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After three hours of searching the www I was able to put together about 20 different ways to run into missing no in pokemon red and blue. I have unfortunately discovered through about fifty various attempts that it is impossible to use this code in Pokemon Yellow, and here is why... the Old Man that shows Ash how to capture a pokemon in the Yellow version of the game doesn’t pose the question “Are you in a hurry?” but instead the Old Man assumes Ash doesn’t know how to capture Pokemon and just goes ahead and shows him anyway without the question.  Well enough on where it doesn’t work and why... Now here is how to get it to work...

1 - Prepare Ash’s party with pokemon that have fly and surf. (Try and have a few strong one in case you run into difficult battles.)
2 - Carefully place any Items that show more than one can be acquired in space 6 in the item list.
(Here is an example of what my list looks like)
Poke flute
HP Up x 1
PP Up x 1
Carbos x 1
Calcium x 1 <(this one will acquire 120 items)
Iron x 1
Protein x 1
Rare Candy x 1
Masterball x 1
Moonstone x 1
TM 27 x 1
TM 28 x 1
To place these items in the list such as I have, you can do it one of two ways. Use Pokemon Stadium with a transfer pack and go to the item organizer, or go through the time consuming method “deposit-withdraw” using the gameboy. Keep in mind that when you Deposit to Ash’s computer it places the item at the bottom of the list, and same for when you withdraw items.
3 - Fly to Viridian City
4 - Walk left and up to the old man who asks the question “Are you in a hurry?”
5 - Select “NO”. The Old Man will then show you how to capture a pokemon.
6 - After the old man is finished talking, Fly to Cinnabar Island.
7 - Walk directly towards the right side of the screen until you get to the shoreline.
8 - Use Surf, then toggle the controller down first, then up. If you count the steps from the lower corner of the Island, Ash should be surfing/toggling vertically between the 2nd and 3rd spaces of the shoreline just above the corner.
9 - It is common to run into different characters before seeing the missing no. I have seen various characters between level 25 - 35 from the safari zone appear, oddish at level 160, and more. I recommend running from oddish and starting over again from step 3. For the other characters, they will just keep appearing until you fight and knock them out. You can go back and capture these safari pokemon after you get 99+ Masterball’s. (Note to user, I play the game through a transfer pack on the N64) The game will save only when you run into the missing no. (I have no idea what happens on the gameboy). After it saves, DO NOT CAPTURE, but defeat the missing no.
10 - After defeating it, go directly to Ash’s computer in the Poke Center on Cinnabar Island and Deposit the THIRD item in the list (if you set the list up like mine) then withdraw that same item again. This technique will allow you to fully rotate through all the selected items to acquire 99+ for every item.
11 - Save the game, heal your pokemon, then repeat steps 7 through 11 until the listed items have been boosted to 99+.

By doing this I have noticed a small glitch in the system. The programmers did not create triple digits for the items. So the item will NOT show “Rare Candy x 129”. What it will show however is “Rare Candy x 9”, where the () astrik represents a weird looking icon or square that will actually be seen. This weird looking icon or square translates to double digit numbers such as 11,12,13,14... and, being in the 10’s column it allows the software to save and use the items if Ash were to acquire more than 99 of any given item.

Here is an example of what I have done with the blue and red games.

A - I got over 250 nuggets after using the code several times and sold them for cash at a Mart. The cash limit of the game is 999999. If you exceed this limit, it will not scroll over to 000000. It just stops at 999999.
B - By using the code I boosted my Rare candy Supply by about 300 allowing me to trade in and out from the yellow version and evolving my pokemon free of money, fighting, and wasting time. Just be sure not to exceed the level of the acquired badges.
C - Using the code with the Masterball, I can catch anything outside of the safari zone with only one throw and I don’t even have to weaken the wild pokemon.
D - Using the code on the different TM’s allows one to use the rare TM’s on many different Pokemon. (But only if that Pokemon is able to receive that TM.) I save every TM into Ash’s computer. I usually discard or sell the defense TM’s and keep only the attack TM’s.

By far, I feel this code has been really helpful to me. So here is my research and practice for you to share with the world of red and blue pokemon gameboy gamers.

P.S. There was no need for a game shark with this code. My nickname is (zaz) so if you could please tell the world of gamers that zaz says Hi...

