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Pokemon - Walk Through Guide - Gameboy

This excellent walk through guide was developed by Ang Xu.   Thanks immensely Ang!

Pallet Town

(Youíre in your bedroom) Go to the computer and access your PC, get the potion and get downstairs. Go outside, now go to the very north, you should see some grass looking areas, go onto it, before you get far, Prof. Oak will stop you and lead you to his lab. Heíll let you choose a pokemon, choose a pokeball. I recommend squirtle or bulbasaur, but anyone is fine. Before you get out of the lab, Gary will challenge you to your first match, just keep on using the first move. If you win, you get some money, if you lose, Gary gets the bragging rights. One more thing, your pokemon will grow to level 6 if you win.

Route 1

Now that you have a pokemon, go on to the bush in the north and find fights, get your pokemon to level 10. If your pokemon faint (make sure that it doesnít, run from battles if you need to), youíll be back in your house, talk to your mom and go back onto route 1. Make your way through the route, talk to anybody you see, one guy will give you a free potion, another will tell you a "faster" way to get home.

Viridian City

Go directly up and right to that first building (with a "poke" sign on it) and go inside, go up and talk to the nurse behind the counter (yes, itís a nurse, whistle!) sheíll offer to heal your pokemon, select heal. Now go northeast to the pokemart (with a "mart" sign), youíll receive Prof. Oakís Parcel. Go back to Pallet town, picking fights as you go (get your pokemon to level 11).

Pallet Town

Go back into Oakís lab and talk to him, heíll give you and Gary each a pokedex. Now go into Garyís house and get a townís map, despite what Gary said, his sister will still give you map.

Route 1

Now get your pokemon to level 12. Go into Viridian City.

Viridian City

Now heal your pokemon. Get a potion and 6 pokeballs at the pokemart, youíll need them later. Go back to route 1.

Route 1

Capture a pidgey and raise it to level 10, capture a rattata and raise it to level 7 (it should have learned quick attack). Your pokemon should be around level 12 or above, above would be great. Go back to Viridian City.

Route 2

Switch your pidgey as your leading pokemon (or if you have a charmander put that into the lead). Now go north into Viridian Forest. (Donít forget to heal your pokemon at the Viridian poke center first)

Viridian City

Go to the poke center and heal your pokemon, go up and stop when you see an old man. Go left and youíll see a broccoli like bush. Press A and youíll find a secret potion. Now go north to the Viridian Forest.

Viridian Forest (Pokemon catching spree)

Now with a level 10 pidgey leading, the pokemon you started with at level 13, and a level 8 rattata (you wonít be using this much, only to catch some pokemon) youíre ready for the forest. Note: if you got a charmander, put that in front. Immediately go up and turn right into that bush of grass. Now you can find a the 2 caterpillar pokemon (caterpie and weedle), and most importantly, a pikachu! Pika, Pika (sorry, I just had to do it). There're only a few pikachus in either version, youíll just have to have patience. Use this chance to build up your other pokemon, oh, one other thing, use pidgey against bug type pokemon, but not against pikachu, NEVER use a flying pokemon on an electric one. You can use a charmander against both bug and pikachu. Try to get your pidgey to level 12 (if you have a charmander, get that to level 15 and keep your pidgey at level 10). Fight with a caterpie until level 12 (itíll evolve twice), fight with a weedle until level 10 (itíll also evolve twice). Remember to go back to Viridian City if you need medical help. When youíve found a pikachu (took me a while) capture it and go back to Viridian City to heal all your pokemon, plus build your pikachu up to a reasonable level 10, just fight pidgeys, itíll be a synch. Note: your beedrill should be on level 10.

Viridian Forest (getting through the forest)

At the entrance, head northwest to find a pokeball. Go back to the entrance and go right again, follow the path to find a bug catcher trainer, it should be no problem if you have a level 12 butterfree and a 12 pidgey (charmander). Use the butterfree against weedle and the pidgey (charmander) against caterpie. Go up the grass bush, youíll be challenged by another bug trainer. Go up and get the antidote, remember if your monster have fainted or has really bad/low health (what I mean by bad is situations like poisend, etc.), go back to the Viridian City poke center. Use potions and antidotes only if you really must. Keep on going, follow the road as it zigzags through the forest. Keep on going until you reach another fork in the road, you should be facing south when you encounter it. Go right and down to find another potion. From there make your way to the northwest. Thereís another bug trainer in your way but itís nothing you canít handle. Go north and exit. Note: you should have 5 pokemons, a level 13 starting pokemon (15 if you got charmander), a level 12 pidgey (10 if you got a charmander), a level 10 pikachu, a level 12 butterfree, and a level 10 beedrill (store the beedrill in the PC).

