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Pokemon Gameboy Frequently asked Questions

Q: Is there really a Mew?  Can I catch Mew?
A: I don't want to touch this with a 10 ft. pole.  View our tips page if you want to try some of the goofy tips.   The only way we knew to get him was to win the contest in Pokémon Power Issue 6 in Volume 116 (January 1999) of Nintendo Power (it's too late to enter).  Well, you can also catch him, by cheating with a Gameshark  :-)

Q: Can I catch MissingNo?  Should I?
A: MissingNo is not a Pokémon, but an accidental game flaw.  Don't Catch it! It will simply ruin your game!  Trust us here.  If you accidentally catch it, release it.  It was not Nintendo's intent to make a 000 Pokemon.

Q: Can I trade US Pokémon with the Japanese Pokémon?
A: No, the US version and Japanese version of Pokémon are not compatible.

Q: What does "Area Unknown" mean in my Pokédex?
A: That means that there is no known location to find that Pokémon, it may have to be evolved from another Pokémon.

Q: After getting a badge, the trainer told me that I can use Flash/Cut/etc. How do I use it?
A: You must first find the related HM.

Q: How can I get more money after defeating all of the other trainers?
A: You can get more money by using Pay Day in battle.  You can also keep beating the Elite 4 to get more $$.

Q: What is the difference between the Red version and Blue version?
A: The only difference is what Pokémon you can find in the game. The story, bosses, item locations, and gameplay are all identical in both versions. This is a listing of the wild Pokémon that can only be captured on their respective paks:

Blue Red
Bellsprout Arbok
Magmar Arcanine
Meowth Electabuzz
Ninetales Ekans
Persian Gloom
Pinsir Growlithe
Sandshrew Mankey
Sandslash Oddish
Victreebell Primeape
Vulpix Scyther

Q: How many Pokémon can I get without trading with anyone? How many are on one game pak?
A: The maximum number of Pokémon available on one color of game pak is 139, however, four of these must be traded to another gamepak (of either color) in order to change into its next form. This maximum number also includes all of the Pokémon that must be chosen, for instance: In the beginning of the game, you must choose between three different Pokémon. All three of these Pokémon are included in the number even though you can only pick one of them.

Q: I fought a (Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mewtwo, Snorlax) why won't he fight me again?
A: You only have one chance (or two in the case of Snorlax) to defeat and capture these Pokémon. If you lost to these guys, you should restart the game from your last save, and try again.  Read our walk-thru for tips on catching these

Q: When I try to attack with my Pokémon, it just ignores me. Why won't my Pokémon Obey me?
A: That Pokémon's level is too high for you to control it. Until you get the corresponding Badge for its level, you will not be able to control it.

Q: How can I catch another trainer's Pokémon?
A: You cannot catch another trainer's Pokémon. You can only catch a Pokémon you have encountered in the wild.

Q: Can I stop my Pokémon from evolving? Will they be able to evolve later?
A: Yes, just press the B Button while they are changing to stop the evolution. As the character continues to gain levels, they will attempt to evolve again.

Q: What is the difference between normal and boosted experience?
A: Only traded Pokémon will gain boosted experience. They get about one and a half times the experience a normal Pokémon would get. Traded Pokémon grow faster, but they are weaker.

Q: What difference does the Pokémon type make?
A: The most important thing about a Pokémon is their attack types. The key to defeating any Pokémon is using an attack of the type that it is weak against. For instance: A Fire Pokémon will be strong against Ice attacks, but it will be weak against Water attacks. If you attack another Pokémon with the type of attack that they are weak against, you will do more damage.

Q: How can I win more money at the Game Corner?
A: The slot machines in the Game Corner have different odds. Experiment with them to see which one pays out the most frequently, and stick with it.

Q:: What does the little Pokeball next to a Pokémon in the Pokédex mean? Why does the game say I own more than I have?
A: It represents the fact that you have had a particular Pokémon in your possession, either by capturing it or by evolving a different Pokémon. It does not necessarily mean that you currently have access to that Pokémon.