Hey Aaron,

I found a hidden "PP UP" in Pokemon Blue that I have never seen in a book or on this site.  There is one in the Dungeon under the Game Corner.

Check the flower pots south of the stairs, in the first basement (where you enter the dungeon).  Press "A" while facing the flower pots.

- Amy Gill

First you have to have r/b/y and 2 game boys. Then give one of the first 150
on gold any item ( Master ball or Rare candy) then trade that Pokémon over to
r/b/y then trade it back but this time do the old clone a Pokémon code. When
you to turn your GameBoy back on and you have both the item and Pokémon.
take the item and do it again except for this time the clone on r/b/y already
has the item but you can't see it. Clone over the same Pokémon over and over.

- calkins5@cs.com 

Hey I got a new tip, when you want to go to the Safari Zone with no $ just press up the whole time you are in where you have to pay. Make sure you don't have any $ and ask 3 times.

I have a new trick (or rather a group of tips/tricks) that nobody has posted yet. These may seem "bogus" but they're not. I have discovered these because I am very much into battling two player on the Game Boy game. They regard getting a pokemon with very high stats.

1.Find the type of pokemon you want to use.
2.Go catch a fair amount of that type (ex. 15 Bulbasaurs) that are the same level. Compare their stats and you'll notice that they are all a bit different. Separate all of the ones with the highest stats. Release the others.
3.Use rare candies (MissingNo trick) to level them up to level 100. You'll notice that even if their stats were the same when you caught them, they will be different now. Pick the one that has the highest stats (ones favorable to you) and release the others.
4.Now comes the hard part, take this pokemon, and beat the elite four with mostly just it, so it gets a lot of experience. When you beat the game, fly back to a pokemon center, deposit it into the computer and take it back out again. You'll notice that its stats will have gone up 1 or 2 each. Repeat as much as you want, but after about 20 times they will stop going up. I realize that this takes a long time, but it is well worth it.

I discovered a trick to arrange the order of your pokemon's moves. First, select fight on the battle menu. Then, go to the
attack you want to move & press select. Then, go to the position you want the attack to be in & press select again &
voila! your attack has been moved! It may not sound very useful, but it's pretty cool. If you have a pokemon that you are
going to put in daycare for a while, put the weakest move at the top of the list so they won't forget a good move!
Tammy Shumate

I have a great tip for starting a new pokemon game. You have to have another  pokemon cartidge that you beat already. On the new version you have to get a corny pokemon and get it to where you can start trading. Then on your already
won version you have to fly to viridian, talk to the guy, say no. They fly to cinnibar and surf up and down the side. When a lvl 150 snorlax appears capture it and use rare candies until it resets to 0 agian. Then get it to lvl 15. Teach it good moves. And keep Hyper beam. (I taught mine surf, fireblast, solarbeam, and hyperbeam) then trade it to the new cartridge
and it will rock! You can beat all the gyms easy!!! It is a great combination with a mr.mime

I'm not too sure about this one... when you start a new game, I don't think you can control Pokemon with FLY and other HMs until you beat the appropriate gym. 

Let me set a few things straight. First, to get into Silph Co., you need to obtain the Silph Scope from Giovanni in Celadon City and use it to find Mr. Fuji in Lavender Town. Then and only then will you be able to enter Silph Co.

Next, I'm sorry to have to break this to everyone, but, besides Gameshark or Game Genie, and winning or otherwise obtaining it from Nintendo, THERE IS ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY NO SNEAKY OR DEVIOUSLY CLEVER WAY TO GET MEW!!!!  I have tried every single code out there and  even gone to the source by writing to Nintendo. I promise you that the "codes" for MEW, YOSHI, LUIGI, PIKABLU, and MEWTHREE are totally and utterly false fantasies thought up by some internet junkie with nothing better to do. The only way to get Mew without doing anything special is in the Japanese versions of the game, and I choose to hold that information in, just in case some IDIOT tries to spread another worthless rumor! *WHEW*! It feels good to get that off my mind. Oh, yeah! One more thing! If you go to the video game tours traveling around the country, they'll give you a certified MEW by uploading it into your game cartirage as you enter! I SWEAR IT'S TRUE!!! Finally, to anyone who is thinking of cooking up another false pokemon rumor; GET A LIFE!!! Well, that's all for now! POJO, please post this somewhere. Maybe it'll put some frantic Mew hunter's mind to rest. THANX!!! 
-SATOSHI  paulheid@temecula.com 

Daycare Secret  The trick is: For Each Step You Take, Your Pokemon gets 1Exp Point.