Pewter City

Instead of going to Brock, go heal your pokemon and go back to Viridian City instead, and from there, make your way west of town.

Route 22

Try and find both nidorans and a spearow, donít waste your efforts finding a nidorn female if you canít find one, now go north west, and then, huh? Why did we stop???


I missed Gary here my first trip, use your pikachu against his pidgey, use the butterfree if he chose bulbasaur, pikachu if he chose squirtle, or any pokemon against charmander (it has not learned ember). Note: if you use a bulbasaur against charmander, use leech seed and tackle, not vine whip.

Route 23

The guard at the gate wonít let you through, so letís get the badges shall we? Go back through the forest to Pewter City.

Pewter City

Heal your pokemons. Now put an bulbasaur or squirtle (level 12 or 13) in front and head into the pewter city gym. Youíll win very quickly with bubbles and water gun if you have squirtle, or vine whip if you have bulbasaur. Brock will give you the boulder badge and TM 34, which teaches bide (I wouldnít use this, Iíd just sell it it). Note: if you donít have a squirtle or bulbasaur, a level 15 charmander is your best bet, keep a butterfree with confusion with you though, because you might need it to back up charmander. After you finish Brock, go and buy 4 or 5 pokeballs at the pokemart. Heal your pokemons and head northwest to the museum. Talk to everyone, youíll be able to fix the clues together later. Go right from the entrance to the museum and youíll find another bush looking thing, cut it later when you get HM 01 and go inside, youíll find a scientist who will give you Old Amber. Oh, 1 more thing, get an escape rope, youíll need it pretty soon.


Brock has a level 12 Geodude and a level 14 Onix, a squirtle (wartortle) or bulbasaur (ivysaur) would fare best against these guys, if you picked a charmander at the beginning, build it up to level 13 or above, be sure to have a lot of potions. Youíll need a level 12 butterfree to back charmander up, I found out my self, the hard way.

Route 3

Ah, nothing like a scent of fresh air as we step outside, its time to set out on foot again. Note: before you go on route 3, get your pikachu to level 13. There are several trainers on route 3, nothing you canít handle. Just follow this formula: use pidgey (or charmander) against caterpies and grass pokemons, you can also use them against weedles and kakunas but Iíd let my butterfree fight against the poisen pokemon instead, pikachu against flying pokemons or water, butterfree against poisen pokemon and the pokemon you chose at the beginning against the rest. Capture a jigglypuff on the way. Build your pikachu up to level 16, practice experience on spearows and pidgeys. After a long walk, we come to the entrance of Mt. Moon. Heal your pokemons at the pokecenter right next to the entrance and enter Mt. Moon. (Store jigglypuff into someoneís PC)

Mt. Moon

Put a pikachu in the lead for zubats, if a trainer sends out a rock type pokemon, send out wartortle or ivysaur, if they send out a plant or bug pokemon, use pidgey (or charmander, I wouldnít evolve charmander until level 38). Note: if you have a charmander instead, then capture a clefairy and teach it water gun (TM 12). Be sure you also capture a geodude (get it to level 16 if you chose bulbasaur at the beginning) and a paras before you are out of there. Oh and by the way, use the escape rope you bought to get out of Mt. Moon if youíre in trouble.

