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Pojo's Naruto Site

Sasuke Silver Starter Deck list (Spoiler)
by Mothfox


Sasuke Silver Starter Deck




Sasuke Uchiha [Fire]

1 Turn/ 0 Hand cost

Leaf/Genin/Male/Sharingan Eye

[Open your Eyes!]

This Ninja cannot be the target of your opponents Jutsu cards which require 2 or less Jutsu costs (Specific symbols are counted as 1 as well)

3/0 1/0


Sasuke Uchiha [Fire]

0 Turn/0 Hand cost


3/1 0/0


Sakura Haruno [Wind]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand Cost


1/1 0/1


Ino Yamanaka [Earth]

0 Turn/0 Hand cost


[Love's Rival]

When this ninja is Battling against your opponent's "Feamle"

Ninja, this Ninja gets +1/+1 druing the turn.

0/1 0/1


Shikamaru Nara [Earth]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost


[Lazy Bum]

Valid: This Ninja cannot be sent out to battle by itslef.

0/2 0/1

Number of Cards: 2


Choji Akimichi [Earth]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost



When this Ninja is sent out to Attack. it gets +1/+0

druing the turn

2/0 0/0


Kakashi Hatake [Fire]

 4 Turn/ 0 Hand cost

Leaf/Jonin/Male/Sharingan Eye

5/3 3/2


Asuma Sarutobi [Earth]

3 Turn/0 Hand cost



When you have more Battle Rewards thank your opponent, a team

Which includes this ninja cannot be sent out to Battle

5/2 3/1


The Third Hokage [Fire]

6 Turn/ 1 Hand cost


[Village Governor]

At the beginning of your turn, you may discard 1 card in your Chakra area

to heal 1 of your injured Ninjas


The Demon Brothers Gouzu [Water]

2 Turn/0 Hand cost

Mist/Rogue Ninja (Chunin)/Male

3/2 1/1


The Demon Brothers Meizu [Water]

2 Turn/0 Hand cost

Mist/Rouge Ninja (Chunin)/Male

3/2 1/1

Number of Cards: 2


Kiba Inuzuka [Fire]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost



Valid: When this Ninja is sent out to Battle with an "Animal" Ninja in the same Team,

this Ninja gets +1/+1 druing the turn

2/0 0/0

Number of Cards: 2


Konohamaru [Lightning]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost

Leaf/Ninja Academy Student/Male

[Konohamaru Corps Formed]

Valid: When this Ninja's team wins a Victory or an Outstanding Victory

in battle, draw 1 card

0/0 1/0

Number of Cards: 2


Akamaru [Fire]

1 Turn/0 Hand cost

Leaf/NInja Dog/ Animal


Valid: When you have "Kiba Inuzuka" in play, this Ninja is not included

in the "1Ninja card per turn" Restriction. This Ninja cannot sent out to Battle by



Tenten [Earth]

1 Turn/0 Hand cost


2/1 1/1


Kurenai Yuhi [Wind]

Turn 4/Hand cost 0


4/3 2/3




Kunai [Lightning]

1 Random Chakra

Target: User

Effect The target gets +2/+2 druing this turn

Number of Cards: 2


Cross-Shaped Shuriken [Lightning]

2 Random Chakra

Target: User

Effect: The target gets +3/+0 during this turn.

Number of Cards: 2


8 Trigram Divination Seal Spell Formula [Fire]

2 Fire Chakra

Requirements: "Jonin" or higher Rank

Target: 1 Ninja

Effect: Move the target back to the top of its original owner's Deck

Number of Cards: 2


Sharingan Eye [Fire]

1 Fire Chakra and 1 Random Chakra

Requirements: "Sharingan Eye"

Target: 1 Jutsu card being played

Effect Negate the Target and Discard it


A Thousand Years of Death [Fire]

1 Fire Chakra and 1 Lightning Chakra

Target: 1 card in the Battle Reward area

Effect: Move the target to its original owners Chakra area

Number of Cards: 2


Transform Jutsu [Wind]

1 Wind Chakra

Target: User

Effect: Switch the numbers of the target's Combat and Support druing the turn.

In addition, the Combat Attribute of the Target becomes "Taijutsu","Ninjutsu",

"Genjutsu" or "Flame" (your choice)




Ichiraku Noodle Shop [Lightning]

0 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Target: 1 of your injured Ninjas

Effect: Heal the target

Number of Cards: 2


Make-Out Paradise [Fire]

2 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Target: 1 of your Ninjas

Effect: When the targets Team wins an Outstanding Battle Reward or

an Outstanding Victory druing this turn, get an additional Battle Reward

Number of Cards: 2


Ninja Academy [Earth]

Turn 2/ Hand cost 1

Target 1"Genin" Ninja in your hand

Effect: Put the target in play

Number of Cards: 2


The Most Unpredictable Ninja [Lightning]

Counter Target: 1 of your opponent's Ninjas

Effect: The target must be sent out to battle druing this turn, if Possible

Number of Cards: 2


Blood of the Uchiha Clan [Fire]

Turn 3/ Hand cost 1

Permanent Target: 1 of your Ninjas

Effect: The target gets "Sharingan Eye", When this card is put in play,

put a NInja Blade coin Symbolizing "Sharingan Eye" on the Target

Number of Cards: 2


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