Clone Pokémon (US)  You need a friend for this. Trade the Pokémon to be cloned and have you friend get a Pokémon they don't care about. Trade them, and make sure the person getting the weak and common Pokémon can see the other's screen. When the receiver of the good Pokemon's screen says "waiting", turn off the Game Boy that's getting the bad Pokémon. When the other one says trade completed, turn that one off too. When you turn the games back on, you should both have the powerful Pokémon, but the weak Pokémon will be lost. Warning! This could delete a saved game or your Pokémon!

Fight 100+ Level Pokemon  
I was reluctant to post this code because of the effect it would have on two player battles, that is it was almost like cheating. If you do decided to use these in battle, the other player should know about it. 

As you may already know, most of the official GameBoy competitions limit your Pokemon to levels below 100.

Okay, here goes. Perform the 99 Items code above, then after encountering 'M, keep surfing around for a while and you will run into Pokemon that are Lv 135 and above! It is possible to capture them. What's so valuable about this trick is that you might just run into Bulbasaurs, Charmaders and Squirtles! However, some copies of the game can do this better than others, and if you
use the Pokemon in a battle other than a 2 player battle, it will revert back to a Lv. 100 Pokemon. Still, defeating these high level Pokemon is a quick way to earn up to 3000 Exp. Points! 
11-16-99 Submitted by Brandon Hunter pokecity1@acmecity.com

First you catch a Pokemon that knows Hypnosis. I usually get a level 23 Poliwhirl from Celadon. This trick is easiest on Articuno. For Articuno, leave it as is, and go to Seafoam. Right as you near it, switch Poliwhirl to the first Pokemon. Save, and then talk to the bird. It may kill you if it uses ice beam, but if it uses peck, you’ll be alive. Now you use Hypnosis. As soon as it’s asleep, throw an Ultra Ball. There is no need to weaken this bird. Before you go to Moltres and Zapdos, raise the Poliwhirl a little. Do the same thing, except weaken these two. For Mewtwo, forget using Poliwhirl. In the Unknown Dungeon, make sure there’s an empty spot for a Pokemon. Catch a level 64 Parasect, and then go to Mewtwo. Before approaching Mewtwo, make sure Parasect is first. Save, then go into battle with Mewtwo. Use Spore, then switch and weaken Mewtwo. Throw an Ultra Ball. Mewtwo will most likely be caught.  FBMart1128@aol.com

Missingno does not permanently mess up your game except in the case of the hall of fame. The only time it messes up your graphics is when you are using it (or it's counterpart 'M) in battle , which can be easily corrected. In battle, to correct this, you merely go to the Pkmn menu, view the stats of a benched pokemon, and then put that pokemon into play. Kornn666@hotmail.com

I have heard of many many cases in which Missingno or 'M can ruin your game.  I would not take any chances with this code.  Besides, Nintendo is coding all future games to correct this error when trading or importing this programming glitch as a Pokemon.

Someone said the only way to get some cash after beating all of the trainers is to use payday.  Well, there is a better way.  Go back and keep fighting the Elite Four.  It is the absolute best way to get money and experience points. - rcolvin@alltel.net

If you want 2 get 200$ worth of one pay day teach it to mewtwo and bring mewtwo up to level 100 and u get 200 dollars for 1 use of pay day.   - krankkala@sunvalley.net

Hey, I just  found out that rare candy does not give you as much powerups as when you actually gain a level. This is bad because people duplicate rare candy and  use it for a quick powerup. the result is weaker pokemon,trust me. - RCHOKESLAM@aol.com

How to get pokémon at level 255...
1. Put rare Candy #6 on your list.
2. Put "Sailor"(The seel from that guy in the resurection room on Cinnabar Islnd for ponyta) first on your list.
3. Surf on the Gym coastline on Cinnabar Island.
4. You will find Missing No. or M and scrambled letters, or Professor Oak, who will have 6 pokémon at level 32. (Many are scrambled)
5. Soon, you will see pokémon between 100 and 200.
6. You will have a symbol and a number. This is a TON OF RARE CANDY!!!
7. You know what to do from here! -

If you have strength push the guy who tells you how to catch pokemon to the gym in Virdinia city. Then go to cinibar without fighting anybody the surf on the right edge of the island and you can find rare pokemon - David Hires

I've never seen anyone pushing this guy but Cinnabar Island does allow you to expose some programming glitches.  

