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Pokemon Trading Card Game - for Gameboy
Official Strategy Guide

Looking for a little help with the Trading Card Game for the gameboy?  Includes strategies for building decks, descriptions of available decks, and a Pokedex.  Save $3 off the cover price right now.  

Pokemon Stadium - Official Strategy Guide

Pokemon Stadium can be a tricky game to defeat.  This book is very helpful with charts and tips.  Pick it up for about $10!  


Pokemon - Trading Card Game 
Fossil Expansion Player's Guide

The creator of the famous HAYMAKER deck - Brian Brokaw - and contributor to PoJo's Pokemon Site, and PoJo's Pokemon Magazine is back with his second book that takes a look at the Fossil Expansion.   Snap it up for about $13!


Pokemon - Trading Card Game Player's Guide

The creator of the famous HAYMAKER deck - Brian Brokaw - co-authors this book.  I finally got my hands on this book.  Now let me put this bluntly.  If you play, collect, or trade the Pokemon Trading Cards, then you should buy this book!.  This book takes a detailed look at the TCG.  The book is in full-color on high quality paper and features the most in-depth analysis available, including winning strategies from the top tournament players around the world.  Snap it up for about $13!

Pokemon Snap

This is a fantastic book on Pokemon Snap.  Pokemon Snap is a unique and addicting game for the Nintendo 64.  If you are having trouble capturing all the Pokemon, this book will help out immensely.  The only book you'll ever need for SNAP!   Only like $10 at Amazon.com 

Pokemon Guide

Pokemon: Official Strategy Guide Book

This is a must have strategy guide for anyone playing the Pokemon game on the Gameboy.  It covers both the Red and Blue Versions of the game.   The book is in full color.  Maps and pictures on every page.  Their are maps of all the cities, towns, streets, and dungeons.  A complete Pokedex with pictures and locations of all 150 Pokemon.  Info on all the TM's & HM's.   And whereabouts of all items.  What more could you want for $10?!  You gotta catch it!

Pokemon Book - NEW!

Pokemon Book

"Pokemon" is an enjoyable, illustrated storybook that follows the path of the role-playing adventure in the Game Boy game and, therefore, provides a complete walkthrough of the game.

112 pages of coolness for only $8.  What a bargain.

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