Walk through for items: (entrance) go up and left, youíll face your first trainer (hopefully, no wild pokemon bothers you). After defeating him, go and get the potion to the left, then go down, you should see another item, itís TM 12 (water gun, you wonít be needing this for quite a long time, unless you have squirtle or charmander, if you have a squirtle, sell it, if you have a charmander, either keep it for later or use it now on clefairy). Now go east, youíll be challenged again. Follow the trail up and right, go through the ladder on the right, follow the road to another ladder, as soon as you walk out of that ladder, youíll find your first team rocket member and a HP UP on the stairs. Go back up to the main floor when you finish the rocket. Go south and youíll be challenged yet again, getting fun isnít it? Go southwest from there to find yet another potion. Go east and youíll find some rare candy (raises one of your pokemonís level by one) go up north to get an escape rope. Be sure to challenge that trainer you passed. Go up north and face yet another trainer, switch your pidgey/butterfree/charmander into the leading pokemon before you challenge her (Iíd go with butterfree, youíll need a level 17 butterfree as soon as you exit Cerulean City). Then go left and then down into another ladder, follow the road to another and challenge the team rocket member, remember to swap your pokemons back before the challenge. Get TM 01 (mega punch) and go back to the main floor. Face another trainer to the south of you. To the left is another one guarding a ladder. Be sure to get the moon stone on the top left corner before going down the ladder. When youíve entered the ladder, follow the trail to another rocket, beware of this one, I had a pretty hard time with him. After you beat the rocket, go back up the OTHER side and follow the road, youíll find some clefairies here, challenge another rocket member and then a greedy little man. Choose a fossil, doesnít matter which fossil you get, they are both good. From there, head west. Go down through the ladder and another one and youíre home free, thank goodness!

Route 4

After that long, (cough, cough) long walk, weíre heading towards Cerulean City. Be sure to pick up TM 04 (whirlwind) and do something with it, I think itís useless, so I sold it. Capture a sandshrew or an ekans, depending on your version. Your pikachu should be at level 22 (donít fight ground type pokemon like sandshrews with pikachu). Jump over the hedge on the east and head towards Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

Heal your pokemon and buy some more pokeballs, deposit all the TMs and escape ropes you didnít use and use your rare candy and HP UP on a pokemon. Deposit your rattata too, if you havenít already. Also store the moonstone into your PC too. Head for the Gym, right next to the pokecenter. If you have a level 22 pikachu, itíll be a very short fight, just use thunder shock.

Cerulean City Gym

You can tell that these guys love water, theyíve transferred the gym into a pool!!! Youíll face 2 lieutenants before you meet Misty.


Misty has a level 18 staryu and a level 21 starmie, bulbsaur or pikachu, or any other plant or electric type pokemon would do. Do not use fire, what ever you do. The cascade badge and TM 11 are your rewards for defeating her.

Bike Shop

After defeating Misty, the road to the north will open up, but first visit the bike shop on the southwest corner. They sell bikes for the cheap price of $1,000,000 dollars? 5,000 times the price of my bike, but of course, nothing is cheap here, a pokeball, a ball costs $200.

The Nugget Bridge

Team Rocket has 6 members guarding route 24, but before you can do much, youíll have to face Gary.

Vs. Gary

His arsenal includes a pidgeotto (use pikachu), an abra (any pokemon would do, abra doesnít have any moves right now), a rattata (use the highest level pokemon youíve got) and the pokemon he had at the beginning (if he chose a bulbasaur, pigeotto/butterfree would do, if he chose charmander, a level 18 geodude or any water pokemon would do, if he chose a squirtle, a pikachu would do)

The Nugget Bridge

Defeat all 6 members of the team rocket to receive a nugget, sell it off to get $5,000, sweet!

Route 24 & 25

Now go left, youíll be challenged by a trainer. Go north and find TM 45 (thunderwave, your pikachu should already have learned this, sell it). Then go south, whatever you do, donít go through the trainers to the east, instead, try to catch a(n) bellsprout/oddish and an abra to your south. Try to get 2 abras if you can (one for trading and one for yourself). Put a butterfree in front, and use sleep powder against abra, use it again everytime he wakes up. Now put the abra in front, go challenge the first trainer, then immediately switch out another pokemon. Donít use abra. That way, both abra and the pokemon that fought can gain points, and besides, abra canít kill any pokemon, keep on doing this until you abra reaches level 16. After you pass the trainers, youíll see a house nearby, go in it. Note: your starting pokemon should be approaching level 23 or 24, your pigeotto should be approaching level 22 (keep it at 18 if you have a charmander, deposit the bird too), your butterfree should be at level 17 or above, and your pikachu should be approaching level 24.

Sea Cottage

When you go into the house, youíll see "Bill". Talk to him and help him transform back to a human. Now after heís normal, go and talk to him again, heíll give you the S.S. Anne ticket. Quickly go back to Cerulean City.

Cerulean City

Go to the pokecenter and heal your pokemon. Make sure you have at least 2 awakenings and 2 pokeballs. Exit the pokecenter and go to the house on the northeast corner, go out to the backyard and defeat the team rocket. Go heal your pokemon and come back here again. This time, go right, all the way right, then south, youíll eventually find a road that looks like itís for luxury people, this is route 5.