I have the sure fire way to catch level 100 pokemon and missingno on the American red/blue versions. It works on both! First go to Viridian City and talk to the guy, who at the beginning of the game wouldn't let into Viridian forest until you delivered Oak's Parcel. He'll ask you if you're in a hurry, say no!. he'll tell you how to catch pokemon. After talking to him go to Cinnabar Island and surf on the right edge missingno and all for what I know four different types of level 100 pokemon. (Electrode,Snorlax,Marowak,Clefable.)(Don't catch missingno it will mess up you game badly, but he gives you a lot of EXP.)   Use this info. wisely, Pokemaster Benji.

I have discovered that when you throw a pokeball when it says Ash threw a pokeball and the pokemon is inside hold B from then until the ball wobbles the 2nd time and it is an almost sure fire way to catch it.  - R. Craft.

Another version of this trick is to hold down B + UP.  I can't say for sure that it works but it does seem to be rather lucky!

99 of any item. talk to the man in Viridian city who tells you how to catch pokemon. answer "No" to his question and he will show you how to catch pokemon then fly down to cinnabar island and surf along the east coast holding down the A button.You will find a pokemon named Missingno. DONT CATCH HIM he will screw up your game defeat him or run away you will have 99 of the 6th item on your list ( I recommend the master ball if you still have it) R. Craft  rcraft@mtco.com  

You don't need to hold down the A button for this to work.

Secret Pokemon "M" -  First talk to the guy in Viridian who shows you how to catch a weedle. Then fly to Cinnabar Island and surf up and down you might fight missingno a few times but after a while you will fight "m" If you still have your master ball put it as your sixth item,then kill him once if you manage to capture him with an ultra ball you're lucky. By A.  SylCruz@aol.com

When you are at the stage to go to Cinnabar Island and you cannot find you way around the Maze-Like tunnel that gets you there, then just go back to your starting place, Pallet Town, and dive into the pool at the bottom of the town. You can then easily swim to Cinnabar Island. You must have a Pokemon that has the ability SURF before you try this shortcut - L.  Cuppari

I use a combination  that allows me to be super effective against all Pokemon types except ghost but they count as poison Pokemon anyway so it doesn't matter. 1- Lapras (Ice and Water attacks)  effective against Fire, Ground, Rock,Grass, Flying and Dragon Pokemon; 2-Graveller (Ground and Rock attacks) effective against Fire, Electric, Poison, Rock, Ice, Flying, Bug; 3- Moltres (Fire and Flying attacks) effective against Grass, Ice, Bug, Fighting; 4- Venusaur (Grass and Poison attacks) effective against Water, Ground, Rock, Grass, Bug; 5- Hitmonchan (Fighting attacks) effective against Normal, Ice, Rock 6 - Beedrill (Bug and Poison attacks) effective against Grass, Psychic, Bug.  - Paul.

DMAN50@aol.com sent all of the following tips to us:
Fight Safari Pokemon At SeaForm Island

Go To The Safari Zone And Fight The Pokemon You Are You Looking For, .Than Make The Time Run Out By Walking Around, But Make Sure You Are On Grass And You Are In That Area, Than Fly To Seaform Island And You Will Me Able To Fight And Catch The Pokemon You Want.

You don't really get to choose which Pokemon you want, but this trick seems to unlock all of the Pokemon.  In other words, you will have a CHANCE of catching the Safari Zone pokemon here.
Infinite Items

First you need to get the item that you want 99 of in sixth position of item menu. then fly to viredian city and talk to the old man. he will show you how to catch a weedle. then fly to Fuchia city and surf down to Seafoam Island surf on the coast. You will run into Missingo. DO NOT CATCH IT! Look at your
sixth item it should have a symble next to it.You have 99 of that item. This code works.
Duplicate Any Pokémon

1.Go to the guy who shows you how to catch Pokémon, and he will ask you if you are in a hurry, say yes, and then talk to him again and say no.
2.Fly to cinnabar and surf up and down the coast.
3.Pokémon will apear like Lv.156 muk and all sorts of stuff, including Missingno. and 'M (Mysterio).
4.After a Lv.0 'M apears catch it once and it will not go away so catch it again, and then it will say you caught a Ditto.
5.Go to your box and release the 'M and then withdraw Ditto, Ditto will be whatever Pokémon you had in the 4th position of your group.
Use Safari Ball as an Ultra Ball
In the safari zone, When you throw a safari ball press A rapidly.
Use a Pokéball as a Masterball
Throw a regular Pokéball then hold DOWN + B until the Pokéball explodes.
Secret Coins
At the Game Corner there are secret coins lying around. You can get these coins by walking around and pressing the A button.

