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Pojo's Naruto Site

Naruto Copper Starter Decklist (Spoiler)
by Mothfox




Naruto Uzumaki [Lightning]

0 Turns/0 Hand cost


[Nine-Tailed Chakra]

Vaild: Wehn this Ninja is in injured Status and is send out

to Battle by itself, it gets +X/+0 druing the turn X = The number of cards in your hand

1/0 0/0


Naruto Uzumaki [Lightning]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost


1/0 3/1


Shikamaru Nara [Earth]

0 Turn/0 Hand Cost


[Lazy Bum]

Valid: This Ninja cannot be sent out to Battle by itslef

0/2 0/1

Number of Cards: 2


Choji Akimichi [Earth]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost



When this Ninja is sent out to Attack. It gets +1/+0

Druing the Turn.

2/0 0/0

Number of Cards: 2


Konohamaru [Lightning]

0 Turn/0 Hand cost

Leaf/Ninja Academy Student/Male

[Hokage's Grandson]

Valid: All the Ninja in your hand which are "Jonin" or higher rank get

-1 Entrance Cost

0/0 1/0


Iruka Umino [Lightning]

2 Turns/ 0 Hand cost


[Devoted to Pupil]

Vaild: When the Head Ninja's Team is "Genin" and is sent out to Battle

This Ninja gets +0/+1 druing the turn.

3/1 1/1


Mizuki [Wind]

2 Turns/0 Hand cost


3/1 2/1


Ebisu [Wind]

3 Turn/0 Hand cost

Leaf/Speical Jonin/Male

4/2 2/2


Kakashi Hatake [Fire]

4 Turns/0 Hand cost

Leaf/Jonin/Male/Sharingan eye

5/3 3/2


Asuma Sarutobi [Earth]

3 Turns/0 Hand cost



When you have more Battle Rewards than you opponent.

a Team which includes this Ninja cannot be sent out to Battlle

5/2 3/1


Zabuza Momochi [Water]

5 Turn/1 Hand cost

Mist/Rouge Ninja (Jonin)/Male

[Demon of the Cloud Village]

When this ninja is the Head Ninja. discards all Ninjas

that recieved damage from this Ninja's team

6/2 4/1


Shino Aburame [Wind]

0 Turn/ 0 Hand cost


2/1 0/0


Hinata Hyuga [Earth]

0 Turn/0 Hand cost


[Gentle Heart]

At the beginning of your turn you may discard 3 cards in your chakra area.

Then heal 1 of your injured "Genin" Ninjas

Number of cards:2


Rock Lee [Lightning]

1 Turn/ 0 Hand cost


[No Talent]

Valid: This Ninja Cannot be the user of Jutsu card that requires

Specific Symbols in its Jutsu cost

3/0 2/0


Tenten [Earth]

1 Turn/0 Hand cost


2/1 1/1


Might Guy [Lightning]

5 Turn/ 1 Hand cost


[Fervent Words]

When the Head Ninja of this Ninja's Team is a "Genin" with a "Taijustu" Combat Attribute, this

Ninja gets +0/+4 during the turn.



Kunai [Lightning]

1 Turn

Target: User

Effect: The target gets +2/+2

Number of Cards: 2


Cross-Shaped Shuriken [Lightning]

2 Turns

Target: User

Effect: The target gets +3/+0 druing this turn

Number of Cards: 2


Sexy Jutsu [Lightning]

2 Turns

Requirments "male"

Target: 1 "Male" Ninja Battle againnst the user

Effect: The male changes from "Male" to "Female"

The target's Combat becomes 0 this turn

Number of Cards: 2


Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu [Lightning]

1 Lightning Chakra and X Random Chakra

Target: User

Effect: The target gets +Y/+0 and "clone status"

during this turn Y = X times 2


Tree-Climbing Jutsu [Earth]

1 Random Chakra

Effect: Send 2 cards from the top of your deck to the Chakra area

Number of Cards: 2


Shadow Shuriken Jutsu [Wind]

1 Random Chakra

Target: User

Effect: The Target gets the following text druing this turn

"The Jutsu cards used by this card cannot be negated"




Ichiraku Noodle Shop [Lightning]

0 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Target: 1 of your injured Ninjas

Effect: Heal the Target

Number of Cards: 2


Left Behind [Wind]

3 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Target: 1 of your opponets Ninjas

Effect Remove the target from the team

Number of Cards: 2


Ninja Academy [Earth]

2 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Target: 1 "Genin" Ninja in your hand

Effect: Put the target in play

Number of Cards: 2


Battle of Clones [Lightning]

1 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Permanent Target: 1 of your Ninjas

Effect: The target gets "Clone status" When the target is put into play

Put a Ninja Blade coin Symbolizing"Clone status" on it

Number of Cards: 2


Seesaw Battle [Fire]

4 Turn/ 1 Hand cost

Target: 1 on the cards in each player's Battle Reward areas

Effect: Discard the target

Number of Cards: 2


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