Route 5

Be sure to drop off a weak pokemon at the daycare. To do this, donít enter route 5, instead, go to those hedges to the left and go down, youíll jump over the hedges and finally reach a house. Jump down over the hedge when youíve put a pokemon with the daycare, if you chose a charmander at the beginning, you have 2 choices, wait and get a Lapras at Saffron City, or put a magikarp (youíll get it at Vermillion City, put it here before you go on S.S. Anne) there right now and wait for it to get to level 19, then train it into a Gyrados. Now go right into the underground path.

Route 6

Come out the other side of the underground path and capture a meowth/mankey, fight the six trainers and walk into the Vermilion City.

Vermilion City

Buy some super potions and some pokeballs, you should also have 2 or 3 awakenings. Go heal your pokemons and explore the whole town, going into each house. One guy will give you an old fishing rod, another will trade you a Farfetchíd for a spearow (donít worry about catching another spearow), and another will give you a bike voucher, which you can take to the bike shop in Cerulean City to trade for a bike. Return to Vermilion City after you get the bike, make your way east of town and down the tiled bridge.

S.S. Anne

Too bad they donít allow any cycling around here. Explore every room, go the east way first (go down the stairs on the southeast side of the ship when you first enter). I missed the kitchen, which is on the very southwest side of the ship when you first come in, visit that second. Go back to Vermilion City and heal your pokemon every time your pokemon are almost dead, fight every fight you can, and go to the captain last. You should also visit the deck to gain experience for your pokemon. To do this, go left at the entrance, (visit the stairs on the right first and the kitchen second) then go down the stairs you found. Go south to the next stairs, DONíT go right yet. When you have reached these stairs, keep on going west. To visit the captain, go left when you first come in, then down but DONíT go into the stairs, go right and then go up, but before you can go into the captainís lounge, youíll hear an annoying voice.

Vs. Gary

He leads off with a pidgeotto (pikachu), kadabra (butterfree), gyrados (pikachu), raticate (highest level pokemon), and the evolved version of the pokemon he started with (follow the formula on the first Vs. Gary section, pidgeotto/butterfree vs. ivysaur, etc.)

Captainís lounge

Go up to the captain and press A, youíll rub his back and heíll give you HM 01, teach it to ivysaur or bellsprout/oddish.

Bye, Bye S.S. Anne

Get out of the ship and watch the cruise ship leave. Then head for diglettís cave to the right of the entrance of S.S. Anne.

Diglettís Cave

Capture a level 22 diglett, if you canít find a level 22 one, find a level 20 diglett. Go out on the other side of Diglettís Cave, youíll find yourself on the right side of route 2, which you couldnít get to before, go south and go into that house, trade an abra if you have one. Get out of the house and keep on heading south, go into the next house and talk to a scientist like person and get HM 05, keep it for a voltorb youíll get later on. Donít forget to get Old Amber at Pewter City. Go back to Vermilion City, use the cave.

Vermillion City

Head east of town.

Route 11

Defeat the trainers and head east, get the item finder and go back to Vermillion City.

Vermillion City

Now that you have cut, cut the bush on the south and go into the gym, placing your diglett at the very front.

Vermilion City Gym

First talk to the guy on the right when you enter, heíll tell you that you need to solve a code to reach the lieutenant, defeat the 3 trainers in the gym and talk to them, theyíll tell you how to solve the code, Iím not even going to spoil this for you.

Lt. Surge

When youíve solved the code, challenge the lieutenant. He has a level 18 pikachu, a level 21 voltorb, and a level 24 raichu. Put a diglett (which should be approaching level 26) in front and keep on using dig, youíll win in no time, teach TM 24 to pikachu (Level 31) and your duglett will have almost evolved into dugtrio, use it against poisen, electric, fire, and rock typed pokemon. Return to Cerulean City. Surge will give you the thunderbadge and TM 24 (thunderbolt).

Route 25

Thereís a bush on route 25, cut it and get TM 19 inside it, go to the sea cottage now and talk to Bill, do what he says, go on the PC.

Route 9

Go back to Cerulean City, cut that bush to the very south of the city, go northeast and youíll see a short path leading to a bush, cut that and seek out 10 trainers on the way, the 10th is at the very end, by the rock tunnel entrance. Be sure to capture a voltorb on the way, teach it Flash, and store the HMs into the PC.