Actually, there are hidden items all over the map, but they only appear once.  When you find them, they are gone.  I suggest using the Item Finder as much as you can!
Statue Fishing
When inside a gym, if you stand beside or in front of the Pokemon statues, you can use any kind of Fishing Rod and actually go fishing! If you fish enough, you can catch some pretty good water Pokemon!

This is a really wierd one.  I can't say that it's super-useful, and it does not work in every gym.
Trade Evolution

Before = After
Machoke = Machamp
Graveler = Golem
Haunter = Gengar
Kadabra = Alakazam
Stone Evolution

FS = Fire Stone
TS = Thunder Stone
WS = Water Stone
LS = Leaf Stone
MS = Moon Stone

Before = After
Pikachu + TS = Raichu
Nidorina + MS = Nidoqueen
Nidorino + MS = Nidoking
Clefairy + MS = Clefable
Vulpix + FS = Ninetales
Jigglypuff + MS = Wigglytuff
Gloom + LS = Vileplume
Growlithe + FS = Arcanine
Poliwhirl + WS = Poliwarth
Weepinbell + LS = Victreebel
Shellder + WS = Cloyster
Exeggcute + LF = Exegguter
Staryu + WS = Starmie
Eevee + WS = Vapereon
Eevee + TS = Jolteon
Eevee + FS = Flareon
Level 100+ Pokemon

1.Talk to the old man in Viridian City who shows you how to catch pokemon.
2.Fly directly to Cinnabar Island.
3.Put your strongest pokemon on your team.
4.You might want to save now.
5.Surf on the shore where the land touches water.
6.Keep Surfing until you run into one of these strong pokemon.

These pokemon are well above level 100. Unfortunately, they will revert back to Level 100 if they gain any experience points. Rare Candy is the only thing that raises their level. They can be used in a two-player battle.
Get Mewtwo
After you have gotten all eight of your badges you need to go beat the pokemon league. The credits will roll and then the menu pops up again. DO NOT RESET THE GAME!!!! Go to Cerulean Citygo north to the brige where you faced 5 trainers before the path to Bill's house. Turn left and there will be a large area of water. Surf until you get to a cave. You will find Mewtwo in that cave. 
Easy Level Gain
To easily gain experience, simply switch the Pokémon you want to train with the top Pokémon on your list. When you go into battle the Pokémon will pop out. You can then switch to another Pokémon. Once you win the battle the beginning Pokémon and the fighting Pokémon will both gain experience points.
Extra Damage  While fighting, select your desired attack. When it says you are going to use
that attack hold down the A button until your opponent's life stops draining. If your timing was right you'll do more damage than usual.

I always hit A repeatedly.  It -seems- to work but I can't be 100% sure...
Clone a Pokemon
One person should have a strong pokemon, and one should catch a pokemon they can do without, like rattata. Then you hook up with a game link cable and trade the strong pokemon for the weak Pokemon. After the trade is completed, the screen will say waiting, than it won't say anything, and then it will say "Trade Completed."

Next, have the person who originally had the stronger Pokemon shut his gameboy off when the screen is blank, right after it says "Waiting." The other gameboy should say "Trade Completed." Then shut off the gameboy that says "Trade Completed." If done correctly, both games will have the strong Pokemon.

WARNING: The Pokemon that is traded for the stronger pokemon WILL BE DELETED.
Be careful what you trade.

This does not always work.  Timing is everything.

Celadon City Slot Tip
All of the slot machines have different odds, which change every time. Play each machine 4 times, and if it hits 2 or more, then stick with that one, because it's probably hot.

If the slow machine forces you really close to a 777 or Bar Bar Bar it will probably give you one or the other soon.

