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Pojo's Naruto Card of the Day
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Image courtesy of bandaicg.com

Art of the Raging Lion's Mane
- #J-956

Reviewed Oct. 1, 2012

Average Card Rating

Limited: 2
Unlimited: 2.5
Block: 3.5

Ratings are based on a 1 to 5 scale.
1 being the worst.
3 = average.
5 is the highest rating.

Beastly Mage

Art of the Raging Lion's Mane
Welcome to another week of reviews, Naruto Fans! Today we take a look at a new card from Avenger's Wrath. This new Lightning Jutsu is pretty flexible, so let's check it out.
At first glance we see a mono-Lightning Jutsu with a two Lightning cost. It doesn't offer any other pay options. It requires the User be a Turn 3 Ninja or higher. The flexibility this Jutsu lacks in payment it makes up in Effects, allowing you to pick two of the three Effects and apply them. You can increase the User's Combat by 5, which helps if the User is the Head Ninja. You can give one Damage to one Ninja opposing the User, which can compound the Victory if played right. You can also Negate one Jutsu with two or more specific Symbols in its cost being used by one of the Ninjas opposing the User. The third Effect applies to Jutsus such as this one, so keep in mind that it must have specific Symbols and not Colorless cost. Having three Effects to choose from is great, and this Jutsu can come in handy in many situations. This might help in Taijutsu, where increasing Stats and giving Damage are good. Try it and see!
Limited: 2/5
Unlimited: 2.5/5
Block: 3.5/5
Art: Today, on Deadliest Catch.../5



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