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POJO NOTE:  We do not use the Gameshark!  If you notice a code on our site doesn't work please make us aware or it!  We want to keep our site as accurate as possible, keep the good codes coming!

 In RED/BLUE and YELLOW you can get Mew if you want to know how use game shark, 
the code for Red/Blue is 0155D8CF for Yellow its 0115D7CF

11-16-99 pokeman2@pacbell.net
For Level 255 Pokemon:
 This is a great code for all you cheaters out there.  First you need these items:
 Ultra Balls or Master Balls
100+ Rare Candies (duplicated by MissingNo.)
10 Protein*
10 Iron*
10 Carbos*
10 Calcium*
10 HP Up*
PP Up*
TMs of your choice depending on the Pokemon
*Use these to make your L:255 Pokemon really powerful.  These are optional items.
 1. Start out by doing the MissingNo. code.
2. Capture a L:101+ Pokemon besides MissingNo.  (You may have noticed other Pokemon besides MissingNo. when you do the code)  [Be sure you have an open spot for your Pokemon to go.  You don't want it to be sent to a box.  Please read my important notes below]
3. (optional) In any order, use up 10 of these items: Protein, Iron, Carbos, Calcium, HP Up.
4. (optional) Use a TM to teach your Pokemon an attack.
5. (optional) Use PP Ups and boost the PP of all of the Pokemon's attacks to the maximum amount.
6. Use however many Rare Candies needed to get your Pokemon to L:255.
7. You're done!  Please read my important notes below.
Important Notes:
 Use the MissingNo. code at your own risk.  This code has caused some cartridges to crash and mess up information on others.
 The Pokemon you can capture depends on how your game identifies Pokemon when you start a new game.  There aren't certain Pokemon you can capture when you do the MissingNo. code with different versions of the game.  I think all cartridges are unique in the identification process.
 You can only use up to 10 of one power enhancing item per Pokemon.
 Only use your L:255 Pokemon during a Game-Link battle.
 Do not use your L:255 Pokemon in wild Pokemon battles or trainer battles.  Doing so will result in your Pokemon gaining experience and dropping to L:100 for some reason.
 Do not use anymore Rare Candies once your Pokemon reaches L:255.  Doing so will result in your Pokemon going to L:0
 Do not store your L:255 Pokemon in your boxes.  Doing so will result in the Level going to 155 and will cause glitches to your Pokemon.
 Please have fun with your new L:255 Pokemon and don't go bragging about how you've won all these battles with it.  Thanks.
Contact Pokeman2
E-mail: pokeman2@pacbell.net

11-16-99 thomassullivanmd@cwix.com
How to catch:
Machamp 017ED8cF
Victorebell 01BED8CF
Alakazam 0195D8CF
Mew 0115D8CF
Gyarados 0116D8CF

7-28-99  Lisjay&jaychapnz 
The mew code is for game shark only it is 0115d8cf walk into a bush and you will find him but unless you have a master ball I sugest you catch him in the viridian forest at level 2 from jamie and shaun

6-15-99 (Sayre9205)
I FINALLY was able to get the codes to fight any trainer! Just as if you wanted to fight any Pokemon, you would enter 01XXD8CF. Now here are the modifiers:
C9 Youngster
CA Bug Catcher
CB Lass
CC Sailor
CD Jr. Trainer M
CE Jr. Trainer F
CF Pokemaniac(or me, since I am one!)
D1 Hiker
D2 Biker
D3 Burglar
D4 Engineer(any Red Alert fans?)
D5 Juggler
D6 Fisherman
D7 Swimmer
D8 Cue Ball
D9 Gambler
DA Beauty
DB Psychic
DC Rocker
DE Tamer
DF Bird Keeper
E0 Blackbelt
E1 Gary#1
E3 Chief(same as Scientist)
E4 Scientist
E5 Giovanni
E6 Rocket
E7 Cool Trainer M
E8 Cool Trainer F
E9 Bruno
EA Brock
EB Misty
EC Lt. Surge
ED Erika
EE Koga
EF Blaine
F0 Sabrina
F1 Gentleman
F2 Gary#2
F3 Gary#3
F4 Lorelei
F5 Channeler
F6 Agatha
F7 Lance
Some of those might be wrong.

6-14-99 (Sayre9205)
Infinite PP:It half-works, but the bottom two moves are uneffected. I'll try and figure out a remedy to get the rest of the code. PsyMew:Didn't I tell you that doesn't work? Anyways, it doesn't and there is never going to be a Pokemon called that.

Really Easy Time Beating the Elite Four:It does work. However, you won't see trainers at all with that code. The remedy to this is JUST 010027D1. They E4 keep the same Pokemon they usually have, but they will be at level 0. In case you were looking for them to be challenging, enter 016427D1. That gets their Pokemon to level 100! If that's still not enoug, you can enter 01FF27D1 and get them to level 255!

Infinite Healt:It works, but you should be careful when using it! Try not to turn it on unless your Pokemon has less than 255 or 511 HP, provided it has more than that at full health.


6-10-99 (Saybre9205) Here's the one for 999 in every stat(including HP):

As for the start with any Pokemon (consider yourself VERY lucky, no one else knows this):

01XX1ED1   Just replace the XX with the proper code for whichever Pokemon you want. As for the 999 in everything, make sure you don't battle a CPU-controlled opponent, or it will shrink down to a REALLY LOW level!
Really easy time beating the elite four:
01017ccf   This will cause the elite four's pokemon disappear and each one will be only a wild oddish at level zero and you can either catch it or you can run and it will appear as if you beat that person.

Missingno. 0120d8cf          - Sara Hopp

Infinite PP:

Infinite Money Use This Code For Rare Candy: 019947D3

Infinite Health For A Pokemon: 01ff16d0

To Get Masters Balls In Pokemon Mart: 01017CCF

Infinite Stuff:
"Safari Zone" Balls: 016447DA
"Safari Zone" Time : 01f00ED7
"Casino Coin": 0199A4D5 0199A5D5

The Pokemon Charmander,Bulbasaur,Squirtle:
0199d8cf for Bulbasaur,
01b0d8cf for Charmander,
01b1d8cf for Squirtle

Getting Eevee: 01??d8cf

No Random Battles: 01033cd1

Getting Mewtwo: O183D8CF
In Order To Catch Mewtwo Type In The Code For Master Ball Get Some And As Soon
As You Get In The Battle Use It

Getting Mew: O115d8cf

Rare Candy: 01287ccf

Getting Eevee
Eevee 66
67 - Flareon
68 - Jolteon
69 - Vapoeon

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