Rock Tunnel

This one is not as confusing as Mt. Moon, but the thing is, there is a ton of trainers and no items :( If you have the flash ability, youíll get through very easily (since you can see). Put a grass or water type pokemon in front, again, use bellsprout/oddish/gyrados if you chose charmander, be sure to capture a machop and an onix.

Route 10

After exiting the rock tunnel, youíll need to defeat a few more trainers before you can reach lavender town. Thereís a bush on the very north east of the route, go to it and press A to find a secret ether, which replenishes your pokemonís abilities PP.

Lavender Town

Go to the pokecenter and pokemart and go west (donít visit any other place except for the name rater just yet).

Route 8

There are several trainers here, capture a vupix/growlithe and store it in the PC. Go into the little house at the end and go through the underground path.

Route 7

Go northwest to reach Celadon City, you might also consider gaining some experience in the field of grass nearby.

Celadon City

Before you go to the poke center, go up and then left. When you see an opening go up and left and down, keep on going on to the stairs and go into that little lab house thingie to get a very rare pokemon called eevee, evolve it into a Flareon if you have not chosen a charmander. Now visit the pokecenter, do not visit the gym until you have a level 31 Flareon/29 butterfree.

Celadon City Gym

Thereís a peeping tom outside of it, itís a wonder why, the gym is full of girls, after you get through 10 or so, you face Erika.

Vs. Erika

Erikas got 3 grass type pokemon, a level 29 Victreebell, a level 24 Tangela, and a level 29 Vileplum (unless you take out vileplum with the first it, youíll be in for quite a while). Flareon or Charizard will wipe them out faster than you can say, good bye. Defeat her and to get the rainbow badge and TM 21 (Mega Drain).

Celadon City Department Store

Go into the elevator and go to the top floor, then go up the stairs to reach the roof, thereís a vending machine nearby, get 2 waters, a lemonade, and a soda pop, give 1 of each type of drink to the little girl, sheíll give you TM 13, TM 48, and TM 49. Now buy some great balls, some revives and some paralyze heal. Also buy a pokedoll, a thunder stone, a firestone (if you have a vulpix Ė blue version or eevee Ė red version, if you have charmander donít worry about it), and a leafstone (if you have weepinbell or gloom, donít worry about this if you have a venusaur instead). Note: get 2 thunderstones if you are crazy about a Jolteon, like my friend Robert is.

Game Corner

Talk to the guy at the very top. After you defeat him, go to the poster and press A. A secret door to the right of you will open up. Go in.

Surviving Team Rocketís Secret basement

As soon as you get in, seek out the 2 trainers around you, be sure to get the escape rope to the southwest of where you started from, then return to where you were at the beginning and go down the stairs on the right side. Go west and youíll be challenged. Now go upwards and down the stairs, go south to get the TM 10. Make your way through the maze of the "arrows". Go down the ladder at the very end. Now, that youíre at the 4th basement, itís time for the lift key, go northwest and defeat the rocket, talk to him after, youíll get the lift key, make your way back to the second basement, get the 4 items while breaking through the second maze, go up the ladder and get the hyper potion at the northwest corner, go back down the stairs and then go into the elevator, go to floor B4, after the elevator stops, go th the soutwest and get the iron, now defeat the 2 trainers that you passed and talk to the black suited man holding the silph scope.

Vs. Giovanni

Giovanni has 2 ground type pokemon, including a ryhornand an onix, he also has a kangaskhan, a team of water/grass and fighting pokemon will fit perfectly, use the water/grass pokemon against the ground pokemon, and the fighting pokemon against the kangaskhan.

Celadon City

Go east to 7, be sure you have the bottle of water with you, go into the guard house leading to Saffron City, After you get into Saffron City, go north to the Fighting Dojo Gym, (the one to the left), put a Kadabra in front, choose a fighting pokemon after you beat everyone, I chose Hitmonchan after experimenting with both. Head east to Lavender Town.

Lavender Town

Go into that big tower.

Pokemon Tower

Before you can do much, the annoying voice strikes again.

Vs. Gary

He includes a Kadabra, the pokemon he started with, Pidgeotto, a water/fire/grass pokemon, and another water/grass/fire pokemon, depending on what he chose at the beginning. The only pokemon you should have problems with is the Kadabra.

