get to the part with the 2 charmanders, wait till they are together and throw an apple, they’ll call their buddies. Now, at the place where magmar and charmander are together, throw an apple between them and watch charmander evolve, throw an apple between the magmars and see them kill each other. Throw pester balls into the mini volcanos at the end to make growlithe and arcainine pop out. Also, you can get charizard by getting charmeleon (at the end) into the lava pool (hit him with an apple). Throw an apple at charizard and watch the fireworks!


How to get here: earn enough points

There are magikarps, shellders, cloysters, and psyducks in the river, there are some poliwags in the beginning, lure them to you with apples. There are some slowpokes along the way too, lure them to the tree stumps and watch them evolve, there is also a vileplume and some metapods through out the stage, 2 porygons have camouflaged themselves though. And if you want agility, throw an apple at the pikachu at the end, you’ll have to be fast though.


How to get here: there’s a switch at the end of the river stage, throw a pester ball at the thing above it and a porygon will pop out and press the button.

There is a ditto disguised as a bulbasaur. There are grimers from the beginning to about the middle, throw pester balls at the last one and make the grimer evolve. There is a weepinbell too, throw an apple to make it fall into the pool and watch it evolve. Save the 3 jigglypuffs to watch them sing, at the end though. Be sure to take pictures of the koffings first though. Play the flute when you get to the jynx. An articuno will pop out.


How to get here: earn enough points

There are a lot of pokemon like squirtle (beginning and end), mankey (everywhere), goldeen (beginning and end) etc. throw pester balls at geodudes and watch other pokemon like sandshrew, sandslash, or graveler pop up or down. To get gyrados, throw pester balls at the magikarp in the beginning, get it to mankey and when you get to the waterfall, throw another pesterball at it and out comes the sea serpent. Get a staryu and make it follow you to the whirlpool to evolve. While you are there, throw pester balls into the whirlpool to make a dragonite pop out.

Rainbow Cloud:

How to get here: First at the very end of the valley, there’s a mountain, you have to hit a squirtle with the pester ball and make it hit mankey, after the mankey pops down hit it with a pester ball and you’ll get to a secret valley, get all the signs and walla!

No much to say, throw pesterballs or apples at the orb and wait till it leaves completely, then throw an apple at it and play the flute, good luck!




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