Q: Why does my screen keep flashing while I am walking around?
A: One of your Pokémon has been either poisoned, burned, or frozen. To fix this, you must return to a Pokémon Center and heal them, or give them an appropriate cure for what ails them. If you do not heal them, they will keep being damaged and eventually faint.

Q: Who is this guy that rates my nicknames? How do I change the nickname of a Pokémon?
A: You can speak to the official name rater in the bottom middle building in Lavender Town and he will sometimes allow you to change the name of a Pokémon. You will not always be allowed to change the name though.

Q: How come this man won't let me walk past just outside Viridian City?
A: If you go to the top of Viridian City, there will be a cranky old man who will not let you pass. This is another of the RPG elements of the game. In order to get past this man, you must give the package to Prof Oak and get the
Pokedex. Once you have the Pokédex, if you return to this old man, he will now let you pass.

Q: Is it possible to capture all 150 Pokemon on a Game Pak without trading?
A: Sorry, you’ll have to trade.

Q: Should I stop a Pokemon from evolving?
A: It’s up to you. Don’t effect the game too much really.  Some people like Pikachu just the way he is.

Q: Where can I find Cut?
A: Cut is found aboard the S.S. Anne. It is a gift from the captain of the ship after you give him a good back massage while he's tossing his cookies.

Q: Where can I find Flash?
A: When you emerge from the Viridian Forest side of Diglett's Cave, go south to find Prof. Oak's Aide, who will give you the Flash HM, but only if you have collected 15 different Pokemon.

Q: Where can I find Fly?
A: In the recluse's house, north of Cycling Road. Use cut to reach her.

Q: Where can I find Strength HM?
A: First, you must find the Warden's Teeth in the Safari Zone. When you return them to him, he will give you the Strength HM.

Q: Where can I find Surf HM?
A: You can find the Surf HM at the secret house in the Safari Zone. You can't use Surf until you win the Soul Badge from Koga in Fuchsia City.

Q: How do I use a TM or HM?
A: Press Start. Select Item. Select the TM or HM and the Pokemon Screen will appear. If a Pokemon is "able", you can teach the Pokemon the move.

Q: How do I use Cut and Surf?
A: First you must have the proper badge that allows you to use these moves outside of battle (see the instruction manual that came with the game). Second, you must be in the right places, facing a bush or standing near water.

Q: Where are the three different Fishing Rods?
A: Old Rod >Found in Virmillion City; Good Rod >Found on the fishing docks south of Lavender Town; Super Rod >Found in Fuchsia City

Q: What does the Moon Stone do?
A: It evolves certain Pokemon, such as Clefairy.  But don't evolve Clefairy too soon.

Q: Is there a place to buy Moon Stones?
A: No, you'll have to find them.

Q: How do I get past the Saffron City Gate Guards?
A: The Guards are thirsty. On the roof of the Celadon City Department Store, there are vending machines that dispense bottles of water. Give one of the guards a bottle and he will let you pass.

Q: Where are the Fire Stones, Water Stones, etc.?
A: You can buy all these stones except Moon Stones in the Celadon Dept. Store.

Q:: Can the Stones (Fire, Water, Moon, etc.) be used more than once?
A: No.

Q: What does the Nugget do?
A: It’s only good for $5000 by trading at a mart. Take the money and run.

Q: Is there a place in the game I can get all three Starting Pokemon?
A: No, you must trade for them (between two gameboy games).

Q: How do I catch Tauros (or any other Pokemon) in the Safari Zone?
A: Sweat and tears. Just keeping tossing those Pokeballs.

Q: Where can I find Pikachu early in the game?
A: At the Power Plant. Otherwise, a lot of searching in the southern end of the Viridian Forest. Another option is to trade with a friend.

Q: How do I get to the Power Plant?
A: Get to Route 9 and dive into the river to the north. Swim south until you see dry land leading to the Power Plant.

Q: Where is the Master Ball? Is there more than one?
A: There is only one Master Ball in the game. You will receive it when you save the president of Silph Co. Save this for a tough to catch Pokemon (see the walk-thru).