Pokemon Tower

Make you way to the vert top of the tower, put a Kadabra at the top to fight the ghosts, itíll be very effective because not only is it fighting a ghost, itís also fighting a poisen pokemon. Get the 7 items along the way. At the sixth floor, youíll meet a Marowak, you canít capture this ground type pokemon, so youíll have to make it faint, use a water or grass pokemon to fight against it, use the same types to fight against cubones, youíll face 3 rockets at the seventh floor, defeat them and rescure old mr. Fuji, heíll give you a pokefluteÖÖ

Saffron City

Go to the center of the city and into the big building

Silph. Co

Use the elevator to get to the 5th floor, go to the very south and get the card key, if your pokemon need experience, seek every rocket/scientist/juggler there are in the building, but if you want to end this quickly, then go to the 3rd floor and go southwest, open the gate with the card key, go in and step on to the tile, and hey! Havenít you learned to leave me alone Gary????

Vs. Gary

Heís got a pidgeot, alakazam, and some other pokemon in between levels 35-39, backed up by a level 40 starting pokemon.

Saving the Day

Talk to the guy nearby to receive a Lapras, step on the tile at the bottom, defeat the rocket in your way, if you need mediacal help, go to the southwest corner on the 9th floor. Anyway, as soon as you open the door with the card key, out comes Giovanni.

Vs. Giovanni

Heís got 4 pokemon this time, including a Nidorino, Rhyhorn, Kangaskhan, Nidoqueen, use your Kadabra against the poisen pokemon, a water or grass pokemon against Rhyhorn, and a fighting pokemon against the Kangaskhan.

The Master Ball

Talk to the president, heíll give you the master ball, thereís only 1 like it in the game, like they say, save it for a very special pokemon.

Mr.Psychicís House

At the southeast corner of the city, heíll give you TM 29, which teaches psychic


Copycatís House

To the very northwest of the city, at the second story, be sure you have a pokedoll with you, if you do, copycat will give you TM 31, which teaches mimic.

Saffron City Gym

Step on the first warp tile and keep on stepping on the tile that Ďs above or below you to get to the next room, sooner or later youíll get to a large room with a girl in it, this is Sabrina.

Vs. Sabrina

Sabrina has a level 38 Kadabra, a level 37 Mr. Mime, a level 38 Venomoth, and a level 43 Alakazam. I had a hard time with Sabrina using Blastoise, so I switched to Dugtrio and kept on using earthquake, be sure to have a lot of potions, if you have a Charizard, get it to level 45 and keep on using slash, itíll finish them with 2 or 3 strikes each (might be more with Kadabra or Alakazam because of their move recover), if you have Venasaur, keep on using razor leaf, except on Venomoth, on which you should use Flareon instead. When youíve beaten Sabrina, youíll get the soul badge and TM 46, which teaches Psywave.

Routes 12-15

After getting your 5th badge, head back to Lavender Town, then head south, be sure to pick up the super rod on route 12, youíll see some grass fields, you can capture pidgeottos, oddishs (red version), glooms (red version), bellsprouts (blue), weepinbells (blue), venonats, and dittos. Donít forget to get TM 20 and iron, also a little gift from Oakís aid. There are lots of bikers (poisen pokemon), and bird catchers (the name say it) around here too, easy if you have a well trained pikachu and a well trained kadabra/dugtrio. Oh, and by the way, if you try to capture the Snorlax, save before you do it.

Fushia City

The city is really a maze itself, to reach the pokecenter and the gym, youíll have to head to the west of the city, not out of it, and follow the little path leading south, visit the gym right after the pokecenter.

Fushia City Gym

If you look closely at the screen, youíll see tiny dotted lines. This is the invisible wall, go around it and finally reach koga. There will be a few trainers, I had problems with Hypno, took about 60 HP from me with 2 headbutts. Funny that this gym calls themselves ninja trainers, they train psychic and poisen Pokťmon, maybe they should try out for Sabrinaís gym instead.

Vs. Koga

Koga is at the very middle of the gym, he will send out two level 37 Coffing, a level 39 Muk, and a level 43 Weezing. A Kadabra/Alakazam or a Dugtrio will make this a pretty short fight. Beat him, the soul badge and TM 06 (toxic) is yours.