I found that, on certain machines, you can keep hitting A at an even pace (fast) and win a majority of the time.  The trick is to keep that pace completely even, once you win 2 or 3 times in a row.  Eventually, you can max out your money.

Find Missingno.

Use FLY and go to Viridian City. Talk to the old man almost all the way north of the town. When he asks if you are in a hurry, say no and watch him catch a weedle. Right after that, fly to Fuchsia city. Make your way south and, when you you reach the water's edge, use SURF and make your way to Seafoam island. When you get to seafoam island, swim up and down the beach until you run into a Pokemon called "M" (a glitch like Missingno.)He has three attacks: two waterguns and skyattack. He has a very low defense even at level 80   NOTE: catching him may cause minor glitches

There are several 'versions' of the Missing No. program glitch.  Not all of them have the same attacks.  Sometimes it acts like an Aerodactyl, some times a Tauros... *shrug*

The many follwing tips were sent in by budman04@yahoo.com 

  • Celadon Slot Tip
    All of the slot machines have different odds, which change every time. Play each machine 4 times, and if it hits 2 or more, then stick with that one, because it's probably hot. If the slow machine forces you really close to a 777 or Bar Bar Bar it will probably give you one or the other soon.

  • Fish in a Gym
    When you enter a gym go up to one of the statues and choose a rod to fish with. Usually you get good Pokemon.
  • Catch Ditto Easily
    to catch a ditto easy put magikarp at the top of your list and let ditto transform into him and then switch pokemon you can also do this with a tentacool.
  • Items found with the Itemfinder
    Here are some really good items that I have found using the Itemfinder!
  • *Full Restore in Victory Restore in Victory Road near the exit
    *PP Up on Route 17 on right side of cycling road
    *PP Up on Route 13
    *Max Ether on the small island while your are traveling to Victory Road
    *Nugget in Route 7 underground path
    *Full Restore, and X Special in route 5 underground path
    *Ether in Unknown Dungeon on first floor
    *Rare Candy in Cerulean City in the backyard of the house in the top left corner nearest to the Unknown Dungeon
    *Great Ball in trash can in the kitchen of The S.S. Anne
  • 99 of any item
    First fly to viridian and talk to the old guy who shows u how to catch a weedle. When he asks are you in a hurry respond no, then watch him catch a weedle. After he shows you how, take the item yuo want 99 of and make it the 6th item on your list. Now fly to fushia city. Use surf and surf to the coast of Seafoam. DO NOT GET OFF. Now surf on the coast of seafoam until u fight a pokemon called M'. it looks like a missigno. Now after you defeat him or run (DO NOT CAPTURE) look at your 6th item. u should have 99! NOTE: if you keep swimming along seafoam ou can run into level 135 starmies!!
  • Sleeping code!
    If you have a pokemon who has Rest or if you can get tm44, your pokemon can restore all his\her hit points (HP), in a span of 2 turns! Simply use Rest during battle (the pokemon will fall asleep), then during your next turn, play the Poke Flute (Obtained when you save Mr. Fuji from the tower in the Pokemon Tower) your pokemon will wake up ready to go!
  • Legendary Birds
    Of all the legendary birds I've found Zapados is the easiest to capture (which isn't saying much!) sence it is possible to capture it when it has nothing wrong with its status (such as sleep or paralize) and it is possible to capture it when it's health bar is more then just a sliver. Once you have captured Zapados you can use it to quickly lower the health level of Articuno and Moltres (for these last two I needed to reduce their defence or make them go to sleep to even hit them with a pokeball).
  • Moon Stones
    There are five Moon Stones, three of which are visible, two of which are not.
    1) In the upper-lefthand corner of the first floor of Mt. Moon.
    2) In the basement of the game corner.
    3) In the bottom-right corner of Route 2 (CUT).
    4) In Mt. Moon, before the supernerd's platform, there is a corridor 4 spaces long and 1 space wide, go
    to the end of it and press A and poof! you have a Moon Stone.
    5) In the Pokemon Mansion on Cinnabar Island, go up to the right side of one of the pillars on the
    right-hand side near the entrance hit A and it will say you found a Moon Stone.
  • Unlimited chances to catch rare Pokemon
    Save before fighting. if it dies or you run away DON'T SAVE. Instead restart
  • Master Ball Code
    First go into battle,and throw a poke ball, great ball, or ultra ball. as soon as the ball leaves your hand, press and hold B and up. then as the ball snaps shut press and hold A while still holding B and up.