Q: How do I get past the guards blocking the Card Key in Silph Co.?
A: This is a little tricky, be patient. Go to the guard in the southwest and step on the Warp Tile near him. You will warp to the ninth floor. Step back on the tile, and face south as you do so. When you return to the fifth floor, step off the tile to the south and continue right to get the key.

Q: How do you use DIG and where can you DIG?
A:You can use it like the other HMs. Use it to escape caves.

Q: How do I enter the Saffron Gym?
A: Beat Giovanni at the top of the Silph Company.

Q: How do I get into Silph Co.  A guard is blocking the way.
A: You have to beat everyone at the Fighting DoJo, then the guard will move away and take a siesta.

Q: Which Pokeball (besides the Master Ball) is best against Mewtwo?
A: Ultra Balls and Sleep Attacks work best.

Q: Where can I find Mr. Mime?
A: In a small hut south of the Viridian Forest.

Q: How do I wake up the sleeping Pokemon "Snorlax"?
A: Use the Poke Flute.

Q: Where is the Poke Flute?
A: In the Pokemon Tower in Lavender Town. You must first save Mr. Fugi from Team Rocket inside.

Q: Where is the Earth Badge?
A: You will find the Earth Badge in the Viridian Gym after you defeat the other seven Gym Leaders.

Q: Where do I find Mewtwo?
A: In the Unknown Dungeon, north of Cerulean City.

Q: Where is the Unknown Dungeon?
A: North of Cerulean City.  The unknown dungeon only becomes accessible after you've completed a bout against the elite four and finished the game.

Q: How do I see ghosts?
A: You need to defeat the head of team rocket in the game corner.  You will get the Silph Scope then.

Q: What do I do with the Dome or Helix Fossil?
A: Bring it to the Cinnabar Lab to create new Pokemon. You can only get one Fossil per game.

Q: What do I do with the Old Amber?
A: Bring it to the Cinnabar Lab to get a dinosaur Pokemon

Q: How do I decode Lt. Surge's Password?
A: Look in the trashcans in front of the locked door. There are two switches. If you find one, the other one is in the next can.

Q: What does the programmer in Celadon City give me when I collect 150 Pokemon?
A: He just gives you a diploma, which is essentially worthless, except to say you got it.

Q: Where can I get a bike?
A: You get a voucher in Vermillion, and trade the voucher in Cerulan Bike Shop

Q: When is Pokemon 2 coming out?
A: We have no idea, but keep watching our news section.

Q: I found MissingNO, Pokémon #000 and now my graphics are messed up. What can I do?
A: When players capture MissingNO, their game can perform strangely, and the graphics will often become scrambled. The MissingNO Pokémon is most often found if player incorrectly performs the Fight Safari Zone Pokemon trick. To fix the scrambled graphics, try releasing the MissingNO Pokémon. If the problem persists, the only solution at this time is to re-start the game (this means erasing your current game and starting a brand new one).

Q: What is the "Fight Safari Zone Pokémon" trick?
A:This trick allows you to fight and catch the Safari Zone Pokémon outside of the Safari Zone.
1. First, you must have a Pokémon with the Surf Ability.
2. Go to the Safari Zone and go to the area where the Pokémon you are trying to catch is found. Stay in the section until your time runs out.
3. Go to the Seafoam Islands by Surfing south of Fuchsia City. Make sure you do not
encounter any enemies on the way, or the trick will not work. This does not include the Pokémon in the water on the way there.
4. At the edge of the islands, there is a strip of the screen that is half land, and half water. Surf on this section and just keep going up and down on it. When you
encounter an enemy, it will be the Pokémon from the Safari Zone section you just left. This time though, you will be able to fight them and use the other Balls on them. Note: Using this trick in other areas may cause the MisingNo Quirk (noted above). If the directions are followed, it will work.

This information was obtained from the Nintendo website, various newsgroups, and from input from visitors to this site.  Thanks to everyone.   Something missing?  Let us know.  - The PoJo



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