Safari Zone

Itís at the very north of the city, there will be at least 15 spieces of different pokemon including both Nidorins, Nidorino, Nidorina, Kangaskan, Chansey, Rhyhorn, Exeggcute, Venonat, Venomoth, Paras, Parasect, Scyther (red), Pinsir (Blue), Tauros, and Doduo. Youíll also find the wardenís gold teeth and HM 03, which teaches surf. Give warden his gold teeth and heíll award you with HM 04 which teaches strenghth, so you you can move, say, that boulder in the wardenís house? Get some ultra balls at the pokemart too.

Routes 16-18

Capture a Raticate and a Fearow on the way, before you go to Cycing Road, head west of Fushia City, now step south, youíll find a Lickitung. If you need a "break" with your fingers and your bike, press B to stop. If you have already gotten rid of or have captured the snorlax in the way, then cut the bush blocking the way north. Now keep on going west, youíll see a little house with a girl inside, talk to her and heíll give you HM 02, which teaches fly (go back to any city youíve visited already). Head towards Cerulean City now.

Cerulean City

Be sure to have a pokemon with surf and a pokemon who has fly with you, head east towards Rock Tunnel. Before Rock Tunnel, head towards the edge of the river to the north and dive into the water using surf, keep on paddling towards the south until you reach a big building, this is the power plant.

The Power Plant

Put a dugtrio in front. Be sure to get a magnemite and a magneton if you can, also, try to get an electabuzz if you have the red version. Make your way through, getting the rare candy, carbos, HP UP, and TM 33/TM 25, be careful, lots of the items on the floor are actually level 40 voltorbs. At the near end of the power plant youíll come across a bird looking PokemonÖ..

Vs. Zapdos

Save before you meet this guy, you should not have any problems with Zapdos, just get his energy down and throw ultra balls at it, it took me 2 tries to get him, I think he is the easiest out of the 3 legendary birds. Exit and fly back to Fushia City.

Sea Route 19

Head south of Fushia City. There are lots of trainers here, but no problems for you. Keep on heading south west until you reach an island with 2 cave entrances, go into the one that you can.

Seafoam Islands

As you are descending through the levels, push the boulders into the pit, the idea is to block the river below so that you donít get washed away. At the 3rd level, push 2 boulders down to the 4th level, jump in after them. Youíll land in the water, head north until you see Articuno, another bird.

Vs. Articuno

I had problems with this guy, I got itís health all the way down, but I always miss with my ultra ball, took me about 10 ultra balls before I caught him.

Sea Route 20

After you get out of the islands, head west and youíll reach Cinnibar Island. The gym is locked, wonder if thereís a keyÖ..

Cinnibar Island

Go to the pokecenter (located in the south) and the pokemart (right beside the pokecenter). Withdraw the fossil and Old Amber, give it to the Scientist in the 3rd door at the Pokemon Lab (southwest corner of the island). Now head to Pokemon Mansion (northwest corner).

Pokemon Mansion

Flip on switches inside statues as you make your way up. At he 3rd floor, flip on the switch at the statue and head south, jump off the ledge in the middle. Defeat a nearby trainer and head northeast, the secret key, however, is at the western section, so youíll have to make your west, when youíve gotten the secret key, dig out of there. Go to the pokemon gym.

Cinnibar City Gym

Youíll have to challenge trainers to open doors, after a while, youíll see old man Blaine.

Vs. Blaine

Blaineís pokemon are pretty hot stuff, but you can take care of them with a water or rock pokemon. He has a level 42 Growlithe, a level 47 Arcaine, a level 40 Ponyta, and a level 42 Rapidash. After you defeat him, youíll be awarded with the volcano badge and TM 38, which teaches fire blast.

Sea Route 21

Head north of Cinnibar Island and use surf, go all the way back to Viridian City, put a water or grass pokemon in front and head into the gym, you know, the one that you couldnít go into before.

Viridian City Gym

This is just like the game corner, with all the arrow pointing things, go on the one to the north, and make your way to the 8th trainer, and itísÖÖ

Vs. ????????

Giovanni!!! Giovanni??? The leader of Team Rocket? Whoíd thought, a team of grass and water pokemon, will make this a short fight. Talk to Giovanni after you beat he and receive the earth badge and TM 27 (Fissure), heíll disband Team Rocket and dedicate his studies to the world of pokemonÖÖ

Route 22

Weíve been on this route before, and um, oh no, not again

Vs. Gary

You think heíd learned his lesson already, but noooooo, he starts off with a Pidgeot, then an Alakazam, and a Rhydon after that, he finishes it off with the pokemon he started out with.