Pokémon Tips from Bob's Pokemon Place

To Capture Mewtwo (without the Master Ball):

Actually, Mewtwo is not very hard to catch without a master ball, but it will take practice. Mewtwo is only available once in the game, and you have to beat the Elite Four and Gary to be able to get to it. Mewtwo is in a cave to the Northeast of Cerulean City, You have to use Surf to get to the entrance. (There will be a man guarding the entrance if you haven't beaten the Elite Four). Search through the cave, capture the Pokémon you see along the way (They're usually pretty good ones). You will have to go up some stairs and go in the water along the way. Mewtwo is on a tiny "island" in the cave. It actually isn't too hard to capture Mewtwo, just save the game right before you go up to him, and do Not save the game if you make Mewtwo faint or if you fail to capture him, just retry it. I used a fighting type pokemon on Mewtwo, and it worked... it will take a few tries, but if you try different attack combinations, you'll be able to capture him with one or two Ultra Balls.

To Capture Zapdos (without the Master Ball):

I personally had a lot harder time capturing Zapdos than I did capturing Mewtwo... It took me about 8 or so tries to capture Mewtwo, but, it took me about 25 tries to capture Zapdos! You can find Zapdos in the Power Plant, which is Northwest of Cerulean City. Zapdos is in the upper-most room to the left in the Power Plant... he's hard to miss (and hard to catch). Once you find him, you will need to develop a strategy of attacks (example: one fairly big attack first, then really small ones to get the life down to a few little points OR 2 normal attacks and then several smaller attacks, etc..). It's almost guaranteed that he'll pop out of your Ultra Balls the first couple of times (or my first 20 or so times!). But, remember: Do NOT do your best attacks with your best Pokémon, that will make him faint. Also, if (or when) you don't succeed, DO NOT save the game. Keep trying until you catch him, 'cause, you "gotta catch em' all".

(PoJo Note: We had no trouble capturing Zapdos with a Great Ball by putting him to sleep first)

To Capture Moltres (without the Master Ball):

Moltres... The annoying little bird that takes practice to catch and is easy to kill. Moltres is found in the Pokemon League Cave... You'll have to move some boulders on some buttons, and go up and down some stairs to find it. Moltres is in the centerish part of a certain level of the cave, and right below it is a bridge-type thing that a girl Pokémon Trainer stands at. Once you find Moltres, you'll need to once again develop a certain strategy to catch it. He's actually easier to catch than Zapdos, but, it takes more strategy to find out what can hit it and Not kill it, and to avoid his attacks, especially Fire Spin. Also once again, if you do not catch it, do not save the game. Keep on trying until you catch Moltres, and it may take a while...

To Capture Articuno (without the Master Ball):

You can find Articuno in the cave at Seafoam Islands. To get to the cave, go south of the PokéCenter in Fuchsia City, and you'll see a shore with to guys standing around near the water. Use the Surf Ability to swim Southwest of that shore, keep swimming and you'lll eventually run into Seafoam Islands. Go into the cave, and search for Articuno, it'll be on a little piece of land that you'll need to swim to in the cave. To get to that part of the cave though, you'll have to push 2 boulders into the water, using the little stairs/holes, and the boulders will "warp" into the water. After you push 2 boulders into the water, swim in the previously uncharted water, and you'll find Articuno. Articuno is a water/flying type Pokémon, so it's best to use an Electric or Fire-type Pokémon against it. Keep trying to catch it until you do, it can take a few tries.

How to Capture Any Pokémon with the Master Ball:

I know this sounds really easy, and it is, but, some people just don't get it... anyway, for those of you who don't know how to use the Master Ball, just throw it at a Pokémon! That's it, then you automatically catch it. You'd be surprised about how many people don't know how to use the Master Ball... sorry, but, I have to say this: "DUH!" Also, it's best to use your Master Ball on Mewtwo or another rare Pokémon, like the legendary birds, so you don't have to go through the trouble capturing them with an Ultra Ball....