Route 23

If you have all 8 badges, youíll get to an entrance at the end, this is victory road.

Victory Road

Youíll find Moltres, among machokes and marowaks, in the range of Lv40-Lv50. Push boulders onto the little round things to open up passages. To reach moltres, youíll have to get to the third floor first, then you will have to go down through the ladder at the northwestern corner of the 3rd floor. To get out, youíll first have to move a boulder onto the switch at the southern part of the second floor, then go up the stairs on the right and keep on going right.

Vs. Moltres

This guy is as easy as Zapdos, get his energy down to a minimum and throw ultra balls at it.

Indigo Plateau

This is the last place to heal your pokemon and to stock up on items. Save before you enter the door to the elite 4. There is no going back after you enter.

The Elite 4

Vs. Lorelei

With the exception of Jynx, use thunderbolt with Raichu, if your Raichu is just at level 50, use thunder. Use a fire pokemon against Jynx.

Vs. Bruno

Arguably the easiest of the elite 4, he has 2 onixes and 3 other fighting pokemon. Use a flying or psychic pokemon against the fighting pokemon and water or grass against the onixes.

Vs. Agatha

They say that she wields ghost pokemon, I say she wields poisen pokemon, 1 or 2 psychic attacks will send them to the afterlife.

Vs. Lance

If you had raised Articuno a few levels, itís ice beam will make losers of Lanceís Dragons, use a Raichu against Gyrados and Aerodactyl.

Well we find out that someone has reached the elite 4 before us, and it is none other thanÖÖ

Vs. ????

Gary!!! He starts off with a pidgeot (raichu), then alakazam (use fissure with dugtrio), then rhydon (water or grass pokemon). Now, the last 3 pokemon veries, if he chose a bulbasaur at the beginning, heíll have gyrados (raichu), arcanine (water pokemon), and venusaur (fire pokemon). If he started off with a squirtle, heíll have an arcanine (water pokemon), exeggutor (fire pokemon), and blastoise (raichu). If he started off with charmander, heíll have an exeggutor (fire pokemon), gyrados (raichu), and charizard (water pokemon)

Congratulations, youíve beaten Gary!!! You are now the undisputed Pokemon Master!!! Professor Oak inducts you and your pokemon into the hall of fame!!!

The Unknown Dungeon

Head towards route 24 (north of Cerulean City), jump into the water to the south and start swimming until you reach the entrance, be sure to have the master ball with you, there are many Pokemon in here. At the basement, you will meet Mewtwo, throw the master ball at it. Good luck!!!

Cheats without the Gameshark.

The Man at the Viridian City

To do this trick, youíll have to have a pokemon with surf and another pokemon with the fly ability, plus you have to have been to Cinnibar Island. I recommend doing this before you defeat the elite 4 and Gary, because it will mess up your hall of fame. Okay, go to your item list, put a rare candy or another item at the 6th place on your list (use the select button). Fly to the Viridian City and talk to the old man to the very north, select no when he asks if you are in a hurry. Heíll show you how to catch a common weedle. Next, fly to Cinnibar Island. Head east and when youíve reached the edge, surf. Do nothing except surfing on half land and half water. When and if you met a Missingno (Lv146) or a pokemon with weird letters and is at level 0, select run. Press start and go to items, youíll see a weird sign followed by a 9, you now have 199 items. Keep on using it until you see a *99 sign, that means you have 99 left. If you have a * followed by a blank and then a 9, youíve got more than 9, the blank is really a sign if you look closely.

The Safari Zone Trick

To do this, youíll have to have a pokemon with the surf move. At the safari zone, go to the area where the pokemon that you want is (kangaskan-area2, tauros-area3, etc.) stay there until your time runs out. Now surf to seafoam island, if you meet any trainers on the way, youíll have to start over again. Surf until you reach seafoam but donít go onto the land, surf up and down until you encounter ÖÖ a pokemon from the safari zone.

Ball upgrade (doesnít work with ultra ball)

Press and hold up+B, makes your ball into the next level (pokeball into greatball, etc.) doesnít work with ultraball.

Making an exit

This is not really a cheat, but to get out of a building or a cave and to the last pokecenter that you visited, use dig.

- Ang Xu


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