Safari Zone Trick

This trick lets you capture Safari Zone Pokémon from outside of the Safari Zone, and be able to fight them and catch them with normal Pokéballs, Great Balls, Ultra Balls, etc. First of all whatever Pokémon are in the area you are in the Safari Zone when the time runs out, are the Pokémon you'll be able to catch. So, stay in an area you want to, and walk around in that area and let the time run out. Then, go to the shore at the bottom of Fuchsia City and surf to Seafoam Islands, stay on the part that runs vertical to the the end of the Cave, the part that isn't totally on water or land. Surf up and down on that strip of land and you'll run into Safari Zone Pokémon that you can fight and catch. With this this trick, I was able to catch some of the harder to catch Pokémon of the Safari Zone like Scyther and Tauros.

Catch any Pokémon with full life with Pokéball

Yes, this trick does work. It does, however, take a few tries to get it right. Anyway, to catch Pokémon with full life with a Pokéball (or Greatball or Ultra Ball), all you do is right when your character throws the ball, you need to press and hold UP and B. Hold it until the Pokémon is fully caught. This trick might take a few tries to get the timing right, but it pays off. I caught: Dodrio, Hypno, Kadabra, Ditto, Raticate, and others at full life just by using a Pokéball with this trick. Note: Safari Balls will NOT work with this trick.


I have done this many times successfully, but you still want to SAVE before doing this.  First buy poke'balls from a Poke'mart, usually 10-15 will work.   Have a poke'mon with a move that can freeze opponents (like ice beam or ice punch) and hyper potions and revives in case it faints or is about to faint.   Surf up to Mewtwo and SAVE.  Go up to him and start the battle with the poke'mon that can freeze.  Attack Mewtwo with the freezing move until he is "frozen solid" (this may take a few turns to do).  Once Mewtwo is frozen, get him down to about a fourth of his health, or a tiny sliver (be sure not to make him faint or use fire attacks which thaw him out).  Then, simply throw plain ol' poke'balls at him until he's captured. - Derek Stouder


Duplicate your Bicycle!

Here’s a funny tip for those who still play R/B... Deposit your bicycle in the computer and then go to the guardhouse before Cycling Road and enter it, then go as far up as you can (to the table that the guard is behind) and walk left to the guard.  The guard will tell you that you can’t go in without a bike.  While the guard is talking hold down left and when the guard pauses for a second you will walk one step forward.  When the guard is done talking you will be sent one step back, therefore right in front of the guard.  Then walk left, the guard won’t stop you.  Leave the house and you will find yourself on a bicycle on Cycling Road, and check in your pack, you will have Bicycle again.  Go back to the Pokemon Center, look in the computer, there will be a bike in the computer too!  If you withdraw it you will have two bicycles, right on top of one another!  (Note: If you attempt to deposit one bicycle, you can but when you try to deposit your other bike then it will stay in your pack so you can only do this trick once)



I can verify the following Gameboy Red/Blue tips:
-I discovered a trick to arrange the order of your pokemon's moves. First, select fight on the battle menu. Then, go to the attack you want to move & press select. Then, go to the position you want the attack to be in & press select again & voila! your attack has been moved! It may not sound very useful, but it's pretty cool. If you have a pokemon that you are going to put in daycare for a while, put the weakest move at the top of the list so they won't forget a good move!
I have a great tip for starting a new pokemon game. You have to have another  pokemon cartridge that you beat already. On the new version you have to get a corny pokemon and get it to where you can start trading. Then on your already won version you have to fly to viridian, talk to the guy, say no. They fly to cinnibar and surf up and down the side. When a lvl 150 snorlax appears capture it and use rare candies until it resets to 0 agian. Then get it to lvl 15. Teach it good moves. And keep Hyper beam. (I taught mine surf, fireblast, solarbeam, and hyperbeam) then trade it to the new cartridge
and it will rock! You can beat all the gyms easy!!! It is a great combination with a mr.mime.
(He means a game you have already beat the Elite Four on is where you get the Snorlax from to trade.  Also, you can trade in Viridian City.  This is how I got all three starters to begin with.) - Bob Johnson


I have found a code on another site for catching Mew on Red and Blue version and this one REALLY WORKS, I swear it.  I caught one on my old Blue version.  Go to this site http://www.upnetwork.net/pvg/br/rbmew.shtml and it will tell exactly how to catch Mew.  It's at a low level and only knows pound but don't get too cocky.  Even though I caught it simply by throwing a pokeball without damaging it, I could just have been lucky.  So stock up on plenty of pokeballs and great balls to be on the safe side.  - Devon




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